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Farewell to Jim Hutton Jim Hutton – Ryuntyu

Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu (in Russian) Australian Writer Journalist _ Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu Radio TV – Internet Europe Australia NZ Japan Central Asia Latin America India China USA Canada _ Youri Mathieu Runtu – France / Australian Writer Journalist Playwright Art – Ballet and Theatre Critic /

Jim Hutton – Last Interview with Jim Hutton ryuntyu http://www.proza.ru/2013/02/26/1403 +

Date of death: 01.01.2010

Year of death: 2010

Photo – This picture is on the cover of my book – “I’m dying of AIDS in Paris,” – Written by Rudolf Nureyev (1986-1987). Photo from the collection of family Yu.M.Ryuntyu in Australia – 1998. All photos are stored paintings by Rudolf Nureyev in Nats.Bibl.Avstralii 2005. http://trove.nla.gov.au/result?q=ryuntyu

2010 Photo: Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev: The house – where he lived and died, my friend Freddie Mercury Jim Hattonom – Jim Hutton – House Freddie Mercury in London Kensington – Kensington – continued residence of Her Majesty the Queen of England, and of His Majesty Prince Philip (husband of Elizabeth II – Queen of England).

29.11.2009 – Last Interview with Drugom – Dzhimom Hatton – Jim Hutton – 29.11.2009 – Ryuntyu Yuri Matthew … and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of great names whose lifeline humanize the face of global catastrophes of the century and the world wars.

29.11.2009 – Last Interview with Drugom – 29.11.2009 –

Geem Jim Hutton Jim Hutton Ryuntyu Mourning – Jim Hutton

He returned from the funeral of Gaia Dzhima Hutton,

sad. Jim Hutton London – Mourning 01.01.2010:

They have been together since 1980-1991,

and then from 1991 to 01.01.2010 –

He was one Dzhimom Hatton and Jim Hutton – nobody did not admit to the house of Freddy Mercury.

All the meetings took place over the threshold of the house.

“. Fuck the World, a monument discovered my Fred in London yesterday,

I gave – EUR 100 000 Currency and Elton John – 100 000 EUR currency.

film with my interviews revealed.

Film at the British Library forever.

Books Rock idol superstar – your Urey Ryuntyu – also given,

book – the British Library as of November 2009.

all. I am ready to meet with your loved Freddie.

I did everything for him in London.

carp and our more than 110 years.

he left again. 100 years of ”

(Dzhimom Hatton: Jim Hutton – Yuri Ryuntyu interview to Australian newspapers, 2009, London, UK).

Last Interview with Jim Hutton Jim Hutton London:

Jim Hutton Jim Hutton. “. And yet, Yuri Matthew.

You know, I was hard and Freddie to get used to live together in one place.

before he bought for us – a home for permanent residence – where he is and I have been together 24 hours per day – Between Mercury concert – he wrote these two songs – in memory of ours. Living together in one place.

Translate these two songs in RUSSIAN.

“Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”-“Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” +

“I Can not Live With You”- & Quot; I can not live with you” –

Jim HuttonJim Hutton
Jim HuttonJim Hutton
Jim HuttonJim Hutton

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