Gary Cooper

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Gary Cooper

Born: May 7, 1901, Helena, Montana, USA

US actor, Hollywood legend 30-50-ies. His track record of about a hundred films and five nominations for “Oscar”, it became a two-time winner and the holder of honorary “Oscar».

Frank James Cooper (Frank James Cooper), better known as Gary Cooper (Gary Cooper), was born on May 7, 1901 in Helena, Montana, the son of immigrants from England Alice Brazier (Alice Brazier) and Charles Henry Cooper (Charles Henry Cooper). At the new site of the future father of the actor’s first engaged in farming, but later became a lawyer and a judge. At the initiative of the mother of Gary and his brother three years at school in England, but before the start of the First World returned to the United States.

Once the school Gary Cooper enrolled at Grinnell College in Iowa, but never graduated. During college, he participated in the productions of student drama club. Returning home, Cooper began to do business on the ranch of her parents and a cartoonist for the local newspaper. In 1924, Cooper moved to Los Angeles. There he sold electric signage, advertising services and the photographer was trying to get back to the newspaper.

In 1925, Gary Cooper was the first job in the movie as a party crowd. He was noticed and was invited to the episodes on the role of cowboys. In the same year he took the nickname as Gary and signed long-term contract with the studio Paramount.

In 1927, Gary Cooper was the first actress in silent films – the film “Wings», which received the “Oscar” as the best film of the year.

In 1929, Gary Cooper came to the first big success with the release of sound film «Virdzhinets». In 1930, he was playing the main male role in the «Morocco», where his partner was Marlene Dietrich (Marlene Dietrich). In 1932, Gary Cooper has played a leading role in the drama «A Farewell to Arms! » Frank Borzagi (Frank Borzage), in 1936 – in painting «Mr. Deeds Goes to Town» Frank Capra (Frank Capra).

In 1939, the producer David O. Selznick (David O. Selznick) suggested that Gary Cooper role of Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind,” but the actor refused, as he was sure that the film flopped at the box office .

In 1940, Gary Cooper played a cowboy in «The Man from the West» and «North West Mounted Police» Cecil B. DeMille (Cecil B. DeMille). In 1941, Cooper once again appeared in the film Capra – «Meet John Doe».

In 1942, Gary Cooper got his first “Oscar”for best actor, playing a real person in”Sergeant York».

Gary Cooper friends with Ernest Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway), In 1943, he starred with Ingrid Bergman (Ingrid Bergman) in the film adaptation of his novel «On Whom the Bell Tolls ».

In 1952, Gary Cooper got the second “Oscar”for his role as Will Kane in”High Noon».

In 1954, became a hit rolled Western «Garden evil» with his participation, in 1954 – another Western «Vera Cruz». In 1957, Gary Cooper starred Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) in the film Billy Wilder (Billy Wilder) «Love in the Afternoon». The last film works Cooper became a British film «Naked Blade».

Personal life Gary Cooper / Gary Cooper

In Gary Cooper had affairs with actresses Clara Bow (Clara Bow), Lupe Velez (Lupe Vélez), Countess Carla Dentis di Frasso (Carla Dentice di Frasso).

In 1933, he married the daughter of the head of the New York Stock Exchange Veronica Balfe (Veronica Balfe). In 1937 they had a daughter, Maria.

Despite the marriage, Gary Cooper had affairs with a partner on the sets of Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly.

The most lengthy affair with Patricia Neal (Patricia Neal). In 1950, the actress was pregnant, and Cooper has organized an abortion to avoid a public scandal. In the same year he and his wife separated, but Cooper refused to divorce because of her daughter. In 1951, Neil put an end to their relationship, and in 1954 Gary Cooper reconciled with his wife, that has not stopped him after a year to meet with Anita Ekberg (Anita Ekberg).

In 1958, the actor adopted Catholicism, then the rumors about his love affairs stopped.

The death of Gary Cooper / Gary Cooper

In April 1960, Gary Cooper underwent surgery – he had prostate cancer, but the tumor has metastasized. In February 1961, doctors declared the actor that his illness is incurable.

Gary CooperGary Cooper
Gary CooperGary Cooper
Gary CooperGary Cooper

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