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Brian Epstein (Brian Epstein)

Epstein was born in a wealthy Jewish family, grew up under the wing of a carefree parents instilled in him an understanding of art. Father Isaac at the beginning of the century emigrated from Poland and founded a furniture factory in Liverpool, which was then headed by his son Harry and expanded. In 1930, Harry Epstein married a rich girl from a Jewish family. It was a happy married couple. Brian was born on 19 September 1934, two years later, his brother was born Cleve. Since 1940, Liverpool was subjected to a devastating bombardment, so its inhabitants were evacuated. Epstein also left Liverpool and moved to Southport where Brian began to attend college. It was not good for him years. He had a hard time adapting to the new life, but was not involved in it. Classmates Epstein treated as a stranger, and teachers are not trying to understand the stubborn boy.

After three years, Epstein family was able to return to Liverpool. Here, Brian continued his studies at the college. He walked back reluctantly, had little interest in teaching materials and showed special zeal. He tried not to take it personally when the street children called him a Jew, but certainly suffered from it.

Prior to 1950, Brian have visited seven schools and none could not finish my studies before the end of normal. He dreamed about the two professions: fashion designer and actor. But the father did not accept neither the one nor the other. However, with the support of his mother, he was allowed after military service to attend drama school. His military service lasted for ten months, after which he was discharged for medical reasons. Psychiatrists concluded that Brian is not fit for military service both in the mental and in the mental respect.

At sixteen, Brian Epstein begins to work on his father’s firm furniture salesman. After a course of study to another company he was instructed decoration showcases in his father’s company. The new branch of his father’s firm headed by Brian section plates. The victorious march of the LP and came to England. The younger generation of singles bought recordings of famous rock bands and rock singers. The release of these records are constantly growing. With enthusiasm, zeal enviable and healthy commercial spirit took Brian for his work, which completely engulfed him. Father managed to open another branch in the center of Liverpool. Bought in the 30 years his father Brian Epstein firm NEMS (North End Music Stores) became known far beyond Liverpool.

To log “Mersey Beat” Brian Epstein wrote ads, promotional articles and reviews records. His vanity was so great that at the store he wanted to have a supply of all records, regardless of whether it was classical music, pop, pop-beat music or jazz. As a business man, Brian noticed that the best place to buy records with beat music.

This was October 28, 1961. One of the customers asked for the record with the song “My Bonnie” by Tony Sheridan, but its stock was not there. At the same time he called the band Beatles, accompanied singing Sheridan. Epstein name of the band was unfamiliar. When a few days later received another request for the record, Epstein made inquiries and, to his surprise, found out that the Beatles is the Liverpool group. Then he was told that the musicians of the group has repeatedly been in his store. They are rarely bought plates, basically came to listen to new records. The store provides to its customers and this service.

With the Beatles Brian Epstein met at the club Cavern. He came back with mixed feelings, because I thought myself old for this youth club. Brian Epstein was presented Beatles, and from them he learned that the song “My Bonnie”West was written by” “. Polydor Epstein immediately ordered 200 plates. He was sure to make the right bet. The contact between him and the Beatles was installed. One day, Brian asked whether they want to cooperate with him. Not long thinking, Beatles agreed to.

In December 1961, the signing of a contract between the Beatles and their new manager. Did then the four musicians from Liverpool, they signed the most important contract in his life? Even Epstein had no idea that falls to his lot. His parents, he said: “I want to do business these guys. It takes me less than one day a week”. Mother Epstein noticed skeptical: “Brian is going to start doing something rather strange, especially considering that in time he will lead the family firm”. She later recalled: “for Beatles Brian became a father. They liked his honesty and that he firmly believed in their success”.

Even if the Beatles were not always agree with the plans and ideas Epstein, you can not lose sight of one fact: from that moment their lives proyanilas, appeared in order, everything for them has become much easier and more comfortable with it. Next I was always the one who did it advertising, who took care of them. Epstein began systematically to conduct educational work. Group members were forbidden to speak in everyday clothes worn. They were banned smoking and the use of chewing gum on stage. His new wards Brian distributed printed on the letterhead of the plan schedule. This made them a serious and business experience. Further work Beatles, their performances and touring, recording studios to direct and control Epstein and team assistants.

The plan touring Brian Epstein was up to the minute accuracy. Late and negligent attitude to work by employees infuriated him. Chronic insomnia, which Epstein tried to overcome with the help of a huge number of pills, making a mess of his working day. Brian Epstein with all my heart to love the children, largely sacrificed for the sake of work with their personal lives. He liked to talk to them, and he loved to present them with expensive gifts. He did not have anything except work with the Beatles and his hobby. He felt the joy of the possibility to furnish their comfortable apartment refined furnishings. He was fond of Spanish bullfighting. Sometimes during the holidays, he gambled. But while Epstein was always sensible and cool-headed businessman. It is often more than the amount won because I always knew when to stop the game.

In fact, all his life he suffered from the fact that he failed to really engage in creative activities. One day, Brian suddenly replaced a sick actor in the theater’s Sayville, which he funded. Brian was happy that as a child. Failed him, and repeated attempts to create a family, as it is almost never told.

In the last year of life in its relations with The Beatles appeared faintly disorder. After completing the tour Epstein felt unnecessary. He missed the old spiritual communion, he lacked the personal intimacy with the four musicians who became his true friends. Maybe he secretly feared to lose them all the time. Recalling this time, Cleve, Epstein’s brother, told me that Brian in the early years of cooperation with The Beatles worked with the best intentions: “Today, we know how it was necessary to negotiate better contracts for them. But we should not forget at the same time that we were all new to the entertainment business”.

In 1977, Tony Palmer suggested that Brian was not a good predprenimatelem. In the end he could not cover the activities of the firm “NEMS Enterprises”and he was afraid that he could not bear the responsibility for it. He takes 25 percent of total revenue Beatles. Of course, John Lennon did not mean anything bad, when later with his usual frankness and pointed form stated:”He put us in suits and so on, and we have been successful, they have become very great. But it was a sale. When we began our first tour of England, the music was no longer”.

Derek Taylor, a close associate of Epstein, are among the few people who knew that Brian was writing his autobiography. When Taylor got a chance to read one of redatsy manuscript, he realized that Epstein was deeply lonely man, who in the business, creative and human relations from their partners demanded a complete renunciation. As a kind of dreamy and refined dandy, he was afraid of ridicule and contempt from other people. His own world was burdened with conflicts. During the tour, Beatles, he lived in constant fear, fearing that John and other team members will express a certain position to the public in connection with the aggressive war waged by America. He himself was a member of the Labour Party, supported Wilson’s policies and leftist forces in England.

Of all the employees, surrounding Epstein, Derek Taylor is best known Brian: “There were other aspects of his life. Oh, he did not tell them, but they caused him grief. He was often unhappy, and then none of us could not help him. At Brian was a great circle of friends, but there were moments when he could not reach anyone at home. If you are constantly surrounded by a large number of people and suddenly you can not call anyone, you feel miserable. When this happens, Brian just went crazy. He had an idea that this is the end. In one of those nights he was dead”.

When the Beatles learned of the death of Brian Epstein, came in the night of August 27, 1967, John said: “I’m afraid! I think now everything will collapse.”

Brian EpsteinBrian Epstein
Brian EpsteinBrian Epstein
Brian EpsteinBrian Epstein

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