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Linda Perry / Linda Perry (biography)

Linda Perry was born April 15th, 1965 in Springfield, Minnesota.

Linda – American rock musician, songwriter and sound-producer, in which the pulsing blood of Portuguese and Brazilian relatives. She is best known as a leading vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band ‘4 Non Blondes’.

Perry – founder of two music labels and well-known writer and producer of many hits such singers as Christina Aguilera (remember the popular song ‘Beautiful’), Gwen Stefani (the song ‘What You Waiting For’ from her album ‘Love Angel Music Baby’ ) and Pink (number one hit ‘Get the Party Started’, written by Perry). Perry also worked hard on albums by Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne.

Linda grew up in a large family, the mother and father gave her five brothers and sister Sally. Her mother was born in Brazil, worked as a model, designer and a private detective. A late father, the Portuguese and the American Alfred Xavier, and was an engineer, and musician in one person. Linda has spent his youth in the fight against cystic liver, going on about the tendency to focus on the music. Growing up in an atmosphere of artistry and home musical moods, young Perry surprised everyone around her musical talents and interests.

Since childhood, Linda is with her mother listened to Brazilian artists, the father himself played the guitar and the piano and listening to country music and Frank Sinatra. Even sister influence it, being ardent fan of Elvis Presley. How can you resist? Linda, repeating his father, started playing the piano and guitar, looking at what strings to get up her older brother, who made his band and rehearse in the garage. In an interview, she said that her first song, ‘Pity Girls’, a future mission-talent has written in 15 years. However, at this age she had to quit school to ninth grade education due to their not leaving her alone sores.

First 1987 Linda moved to San Francisco. Although still in the teenage years, she began to play the guitar in San Diego and auditioned in girl group, that its arrival in San Francisco reflected in her music career. While working in a pizzeria, she lived in a small room with no windows melenko and bawled my own songs on the streets. Slowly, people began to recognize it as a ‘chick with a powerful voice, “and Linda recorded his first pro-track’ Down On Your Face ‘. The girl was taken to the group ‘4 Non Blondes’, created by Christa Hillhouse in the middle of 1989.

It took a few years, the group managed to sign a contract with the label ‘Interscope’ and released their debut album ‘Bigger, Better, Faster, More!’ with the hit single ‘What’s Up?’, was authored by Linda. As part of the promotional campaign was a world tour, and Linda’s performance at the ceremony music awards ‘Billboard’ 1994 with a mark of ‘lesbian’ on her guitar left no doubt that the rock muzykantka – an open lesbian. In support, in May 2009, Linda began to meet with the daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd, Clementine Ford.

Perry still threw a successful ‘4 Non Blondes’ in favor of a solo career, released barely a solo-CD, on the means trying to promote it and went on a world tour with the band ‘Red Fish, Blue Fish’. Dissatisfied with his experience in the world of show business, Linda decided to create his own label, ‘Rockstar’, having been engaged in the release of the group ‘Stone Fox’ and signing a contract with another local band from San Francisco. Naturally, currently also not forget the cost – and Linda released her second solo album, ‘After Hours’.

In 2001 I was born the new material and hope to sign a contract with some powerful label. Continuing to remain an independent artist, she spent most of the time in the office than on the stage, where he wrote the song ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Cruz’, which became hits on the album Christina Aguilera ‘Stripped’. Later, the song ‘Beautiful’ was nominated for Grammy, reaching an enviable compete with other candidates for the title of ‘Song of the Year’.

In 2002, Linda ‘alive’ appears in the music club ‘Knitting Factory’ in Los Angeles, where the show several original sets and covers good to take it to the public, and within three years in all its glory It appears with a performance at the Festival ‘Sundance’. Perry is an independent label ‘Kill Rock Stars’, republisher her solo album ‘In Flight’, and then in 2008 was withdrawn as a guitarist in the video of Christina Aguilera for the song ‘Save Me From Myself’.

Also, Linda is known for its cooperation with the pop-rock singer Pink. She wrote and produced most of the songs have earned the success of the album Pink ‘Missundaztood’, after which attracted attention as one of the best and most successful producers in the world of the music business. Now it is easier to say who did not cooperate with the popular producer and author, you begin to list the endless list of music stars, with whom Linda worked.

To continue his solo career, she is not going to even in the distant future. Today, Linda is selected eminent musicians, and she especially proud of his work with Christina Aguilera and Courtney Love, saying that he was pleased to work with a number of other artists of the ’70s, however, they have either long dead or now retired.

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Linda PerryLinda Perry
Linda PerryLinda Perry
Linda PerryLinda Perry

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