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loony miracle-worker. What you need to know about the new coach Diego Simeone star

If you look at all of the current season, the sensational victory “Atletico”on”Barcelona”in the quarterfinals of the Champions League will no longer seem a sensation. Club of Madrid under the direction of Diego Simeone entrenched in a row with two eternal leader of the championship of Spain. This further fuels the interest in the 43-year-old Argentinian mentor”mattress”. “Browser” He tells about the principles of Simeon, how he manages to win grants and why it is considered abnormal.

It is generally too early saw a coaching capacity. More than a dozen years ago, at the height of his playing career, Simeone decided his future: “In 25-26 years I have analyzed the matches as if it was the coach. Even then I knew that hanging up his boots, will lead teams”. “Atletico” – sixth team in his coaching career. And the most successful: Spanish Cup, European Super Cup, UEFA Europa – three trophies in two years. More proof of what a good coach in the build-up does not need a lot of time.

In recent years, the football world obsessed with a young coach. Simeone takes among fellow peers special place. It combines the expressiveness of Jurgen Klopp, speaking phrases nezaezzhennoy Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola intelligence. But most importantly, what is associated with the Argentinian – this is the result. It was in the name of achieving it built all the work of the Argentine. “It is better to play well than beautiful”, – Simeone likes to say.

Simeone believes that players should not be afraid of even the strongest opponents. “opponent is not selected. Against him play and win. The best way to meet”Real”or””. Barcelona The idea is that everyone is afraid of them, they are afraid to lose. Newspapers”Real”and”Barcelona, ​​”devoted 10 pages each. So fear-mongering. And you lose them before entering the field. As for me, I would play with them at least every week”, – Coach thinks”mattress”. However, he is incredibly demanding instructor. “I find it difficult to interact with the players, who did not give all of himself on the field or training. Dweeb I’m not interested either in football or in life. You can discuss the acceptable level of talent player, but the level of effort is not discussed”, – once shared its principles Diego Simeone.

Looking at him during a match, you know – in front of you an absolute lunatic. He himself agreed with that, talking about his habit of being alone in the locker room a few minutes before the match: “only during the times I – normal person”. And his football team Simeone instilled appropriate nature – Aggressive, tough, and in some cases even rude.

Impulsivity and nuttiness mentor the Club of Madrid is manifested not only during matches. Preparation for the games, he is based not only on the sober and deep analysis. Simeon recognizes that often takes certain decisions intuitively: “I have a sixth sense. I trust your feelings”.

Once the victory over the “Chelsea”UEFA Super Cup Argentinian asked what’s next.”And then Diego Simeone leaves the gym, his wet hair and a little longer than usual. When I start to run, it is similar to the Forrest Gump”, – Journalists cheered El Cholo. He added that it is not going to stop there: ” If I see a puddle of mud, then jump into it. Job – it’s all. If I did not enter the top ten contenders for the title of best coach of the year by FIFA, so I have work to do. And I’ll do it! & Quot;.

PS As a bonus – perhaps the most famous moment in the career of Diego Simeone igrotskoy. World Championship 98, chertvetfinaly supermatch Argentina – England. Argentine national team captain David Beckham earns most famous red card in his career the Englishman.

Diego SimeoneDiego Simeone
Diego SimeoneDiego Simeone
Diego SimeoneDiego Simeone

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