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Jeri Ryan (Jeri Ryan)

Jeri Lynn Zimmerman. Born in Munich, Germany February 22, 1968

Currently, Jeri Ryan plays the role of Ronnie Cooke in the series David E. Kelley ‘Boston Public’. Ryan started to play in the second season and is known by millions of fans for his character Seven of Nine from ‘Star Trek: Voyger’, before she starred in the TV series ‘Dark Skies’ and played in one of the series in ‘Melrose Place’. She also starred in based on real events, the film ‘Nightmare in Columbia County’ and ‘In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco.’ Ryan was studying in the North-west-University at Bachelor of Theatre Arts. Also, it has recently been elected as member of the Executive Committee of the ATAS.

This full name Jeri Ryan Jeri Lynn Zimmermann. She was born Feb. 22, 1968. Her parents, Jerry and Sharon Zimmermann. Ryan had lived in almost all parts of the United States, she was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up on military bases from Kentucky to Hawaii. While studying in college in 1989, she was the first in the Miss Northwestern Alpha Delta Phi Pageant. She also won the talent contest with the song “On My Own”from”Les Miserables” and a competition for the best swimsuit. Later that same year, she became Miss Illinois and won the third place in the Miss USA contest in 1990. You are mistaken if you think that it has only a beautiful appearance, it is also very clever, while studying at the school, she was an exemplary pupil.

His best role Ryan considers the role of the mother of his daughter Alex. ‘As a mother, I am more patient’, she said ‘during pregnancy. no one could pass me, how much it is wonderful to be a mother. ” Equally Ryan enjoys skiing and cooking, ‘I’m not very successfully obtained pies’, she says.

Jery Height 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet in heels in Star Trek Voyager. She has more than good looks. Her character in Star Trek Voyager – Seven of Nine (7 of 9), short for Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One. The executive producer of the series Rick Berman describes the character Seven sensual creature poluchelovekom, poluborgom. It is in a very tight-fitting suit of alien female cat with the remaining Borg markings on the face and hands. Ethan Phillips, a partner on the series ‘Star Trek’, says tight suit Ryan only complicates the work. ‘The first suit squeezed the carotid artery, I had only to turn his head. I even lost consciousness four times’, told Ryan in an interview on Channel Voyager. It took her an hour to squeeze into a new, free suit.

In his old suit, between shooting scenes, it must have been to lie down for a while to recover. But the actress did not complain. At that time, she was pregnant again. “Next was a nurse with oxygen bags and I was silent. But after I spoke fainting 4 ‘, she says. And producers immediately altered the costume.

However, the following costumes have been other problems. ‘Every time I have been to the toilet, knew about everything. This was announced in all studios, as because of me shooting interrupted for half an hour. ‘

There was a third suit, which first appeared in “The Raven.”, until he was replaced in the fifth season.

Prior to the ‘Star Trek’, she appeared in small roles in the films “Melrose Place,””The Flash,””Time Trax,””Matlock,”and”Murder, She Wrote”, television films and film ‘The Last Man ‘. ‘The last man’ – a film about the three remaining person on earth, and I’m the last woman ‘, says Ryan . ‘I know it’s more like fiction hectares, but in fact it is not. This is a short but interesting movie.” Harry Ralston, the film’s producer. with Jeri and worked in ‘Men Cry Bullets’. Both films released on DVD.

Jery also starred in the last seven series’ Dark Skies. “She liked the people with whom she worked. but the company NBC closed this series, though, according to Ryan . the movie was a lot of potential. In Voyager, she felt part of a team. Then it was called Jeri Lynn Ryan . The new manager persuaded her to miss in his name ‘Lynn’. ‘I miss Lynn, his whole life I have been Jeri Lynn, and everyone in my family call me Lynn, which leads to some confusion surrounding ‘.

To transform the Ryan in the Borg have made an impression on her face, this process lasted 45 minutes, and all this time the actress had to breathe through two tubes inserted into her nose. After that, do a cast of the entire body of the actress, which took 2:00. “You have to suffer for the sake of art ‘, mocked a Ryan . ‘I’m happy as long as there are some really interesting images of movies. where I can play ‘, says Ryan .

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Jeri RyanJeri Ryan
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan

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