Leslie Caron

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Leslie Caron

Born: 1 July 1931, Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France

The French dancer and actress.

Leslie Claire Margaret Caron (Leslie Claire Margaret Caron) began his artistic career as a dancer, having gone in the footsteps of his mother, the American dancer Margaret Petit (Margaret Petit).

At a young ballet dancer drew attention to the famous Gene Kelly (Gene Kelly) and invited her to play with him in kinomyuzikle “An American in Paris“(«An American In Paris»). The film received six”Oscar“and a”Golden Globe“and was a real triumph for Kelly. which got a gold statuettes -“for achievements in the field of choreography and cinematography,” and for the debutants Caron. awakened after the star pattern.

Leslie has signed a contract with the “MGM“and in later years he appeared in a fairy tale”Glass Slipper“(«The Glass Slipper»), drama”The man in the raincoat“(«The Man with a Cloak»), a musical film”Longshanks Daddy“(«Daddy Long Legs»), as well as musicals”Lily“(«Lili») and”Gigi“(«Gigi»), which brought her first nomination for the”Academy“and”Golden Globe” respectively.

Caron played about 70 roles in film and television films and serials of different genres. Its partners on the set were Maurice Chevalier (Maurice Chevalier), Fred Astaire (Fred Astaire), Mikhail Baryshnikov. Rudolf Nureyev, Cary Grant (Cary Grant) and other legends of the screen and the stage.

For his role in the 1962 movie “Corner Room“(«The L-Shaped Room») Caron for the second time nominated for the”Academy“and was awarded the”Golden Globe“Rewards British Academy (BAFTA Awards), and its appearance in 2006 in the popular detective multiserial”Law & Order. SVU“(«Law & Order: Special Victims Unit») was awarded the prize”Emmys“in the category of”Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.” In 2009, Walk of Fame in Hollywood was established in honor of the star names Leslie Caron.

Filmography Leslie Caron / Leslie Caron

Joe (TV series 2013 -.) Jo

Divorce (2003) Le divorce

Murder on the Orient Express (TV 2001) Murder on the Orient Express

Chocolate (2000) Chocolat

The last of the blonde-beauties (TV 2000) The Last of the Blonde Bombshells

The law and order. Special Victims Unit (TV series 1999 -.) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

The Reef (1999)

BBC: First World War 1914-1918 (TV series 1996) The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century

The Man Who Lived at the Ritz (TV, 1991)

Guns (1990) Guns

Guerriers et captives (1990)

Courage Mountain (1990) Courage Mountain

Lenin. Train (TV, 1988) Il treno di Lenin

Diagonal Elephant (1984) La diagonale du fou

Intrigante (mini-series 1984) Master of the Game

The Imperative (1982) Imperativ

Unreachable (TV, 1982) Die Unerreichbare

Chandler (1971) Chandler

Madrona (1970) Madron

The father (1967) Il padre di famiglia

Is Paris burning? (1966) Paris brule-t-il?

Promise her anything (1965) Promise Her Anything

It is very unusual service (1965) A Very Special Favor

Papa Goose (1964) Father Goose

Leslie CaronLeslie Caron
Leslie CaronLeslie Caron
Leslie CaronLeslie Caron

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