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Jason (Jay) Gould (Eng. Jason (Jay) Gould, May 27, 1836 – December 2, 1892) – American financier.

Jason was born to a poor farmer from the state of Connecticut. He was able to reach the top of the lower classes. Jay worked as a clerk, taught the basics of drawing and was an assistant blacksmith. At age 18, he became a cartographer in one of the districts of New York. In three years, Jay has saved about five thousand dollars and put them in a tannery, so he became a partner merchant skins in New York. In the struggle for wealth Jason decided to get rid of your partner and get the whole thing. It is said that for the year Gould brought a partner to suicide. I hated him, probably the majority of Americans. He was even able to deceive Vanderbilt. With him, he contacted in the struggle for the railroad, “Erie”that connected New York and the Great Lakes. Gould began a battle with Vanderbilt in 1867. To take him out of the game Jay and his two companions published about a hundred thousand new shares of the railway. Vanderbilt has made the arrest warrant Gould Fix and Drew. The three fled to six million in New Jersey, where she became unattainable for the New York-based Themis. They, along with dozens of police and barricaded by three light guns at the”Taylor.” In order to soften the audience Gould wrote a picture: a giant-Vanderbilt beat tiny foes.

Soon Jay decided to go to New York. His arrest Vanderbilt. Jay tries to get his bail and at the same time gives its people the money to buy those local legislators. In total, they spent nearly a million in bribes. Vanderbilt, who tired of this litigation conceded. Fix and Gould continued the fraud of “Erie,”they printed new shares and raise and lower the price at its discretion. This shop covered angry shareholders of this company. It is believed that”Erie” Gould has amassed about $ 20 million, and put the company on a bank.

Fix and Gould had an effect in 1869. They decided to seize all the gold market. They began to buy gold and hoped that this would be followed by an increase in grain prices, and then on his international transport. Gould invested in this business for about seven million. Gold prices soared by 40%, later 65%, and here came the “Black Friday.” Rate of gold plummeted. Understandably, Gould did not lose anything, and as this case has amassed $ 11 million. In all these cases Gould was almost killed on the streets, but also sent him a bunch of lawsuits. Fix lover shot dead his former girlfriend.

In 1890, Gould became the owner of the railway network. In New York, Jay almost no friends, and society at all its sides. Gould collected money among the rich like him and built a new building, “the Metropolitan Opera.”It was better than the old and more. At the age of 56 years Jason Gould died of tuberculosis. His condition was transferred to the fund to ensure his six children. The eldest son was the main heir. However, he did not have a grip and rigidity, like his father. Notorious”Mephistopheles of Wall Street” was heavy on the family for many, many years.

Jason GouldJason Gould
Jason GouldJason Gould
Jason GouldJason Gould

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