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Who played Mary Eunice in American Horror Story?

If on stage Lily Rabe is known for her performance as Portia in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice ‘(The Merchant of Venice) at the annual festival in the open air’ Shakespeare in the Park ‘, which is held in New York’s Central Park (Central Park) then on television most striking recent work of the young actress became the TV series ‘American Horror Story’ (American Horror Story). In the first season of the anthology she played Nora Montgomery, and the second two roles, Sister Mary Eunice and the Devil.

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Lily Rabe was born June 29, 1982 in New York (New York City) in the family of the actress Jill Clayburgh (Jill Clayburgh) and playwright David Rabe (David Rabe). She studied at a boarding school Hotchkiss School in Connecticut (Connecticut) and Northwestern University (Northwestern University) in Illinois (Illinois). Lily has an older brother, Michael (Michael Rabe). Her mother died of lymphocytic leukemia in November 2010.

On Broadway (Broadway) Lily was noted in the revival production of ‘Steel Magnolias’ (Steel Magnolias) in 2005 and played in the ‘American plan’ (An American Plan) in 2008. In the fall of 2005, she appeared in the cold than here ‘(Colder Than Here), the debut play by British playwright Laura Wade (Laura Wade) staged by MCC. In 2006, her performance in ‘House of Heartbreak’ (Heartbreak House) George Bernard Shaw (George Bernard Shaw) was noted in the ‘New York Times’ critic Charles Isherwood (Charles Isherwood).

In the movie, she started acting in 2001, appearing in the romantic melodrama ‘Never again’ (Never Again) with his mother. For the first movie role was followed by ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ (Mona Lisa Smile, 2003), where Lily played one of the students; ‘Taste of Life’ (No Reservations, 2007); ‘What Just Happened’ (What Just Happened, 2008); and ‘The Toe Tactic’, where Rabe took the lead role. She also appeared in two episodes of ‘Psychic’ (Medium) in 2008, playing a serial killer operating in the guise of the victim, and in 2010 starred in the drama ‘All the best’ (All Good Things).

In June and July 2010, Rabe was playing Portia in “The Merchant of Venice ‘at the famous Shakespearean Festival, with Al Pacino played Shylock (Al Pacino). For this role, Lily was nominated for ‘Tony’ (Tony Award) in the category ‘Best Actress in a play. “She played Portia once again, in November 2010, when the show opened at the Broadhurst Theatre (Broadhurst Theater). Then, in 2011, the theater festival in Williamstown (Williamstown Theatre Festival) Lily played the role of Nora in”A Doll’s House ‘(A Doll’s House) Henrik Ibsen (Henrik Ibsen).

The role of Nora Montgomery so liking the audience

Rabe that was one of the seven actors of the first season of ‘American Horror Story’, returned in the second season with completely different characters.

Rabe played in the theater, William Golden (John Golden Theatre) in a new Broadway play ‘Seminar’ (Seminar) Theresa Rebeck (Theresa Rebeck), directed by Sam Gold began setting (Sam Gold). The main role in the play played Alan Rickman (Alan Rickman). The show opened on 20 November 2011 and closed on 6 May 2012. Another Shakespearean roles Lily Rabe became Rosalind from ‘As You Like It’ (As You Like It) during the 50th anniversary season of the festival ‘Shakespeare in the Park’.

In the near future to begin shooting the biographical drama ‘The First’ about the fate of Mary Pickford (Mary Pickford), the legend of silent cinema. The role of Mary will play Lily Rabe. In addition, it will be in two parts of the film ‘The Hunger Games: Jay-peresmeshnitsa’ (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), in the role of Commander Lime.

Lily RabeLily Rabe
Lily RabeLily Rabe
Lily RabeLily Rabe

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