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biography, the life story of Emma Heming-Willis

Emma Heming-Willis – British fashion model, actress. The wife of Bruce Willis in 2009.


Emma Heming was born on June 18, 1978 in the Republic of Malta. She spent her childhood in England and California.

Career and achievements

In 2001, the charming girl was chosen to advertise underwear two very famous brands – Victoria’s Secret and La Senza. As stated several times by representatives of Victoria’s Secret, Emma Heming – the embodiment of femininity and mystery. As soon as Emma appeared on the posters, she immediately gained popularity. Famous fashion designers have dreamed to have her for his photo shoots.

Emma Heming worked with such well-known model agencies like The Fashion Models Management, Mikas, Models 1, Diva Models, IMG Models, Visage Model Management and Next Model Management.

In 2005, Emma took eighty-sixth place in hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world according to the men’s magazine Maxim.

As a film actress Ms. Heming first tried his hand in 2001, starring in the drama “Perfume”, which tells about the mysteries of the world of high fashion, in a cameo role. Emma played the role of one of the models.

In July 2006, Emma starred in an episode of the comedy-drama television series “Entourage,” playing an attractive girl, resting in the club.

In early 2007, Hemet offered to play another cameo role in the sensational thriller “Perfect Stranger.”It was on the set of this film met Emma and Bruce Willis. American actor. In the same year, Heming took part in the shooting of another picture – Tom Brady sports comedy”The Avengers┬╗.


In 2005, Emma Heming began dating Brent Bolsoisom, a successful businessman, photographer and producer. In autumn 2007, Emma and Brent parted without explaining intrusive paparazzi.

After participating in the filming of “Perfect stranger” Emma twisted romance with Bruce Willis. At first, love carefully concealed their relationship from the media, but in the beginning of 2008, rumors of raging passions among Hollywood actors scattered around the world. In February 2008, tired of hiding from reporters, Emma and Bruce appeared together at a party on the occasion of the birth of the American actor and TV presenter Ashton Kutcher.

Twenty-first in March 2009, Emma Heming and Bruce Willis were married. On a beautiful wedding ceremony, which took place on an island in the Caribbean Turks and Caicos Islands, were among the guests of Mr. Willis’ ex-wife actress Demi Moore and Bruce’s daughters with her new husband Ashton Kutcher. The prisoners on the islands of the marriage had no legal force, it was just a beautiful holiday, so that in fact Emma and Bruce at the moment is not yet considered to be real spouses. But the twenty-seventh of March, Emma and Bruce officially registered relationships in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, USA). Emma decided to take her husband’s name sonorous as his second last name.

First April 2012 Emma gave her husband loved the girl. The first overall daughter happy parents named Mabel Ray. Fifth May 2014 cover girl gave birth to another baby. The second my daughter named Evelyn Penn.

Perfect body of Emma Heming-Willis

Emma Height – 178 cm. Volumes (approx. 2014 data): chest – 85 cm, waist – 60 cm hips – 90 centimeters.

Emma WillisEmma Willis
Emma WillisEmma Willis
Emma WillisEmma Willis

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