Jackie Coogan

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Jackie Coogan

For the first time felt the taste of fame as a child – Jackie had a chance to play in a few silent films with Charlie Chaplin himself (Charlie Chaplin); later, as an adult, John got the role of Uncle Fester (Uncle Fester) in the popular comedy series 60 ‘The Addams Family’ (‘The Addams Family’). During the break, Coogan had pretty quarrel with his mother and stepfather – because of the right to control over their jobs; precisely because he was born the so-called ‘Coogan Act’ (Coogan Act) – a law protecting the rights of child actors.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

John Coogan was born in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California); his first role he was still an infant. In 1917 John starred in the film ‘Skinner’s Baby’. In parallel, Jackie also played in vaudeville; in fact, it was on one such vaudevilles him and saw Charlie Chaplin. In 1919, Chaplin gave Coogan first role – in the short film ‘A Day’s Pleasure’.

More than just a glorified Jackie Coogan another joint project with Chaplin – 1921 film ‘The Kid’ (‘The Kid’). A year later, Coogan played Oliver Twist (Oliver Twist) in the picture of Frank Lloyd (Frank Lloyd). Young Coogan was one of the first actors to actively engage in advertising really – was issued under the name of Jackie peanut butter and whistles, dolls and figurines, stationery and records. The boy traveled a lot – and almost everywhere he was received very warmly. Unfortunately, most of his early work to the present day is not reached.

Coogan while studying with a private tutor, and then – in a variety of preparatory schools. Tried to visit John Coogan and universities; Unfortunately, in this field much success, he has not achieved – so, in 1932, Coogan left the University of Santa Clara (Santa Clara University) because frankly poor performance.

May 4, 1935 th Coogan was in serious car accident; who were traveling with him, his father and his best friend – Junior Durkin (Junior Durkin), best known for the role of Huckleberry Finn (Huckleberry Finn) in two scenes early 30’s – were killed in the crash.

It is estimated that a total of Children Movie parts brought Coogan about 3-4 million dollars (about 48-65 million dollars by modern prices); Jackie himself, however, from this money perepalo little – mother and stepfather spent all child earned on expensive cars, jewelry and furs. Mother in his defense stated that Jackie got to shoot a real pleasure, and all of its revenues until the 21 th anniversary, by definition, belong to its parent

m. For the first time his mother filed a court Coogan in 1938; Then he managed to seize only 126,000 of the approximately US $ 250,000 at the time had not yet spent.

Legal battle attracted the attention of the authorities; The result was ‘Coogan Act’ – the law, among other things causing employers ‘young stars’, to deduct at least 15% of salary into a special trust fund.

In March 1941, John Coogan joined the US Army. After the attack on Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor) Coogan applied for a transfer to the Air Force – flying experience he had already been.

After the war, he returned to acting Coogan activities; best known for his role of this period, no doubt, was the Uncle Fester from the cult TV series ‘The Addams Family’. He continued to act – mainly in television projects – John Coogan until the mid-70s.

Coogan died March 1, 1984 th of cardiac arrest. At the time of the death of the actor was 69 years old.

Jackie CooganJackie Coogan
Jackie CooganJackie Coogan
Jackie CooganJackie Coogan

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