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Celebrity Big Brother’s Ken Morley receives formal warning after making Perez Hilton cry with racial and sexually-charged remarks. as fans call for his ejection

By Ryan Smith for MailOnline 00:20 11 Jan 2015, updated 10:27 12 Jan 2015

Jeremy Jackson may have found himself unexpectedly getting the boot during Saturday’s broadcast of Celebrity Big Brother, but Ken Morley is also rubbing his housemates up the wrong way.

The 71-year-old actor was slapped with an official warning during the episode, after he offended fellow contestants with sexual and racially-charged remarks he claimed to make in jest.

His words prompted a storm on Twitter, where, under the trending topic of #CBBKen, viewers expressed their disgust that he also wasn’t unceremoniously shown the door for his behaviour.

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Shown the door: Ken Morley has become the second star to be booted from Celebrity Big Brother for ‘using unacceptable and offensive language’ on the Channel 5 show Emotional: His comments proved to be particularly offensive to Perez Hilton, who later shed tears

As the day kicked off, the former Coronation Street start drew shock and subsequent ire when he said: ‘I don’t really want to have a shower, but I”m going into the bathroom because I know it’s a great place to look at women’s a**es.’

Ken initially appeared to be rather proud of his comments – even if it had upset the likes of Patsy Kensit and Nadia Sawalha, among others.

Entering the Diary Room, he told Big Brother: ‘[I said it] to deliberately stir the c**p up because they take too long in there when they use the bathroom.’

Not amused: Ken’s light-hearted conversation with Alexander O’Neal took a turn for the worse, when he used offensive language

However, should any brewing storm have been calmed, Ken threw himself right back into the eye of it just hours later.

While having a chat with Alexander O’Neal, the actor was the source of yet more discomfort, when he cracked an inappropriate joke in a faux Southern US accent about ‘a nice big fat negro’.

Getting serious, Alexander warned Ken: ‘When you get in the company of another black man, don’t say negro.’

All part of a plan? The former Coronation Street star told a number of his housemates that his antics were spurred by his desire to be voted out of the house

However, Ken defiantly stood by his remark, as he explained that he found the description ‘black’ to be just as offensive and then went on to say that ‘negro is Spanish for black’, prompting Alexander to shoot back: ‘But you’re not Spanish.’

Apparently oblivious to the hole he was rapidly digging for himself, he pressed on by bringing up the old and now offensive term ‘pickaninny’, to which Alexander responded: ‘That’ll get your a** kicked.’

His choice of words saw him land at the top of the list to face the public vote, when seven housemates nominated him for both his actions and his claim that his behaviour was all part of a ploy to be voted out of the house as quickly as possible.

Friendly word: Earlier in the episode, blogger Perez had attempted to warn Ken that some of his words may be taken the wrong way by the other housemates

And, as his combative day came to a close, Ken appeared to either be determined to achieve his wish, or was truly unaware of how his words could be taken when he made more awkward remarks.

After urging Michelle Visage to ‘have a violent f**k’ with Calum Best, the American brunette laughingly responded: ‘I would f**k the s**t out of him if I wasn’t married.’

But she soon turned to Ken to say: ‘You’re lucky it’s me. Don’t say that to anybody else, Ken.’

You get my vote: Patsy Kensit was among the seven housemates who nominated Ken to face the public vote during face-to-face nominations

His conduct throughout the day proved particularly offensive for Perez Hilton, who branded him a ‘disgusting, misogynistic, homophobic pig’.

After Big Brother sent Perez away to the Snug to cool off, the blogger shed tears as he spoke with housemate Nadia about Ken, who branded him an ‘irrelevant American neurotic’.

‘He’s not f***ing well, asserted Nadia. ‘This is a very dangerous, nasty little man. I can’t be near him. And he is running wild now and he is out of control.’

Foot in mouth? Throughout the episode, Ken seemed to obliviously stumble from one verbally offensive moment to another

Also among his repertoire for the difficult day was branding Cami Li’s look ‘half-slut’.

The following morning, he was called into the Diary Room, where Big Brother spoke with him about his choice of words during his conversation with Alexander.

‘If you use this kind of language again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house,’ Ken was warned.

He then smirked as one of his ‘lewd, offensive, and disrespectful’ sexually-charged comments was recounted to him, before appearing puzzled as he was informed it was unacceptable.

Ken faces the first public vote alongside Alexander O’Neal and Chloe Goodman.

Time out? During the broadcast, fans took to Twitter in droves, demanding to know why Ken hadn’t been ejected from the house for his antics

Ken MorleyKen Morley
Ken MorleyKen Morley
Ken MorleyKen Morley

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