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The coach of the University of Pennsylvania denied the accusations of pedophilia

The former coach of the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania State University) American football Jerry Sandusky (Jerry Sandusky), which brought the case against the rape of eight teenagers, rejected the accusations. The statement he made during a telephone interview to NBC.

On presentation Sandusky allegations became known in early November 2011. He, in particular, is charged with 40 episodes of harassment and rape of eight teenagers. All of them occurred in the period from 1994 to 2009. The investigation was launched in 2009 following a complaint to the police the mother of one of the victims.

The investigation revealed that the witness of one of the rape in 2002, he became assistant coach of the team of high school American football Macquarie Mike (Mike McQueary), then served as a graduate assistant. He said that he had seen Sandusky molesting a ten year old boy in the shower in the locker room on campus. Macquarie argues that talked about what had happened to the university, but to the authorities, this information never reached.

Commenting on the testimony of Macquarie Sandusky called them lies. However, he admitted that he did not just take a shower with teenagers, “fooling around with them,”and even touched them. However, the former coach insists he never forced anyone to have sexual intercourse. However, Sandusky admitted that”it was not worth taking a shower with the children”.

The accusations against Sandusky caused a major scandal at Penn State. According to the results of the investigation in early November, their positions were forced to leave the university president Graham Spanier (Graham Spanier), his assistant for business and finance Gary Schultz (Gary Schultz) and the head coach of the University team of Joe Paterno (Joe Paterno). Also gone on indefinite leave by the director of the university sports competitions Tim Curley (Tim Curley).

According to the investigation, four were aware of the charges against Sandusky Macquarie in 2002, however, the police or the prosecutor’s office of university leaders are not reported. They themselves say that Macquarie is not told about the rape, but only about “misconduct” Sandusky. With respect to Schultz and Curley are charged with concealment of the crime and perjury.

Meanwhile, the greatest impact has caused the resignation of Paterno, has huge popularity among university students. Expressing its outrage dismissal of coach, November 9 about five thousand students staged on the streets of the city of State College (State College), where the university riots.

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Joe PaternoJoe Paterno
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