Lucy Lawless

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Lucy Lawless

Born: March 29th, 1968, Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand

Lucy Lawless Height: 1.78m

Lucy Lawless Weight: 56-61kg

Lucy Lawless. whose maiden name is Lucille Frances Ryan / Lucille Frances Ryan, was born on March 29, 1968 in a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand. Her mother, Julie / Julie was a teacher and his father, Frank Ryan / Frank Ryan – banker and mayor of the town of Mount Albert, where the family lived. Lucy was the fifth of seven children Ryans, she has five brothers and one sister.

Actors playing Lucy became involved in school. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Auckland in the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She began to study German, Italian and French, but a year later dropped out to go traveling around the world together with her future husband Garth Lawless / Garth Lawless, whose name she took after the wedding.

After returning home in 1989 Lucy Lawless was the “Mrs. New Zealand & raquo ;. She was invited to shoot commercials and TV shows. She managed to draw attention to themselves, playing a small role in the new series Lisii”Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”.

Once this Lucy Lawless had a great chance that changed her life. The show was supposed to be a new character named Xena. For this role was approved by the actress Vanessa Angel / Vanessa Angel, but she fell ill and was unable to fly to New Zealand to shoot. Then the producers, who had no time for casting, Lucy was offered the role.

To the audience is not confused with Xena Lisiey, blonde on the nature of Lucy Lawless repainted burning brunette.

The character became so popular that it was decided to launch a separate series about the adventures of Xena. The first series of fantasy-thriller “Xena – Warrior Princess” It went on the air in September 1995. The series became an international hit and brought international fame Lucy Lawless. It aired six seasons of the show.

In September 1997, Lucy Lawless made her debut on Broadway. After filming “Xena”she appeared in small roles in TV series”Secret Files”and blockbuster”Spider-Man”.

In 2005, Lucy Lawless I have received one of the main roles in fiction series ” Battlestar Galactica & raquo ;, which starred for four years.

In 2006, Lucy Lawless has pleased its fans participating in music show “Star Duets” on Fox. Following the contest, she won the second place.

In 2007, Lucy Lawless was the guest star in a comedy show “Curb Your Enthusiasm & raquo ;. In 2008, she appeared in an episode of the popular detective series”CSI: Miami & raquo ;. She also appeared in two episodes last season”The L Word”and Christmas movies Adam Sandler / Adam Sandler”Bedtime & raquo ;. In 2009, Lawless played the assistant of the Prime Minister of New Zealand in the series”Volatile Concordes“.

A new round happened in his career Lucy Lawless in 2010, when she won the role of the wife of the owner gladiatorial school of Lucretia in the series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand & raquo ;. Producers of the show became director”Spider-Man”Sam Raimi / Sam Raimi and the husband of Lucy Rob Tapert. they were both producers”Xena”.

Interesting facts about Lucy Lawless / Lucy Lawless

In 1997, Lucy was on the list of “50 most beautiful people in the world” magazine People.

Lucy Lawless is a trustee of the fund StarShip, supports the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. It raises money for the fund, organizing concerts and events, and also transmits its personal funds. She sent the money to charity from the sale at auction of things Xena.

As a teenager, Lucy Lawless three years engaged in opera singing, played the violin and was fond of jazz. After the success of the show “Star Duets” She began her solo career in music and gives concerts.

In May 2009, Lucy Lawless was the “climate ambassador” Greenpeace.

In 2011, Lucy Lawless won “Saturn”for his role in the”Spartacus & raquo ;. In 1997, she was nominated for the award for”Xena & raquo ;. In 2010″Spartacus”He brought the actress”Golden Nymph” TV Festival in Monte Carlo.

Personal life Lucy Lawless / Lucy Lawless

At the age of 19 years, Lucy Lawless became pregnant by her boyfriend Garth Lawless. They married in 1988, on July 15, gave birth to a daughter, Lucy Lawless Daisy / Daisy Lawless. In 1995 the couple divorced.

In March 1998, Lucy Lawless married producer “Xena” Robert Tapert / Robert Tapert. October 16, 1999 she gave birth to a son, Julius Robert Bay Tapert / Julius Robert Bay Tapert, and May 7, 2002 – the youngest son of Judah Miro Tapert / Judah Miro Tapert.

Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless

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