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Folk stars: Most popular YouTube-bloggers of the year

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YouTube – the third most visited site in the world, which is a little less than ten years. In the world of the Internet is quite advanced age, so that its influence is large, and the potential for unlimited earnings. However, when it came, no one thought that a platform for uploading the video will lead to success not only musicians, but also the “normal”people begin to develop blogging. Squander so far: YouTube stars earn as much if not more, Hollywood actors, thus getting to the heart of his audience as” the same as they & raquo ;. We talk about those who in 2014 confirmed that YouTube – It is not only a video stream with seals and a real black hole, but also one of the most powerful business platform for bloggers and their projects.

Felix Ulf Arvid Chelberg

The tops of the most successful stars of YouTube unchallenged leader cheerful Swede Pyudipay (yes, his nickname is pronounced as if it should be necessary to do more jazz fingers). He managed to amuse the audience roller site, where attention, he yells at just four years ago a horrific hit ” Amnesia & raquo ;. Do not yell at these sounds impossible, but only one person made it so ridiculous and time to build a career. Over the past nearly five years, he has become the largest by number of subscribers yutyuberom and earnings. Its revenue in 2014 is estimated at approximately 0,825 – 8,47 million dollars per year, even after the interest cut as YouTube advertising.

Engaged PewDiePie “letspleem”– speaking in Russian, commented on the process of the game in the console, with slurred and terribly clumsy funny jokes. As well as making all kinds of debility fotozhaby and stupidity at the camera with his girlfriend (with whom he also met through YouTube, and it also has its own channel) and pugs. Felix refuses to put the production on stream video and hire outside workers, preferring to do everything yourself. In addition to his channel, he gathered a million to charity this year alone, and announced himself in the”South Park & ​​raquo ;. His fans, he tenderly calls” & raquo ;, bro regularly making fistbamp screen, that is, the viewer – perhaps his infantile spontaneity and ineradicable positive attitude to the world and caused such great popularity.

Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen
Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen
Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen

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