Douglas Adams

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Douglas Adams

Douglas Noel Adams (Eng. Douglas Noël Adams; March 11, 1952, Cambridge – May 11, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA)

Biography . Douglas Noel Adams was born in March 1952 in Cambridge. He graduated from the school in Brentwood. He studied at the college in 1974 received a bachelor’s degree, and later – master. It has become a specialization in English Literature.

In March 1978, on BBC radio started its chetyrёhseriynaya statement «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» («Guide to the Galaxy hitchhiking”), which made him famous. In 1979, the radio show has been nominated in the category «Best Dramatic Presentation», but lost Superman’u. However, she received «Imperial Tobacco Award» (1978), «Sony Award» (1979), «Best Programme for Young People» (1980).

Some time later, Douglas Adams released the eponymous book, which was a phenomenal success, and in 1984 topped the list of best-selling English. Douglas Adams became the youngest writer, received the Golden Pen (the award is given for one million books sold).

«The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was written in the genre of humorous fiction. The protagonist of the series – Earthman Arthur Dent, by a strange twist of a correspondent on the BBC. For him (and readers) book begins Thursday, and Arthur on Thursdays everything wrong – first his house demolished to pave some stupid highway, and then his planet destroyed to pave the least foolish hyperspace route, after which Arthur It is in the closet of one of the Vogon ships – nasty aliens destroy the Earth. Important role in the adventures of Arthur plays Ford Prefect, who rescues Arthur from death during the destruction of the planet. Ford Galaxy travels hitchhiking, and it explains a lot.

Later, Adams wrote a sequel – «The Restaurant at the End of the Universe» («Restaurant”at the End of the Universe,””) (1980) and «Life, The Universe and Everything» («Life, the Universe and Everything Else”) (1982).

In 1982, Adams ‘book hit the New York Times bestellers list and Publishers ‘ Weekly bestsellers list – the first time since the British writer Ian Fleming manages to achieve such success in the United States.

In the same year his first two books adapted for the six-part television production, which takes the award for «Best TV Graphics», «Best VTR Editing» and «Best Sound».

In 1984 he published a fourth book in the series – «So Long and Thanks for all the Fish» («Have a nice day and thanks for the fish”) (1984).

In 1984, Adams began a collaboration with the company Infocom, which in those years was the “king”of the genre of adventure games, and took an active part in the development of text adventure interactive fiction «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy». Game awarded by «Thames TV». This cooperation with the firm of Adams Infocom has not ended, and somewhat later he wrote another humorous adventyurnoy game – «Bureaucracy». He was one of the writers of the Fourth Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who (Doctor Who): episodes of”Planet of the pirates’ English. The Pirate Planet and “Shada” Eng. Shada

In 1984, Douglas Adams with John Lloyd (Jhon Lloud) nefantasticheskuyu wrote the book «Meaning of Liff». The book is a success, and in 1990 he published a sequel – «The Deeper Meaning of Liff».

In 1987, Adams tries his hand at a few different genre and released the book «Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency» («Detective Agency Dirk Gently”), which is a mixture of mystery, detective and humor. Despite the restrained response, a year go further – «Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul» («Long Tea Party»).

In 1990, Adams, together with zoologist Mark Karvardaynom releases «Last Chance to See» – a book about rare and endangered species of animals.

In 1991, the audiobook «HHGG», falls in the “Best conversational or non-musical recording» (Best Spoken Word or Non-Musical Recording) Grammy Awards.

A year later Adams wrote the final, the fifth book “Guide» – «Mostly Harmless» («Basically harmless»).

In 1993, the movie «Making Of HHGG» is nominated for «Best Documentary» in Video Home Entertainment Awards.

In 1996, «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» occupies the 24th place in the list of “One Hundred Greatest Books of the Century” by «Waterstone’s Books / Channel Four».

In 1998, Adams founded «The Digital Villiage» – a company that is in the same year released a computer game-quest «Starship Titanic».

In recent years, the life of Douglas Adams wrote a new novel, and helps the studio “Disney”remove the feature film”The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”His commentary on this subject:”Yes, I know that”Disney”removed”Bambi”, but do not forget that he also directed, and”Terminator.”I hope that the”Guide …” will be something in between these two films … ».

Douglas Adams died at the age of 49 at his home in Santa Barbara, from a heart attack May 11, 2001.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

the cult TV series, as well beloved by critics and readers. The series, which served as the basis for a great movie script which at the time created a CAM Douglas Adams. Did you watch this movie?

You admired his humor and flights of fancy? You have not read the book? Read. You will not regret!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Again the road (collection)

Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams

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