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Elena Berkova (biography)

Barely & # 769; to Serge & # 769; evna Be & # 769; PROD (b. April 1, 1985, Murmansk) – Russian porn actress, ex-member of the TV show “Dom-2”, the singer, actress, TV presenter. Her name is erotic channel “Berkova TV».

She was born April 1, 1985 in Murmansk [1]. As a child, his family moved to Nikolaev (SSR). In 2004, his sister Berkova arrived in St. Petersburg from Nikolayev. Two months was a member of the reality show “Dom-2”. In October 2007, he became the leader of the “indisputable”channel”Muz-TV”, which is removed from the air in 2008.


The first marriage was registered, when Lena was only 16 years old. Using a fake certificate of pregnancy, Lena married Albert. But in view of the fact that the young husband was jealous and often engaged in physical abuse, the family split up in a year.

Lena meets 50-year-old Volodya Khimchenko that a month before the acquaintance with a porn star was released from prison, where he was serving a sentence for robbery. Lena, without thinking twice, three months after getting married. Porn producer, Alexander Gross, there is nothing left to do, how to draw a new biography elect a hostel, and a month later the country saw the influential Petersburg businessman named Vladimir Khimchenko with whom Lena divorced in 2007.

After leaving Khimchenko summer 2007, Lena, for the third time tied the knot with singer chanson Anatoly Dnieper. The marriage was short-lived with him, because of his sudden death from cardiac arrest.

December 11, 2008 married a stripper Ivan Belkova.

At the end of January 2009 Elena together with her husband Ivan organize show of “Wedding night”. During the show, the couple, along a strip show, and covered with a blanket, depict sex on the set on the club scene bed.

In June 2009, in a Moscow maternity hospitals Elena gave birth to a son named Eugene.

At the beginning of August 2009 Lena announces his retirement from producer Alexander Valova. Lena also expresses his desire to work in strip project “Barbarian show”, which already runs her husband Ivan. In mid-August 2009, it was announced that the first speech of the Lena in the “Barbarian show”.In late August 2009 Lena performances in the”Barbarian Show” was canceled, and it began, without giving a reason.

In November 2009, Len announced divorce with Ivan Belkova and moved to the producer group “Na-Na” Bari Alibasova

Lena NitroLena Nitro
Lena NitroLena Nitro
Lena NitroLena Nitro

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