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The whole family Duggar from TLC hit series “19 kids and counting,”appeared on the”Today”on March 11 to talk about the upcoming new season and to make a big announcement.”We expect!”Anna Duggar said excitedly on Monday morning. Josh revealed that their third child is due June 7.”We are very pleased,” he said. The new baby will join older sister Mackynzie, who turned three in October, and Michael. which will celebrate its second birthday in June.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also talked about the March 12 premiere of «Duggars Do Asia,”a three-part special that chronicles their journey to Japan and China.”It was the trip of a lifetime,”said Jim Bob. The cameras caught all the action , including their 14-hour overseas flight.”It’s been a long time, but all worked together to make it happen,”said Jim Bob. Josh Duggar said:”It was really well organized machine. Logistics were really mad. “My mother Michelle said that people recognize them and touched her children blond hair, a rare sight in Asia.”It was unusual,”said the mother of 19 on the”Today”. Joanna Duggar claimed that her favorite part of the trip It was clothes, while Jackson loved Samurai fighting.

Duggar family traveled to Japan and China last year, and a great adventure is chronicled in a new three-part special that beginns on Tuesday, 12 of March. Episodes one o’clock show Duggars experiencing foreign cultures very different from their own. From experimenting with native food and riding a rickshaw to wear traditional dress Geisha and fight like a samurai, the Duggars up for it all. While things may get lost in the translation, and they often feel like a fish out of water, the Duggars make memories for a lifetime. All three episodes will air from 9-10 PM EST and PST.

  • “Duggars Do Asia: Tokyo, Japan”: After wrangling 40 bags at the airport, the Duggars headed out for a trip of a lifetime, and their first stop is Tokyo. Tuesday, March 12.
  • “Duggars Do Asia: Kyoto, Japan”: The Duggars take part in the contest Master Goldfish Catcher, and then make your way to Kyoto, the second stop on his overseas adventures. Tuesday, March 19.
  • “Duggars Do Asia: Beijing, China”: The Duggars navigate the city and visit Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and the local village. Tuesday, March 26.

Once Anna and Josh made his big announcement on Monday, fans immediately sent congratulatory messages through the Web social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Below are a few Facebook posts for March 11.

  • “What wonderful news! God is amazing.” – Eric Sadler
  • “This is wonderful news!” – Debbie Price Pitzer
  • “Congratulations. Prayer for health and happiness to your family.” – Leanda Sanford Spears
  • “A beautiful little family, I congratulate all of you.” – Kathy Zich Kiser
  • “I’m happy for you, and the blessings that God gives in your life.” – Patti A. Nolen Stuber

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Super family Duggar includes mom Michelle, dad Jim Bob, plus children Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie. The family lives without debt in Arkansas and stars in a weekly reality series called “19 Kids and Counting”.

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Jill DuggarJill Duggar
Jill DuggarJill Duggar
Jill DuggarJill Duggar

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