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Lafayette Debra.

Debra Jean Beasley (Eng. Debra Jean Beasley ), better known under the name of her ex-husband as the Debra Lafayette (Eng. Debra Lafave ), (born August 28, 1980) – a former high school teacher Angelo L. Greco (Eng. Angelo L. Greco Middle School ) Temple Terrace , included in Tampa, Florida (Eng. Temple Terrace, Florida ). Pleaded guilty in 2005 in accordance with the law of the State of Florida. The charges stemmed from a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old pupil of the summer of 2004.

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Early Years and Education

Lafayette graduated from the University of South Florida. She was a good student in college and then got a job education English teacher in high school Temple Terrace, Florida. In the first year of teaching (2003) Debra Owen Lafayette married.

Illegal actions

The arrest and trial

The investigation began after submission mother 14-year-old boy. The conversation between Lafayette and the victim was recorded on tape, and the next time they met, she was detained. The charge was two because the crime was committed in two different districts (Eng. county ). A trial date was scheduled after defense is not agreed to sign the plea agreement (Eng. plea bargain ), which is assumed to prison.

As soon as it was scheduled trial, the mother of the victim learned that the case was covered on cable channel «Court TV» (Engl.) (2008 – «truTV»), and agreed to sign a plea agreement without serving life to her son escaped testify in court. Lafayette, signing an agreement, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years of house arrest (Eng. Community Control ), seven years probation, compulsory registration as a person who has committed a sexual offense (Eng. sex offender ), and the execution of certain other liabilities. He showed great skepticism as to whether the accused of such acts receive such punishment.

December 8, 2005 Court of another district refused to accept the terms of the plea agreement, do not include imprisonment, and set a trial date of April 10, 2006. The prosecutor later softened the charges.

case watchers have argued that so much attention to this incident happened because Lafayette has an attractive appearance. Provocative pictures Lafayette spread on the Internet as soon as it became known.

Tampa Police Department also was at the center of attention when the police were photographed naked in Lafayette detention cell. John Gillespie (born. John Gillespie ), the chief investigator, who asked for nude photos of Lafayette, was arrested before the Court does not occur in this case the case.


Later Lafaille claimed that she had bipolar disorder, which is associated with intense and irregular mood swings, as well as hypersexuality and episodic failure to critically evaluate their behavior.

She was arrested during the probationary period December 4, 2007 for the moral corruption of 17-year-old colleague in the restaurant. The court ruled that there was no intentional corruption and any essential. In July 2008, as part of a plea agreement, Lafayette petitioned to replace the remainder of her term of house arrest on parole with the performance of other conditions – treatment and execution of public works. The petition was granted house arrest and ended at 4 months earlier. October 29, 2009 it was announced that Lafayette is allowed to work with children (link unavailable).

The former husband of Lafayette in numerous talk shows talking about, how his wife’s crime has affected their relationship. In his documentary, “After School”(eng. “After School” ), he depicts the relationship between teacher and student.

September 22, 2011 Lafayette reduced its conditional term of 4 years with the completion of all other obligations due to pregnancy. Her request was granted, and a suspended sentence ended on the same day. The family of the victim said it will appeal the decision.

Interesting fact

In the episode number 10 of the 10th season (number 149), “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy”(eng. «Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy» ) of the American animated television series”South Park” Ike Broflovski and his teacher Miss Stevenson twist love affair.

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Debra LafaveDebra Lafave
Debra LafaveDebra Lafave
Debra LafaveDebra Lafave

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