Kyla Cole

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Kyla Cole

Model Kayla Cole

Kyle Cole (Kyla Cole)

Beautiful girl Slovak Martin Yatsova known as product Kyla Cole . Her sex appeal is undeniable and is the main “ridge” in moving to the top. Naked body Kyle Cole to Photo for it – kind of freedom and the desire to share the natural beauty with others.

Kyla Cole creative climbing

Martin Yatsova was born on November 1, 1978 in Czechoslovakia. Modeling career began at 21 years old. She took part in the competition and won the title of Miss Monticello Raceway 1999. A year later, it invited the magazine Penthouse, followed by the popularity of nude product Kayla Cole in the pages of “men”magazines went up rapidly. In 2003 and 2004 Kyle worked as a presenter of the popular erotic program on Slovak TV” Marques & raquo ;. She starred in several films by Andrew Blake erotic (Andrew Blake – Paul Nevitt), immediately noticed that sultry woman with a gorgeous figure can conquer any audience. The innovative installation and mandatory strap female beauty Blake converted movies with Kayla Cole into works of art.

Kyla Cole Biography and career

Kyla Cole was born in the village Ostrovany. at the age of nineteen and moved to Prague. She was looking for a niche, and for a time worked at a youth summer camp Na-Sho-Pa, located in upstate New York in Bluminburge (Bloomingburg). There she gained experience in the field of art, theater and sporting events. M Odel Kyle Cole became known in 1999 after the pageant won the Miss Monticello Raceway Pageant. Kyle Cole photos without clothes for the first time demonstrated in Hustler (Hustler – magazine for men, published since 1974) in the same year. Its shape (breast volume 92, waist 61, hips 89), dark brown hair and blue eyes immediately attracted the attention of many publications. Kyle Cole weight is 55kg and growth 170 cm signed a contract with the magazine Penthouse and in March 2000goda received the title of Pet of the Month (“Pussy month”). By decision of the representatives of the journal, Model Kayla Cole was the winner, not only in the category of monthly “best pussies & raquo ;, and was awarded the title of Pet of the Year (” Pussy year”). Also in 2000, Kyle participated in the contest and win Miss Hawaiian Tropic in West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach. Florida, USA) and removed for the magazine Playboy (illustration for the Olympic Games).

Multilateral Kyle Cole

Numerous magazines, for which Kyle Cole provided Photos, are not limited to the list: Just Girls. Cathouse. Bizarre. Men Only. Knave. Fast Car. Rapport. Swank. Mayfair. Gallery. Perfect 10, Cheri. It can be seen on posters, billboards, and videos. In addition to erotic films, she tried to act in feature films, worked as a makeup artist and contains its own modeling agency. One film is not erotic is already in its collection, perhaps someday we will again see a model of serious cinema screens. Kyle has its own website and is ready to cooperate with the professionals.

Cala Cole considers himself bisexual and openly shares his impressions about the love of women. She believes that only a woman can understand and feel the desire to partner. Her zodiac sign Scorpio gives it a passionate and fatal. Kyle Cole to Photo is almost always naked. It is considered one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. She leads an active social life, taking part in competitions, preparing for the performance of new models.

The unusual hobbies and work Kayla does not prevent her to stay thin and kind person. It participates in charity events and helps orphans Slovakia, transfers the funds to the orphanage Sarisske Michal’any.

Kyla ColeKyla Cole
Kyla ColeKyla Cole
Kyla ColeKyla Cole

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