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Actor Brandon Chan | Brandon Chang | 張卓楠

Name: 張卓楠 / Brandon Chang / Chang Brandon, Brandon Chan

Real Name: Wilfred Brandon Chang / Brandon Wilfred Chan

Title: a model, actor, singer, CEO

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Nationality: Taiwanese-Chinese-Canadian

Blood: The

Family: parents, older brother and younger sister

Friends: singers JJ Lin and Harry Chang (their trio called “The Three Musketeers”)

Relationship: actress Margaret Wang (occurred in 2002-2010.)

Religion: Catholicism

Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese dialects of Chinese, English

Skills: martial arts, playing the piano and guitar

Hobbies: online games, boxing, collecting shoes and dolls

Brandon Chan – Taiwanese actor, singer, model and founder of “Greedy Genius” (CEO).

It is an average of three children, has an older brother and a younger sister, Kevin Vivyan. When Brandon was 14 years old his family moved to Hong Kong, and then when the guy knocked 20, returned to Taipei, Taiwan.

From an early age parents encouraged employment Brandon sports (martial iskusstvmi) and music. In 5 years, the boy began to learn to play the piano and a 10-year-old completed his training and then started learning to play the guitar.

Brandon Career in show business nachachalas 16 years old when he made his debut as a model. His first advertising was held in Mont-Real, France, where he advertised phones Nokia. This was followed by several successful advertising projects brands such as Comme des Gar & ccedil; ons and Calvin Klein. A year later, Brandon played a cameo role in the popular Hong Kong youth drama “Y2K” (1999). Almost at the same time, he began his career as a singer and.

In 2001, Brandon has signed a contract with Media Asia Entertainment Group, one of the largest Chinese-film companies, which consisted of Jackie Chan. It was then noticed Brandon’s talent actress Michelle Yeoh. Soon the family of Brandon and Michelle became close friends, and with the approval of their parents, the young man became a disciple of the celebrity world.

At the end of 2001, Brandon began shooting his first film in “The Touch” (2002), where he met his first love, Margaret Wang, relations which lasted for eight years. In an interview, Brandon said that they parted with Margaret because of busy schedules of both, and they remained close friends and he hopes to resume their relations as soon as the right conditions.

In 2004 came the second film starring Brandon “Silver Hawk”. And “The Touch”, and “Silver Hawk” Michelle Yeoh starring Sygay.

In 2005, the United States Brandon Chan decided to start your own business and opened a company sports shoes “Greedy Genius”. Almost immediately, the company has gained popularity among celebrities worldwide. Now “Greedy Genius” one of the most famous brands of sports shoes, and expanded its market from the US to Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. In 2009, Brandon was chosen weekly business magazine Bloomberg Businessweek one of the most promising young entrepreneurs Asia.

In 2010, with his friend Brandon JJ Lin’em established brand clothes Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG).

In 2011, Brandon Chan played a small role in the TV series tayvanskom “Soldier” (Yong Shih Men), starring starring Matt Wu and Bianca Bai.

In 2013, Brandon became a business partner of two companies: brand clothes MSFTSrep, the founders of which were American actor Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith’s) and Mateo Arias and production company Invincible Plan, the founders of which were the actor Chen Bo Lin and kinoprodyusser Maxx Tsai . In the same year, Brandon signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a leading talent agency in Hollywood.

In 2008-2013,. She appeared in several videos of his friend JJ Lin’ya.

In 2014, Brandon Chan has suspended a career in show business and devoted all his time to the development of companies.

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