Boris Becker

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Boris Becker

Sexy pragmatist Boris Becker

The 86-m 18-year-old German boy Boris Becker for the second time won the Wimbledon tournament sensationally put on the blades, “Marshal tennis’ Ivan Lendl. Since then, year after year, the flow of high-profile wins Becker was endless. “Face the Nation,””man-phantom”,”red devil tennis” – what only epithets are not attributed to German athletes.

Author: Valeri Georgiev

More recently, the name of an outstanding tennis player most often mentioned by scandals with women.

Cum flew through the air

– Boris, had not yet lie down passions around your divorce with his wife Barbara Feltus, as we watch the new “Geim” in your life.

– I know what you mean. Angela Ermakova.

– This is a “game” in which the enemy tries to get the ball in the face.

– No remorse, watching that little red-haired girl Anya like you as two drops of water?

– Of course, our striking resemblance can not leave me indifferent, on the one hand. And on the other – this baby was not planned by me. As to remorse, then I can not suffer over each condom with my sperm. What Ermakova not protected – its problems and errors. But I think there was a subtle calculation. Only Russian Miss Ermakova I want to ask, “Where is she got pregnant with me?” As I am informed by my agent, a journalist Ermakova said that in England, the other – in Japan. Or perhaps the sperm flew to her through the air? Ermakova understand what to do, I got hold of the child, she hopes to grab a few million dollars.

The intrigues of the Russian mafia

– Have the scandal with Angela Ermakova on your athletic success?

– Of course. It is a long time knocked me out. At first, I thought that all this history with Ermakova – outright blackmail on the part of my competitors from the Russian tennis. After all, no Ermakova I did not know and I do not want to know. I think you have to understand: life star athletes, to whom I am, a lot of fans. Of course, revenue and to sex.

– You wonder why so many around the tennis stars of “sexual” scandals?

– Now, when I divorced with his dear wife, I can speak freely about everything. I think that this is not my discovery only high quality mechanical sex can relieve the insane moral tension after the event.

– After the incident with Ermakova your attitude to Russia, probably, can hardly be called the best?

– I frankly admit, the first few months after the scandal my attitude toward Russia was this: all Russian – not very honest people. But then I cooled down and realized that the attitude of the nation is not built on a relationship with one person. And not very good women are found on all continents of the world. I will never believe that Ermakova felt to me some wonderful feelings.

– The whole world is closely watching the “fight”Becker – Ermakova. First you aggressively”fought off the ball” on the side of the opponents, claiming that all the above it – slander. But then the tone of your statements softened, is not it? Consequently, you lose the battle?

– When I tried to remember the proximity to Ermakova, I was sure that it was limited to oral sex. But genetic testing showed a different, although I still can not recall that between us was a complete intimacy. I even wanted to start a trial about what Ermakova stole my sperm, but then decided that it would cause laughter and unnecessary response from the sports community.

– And how are your relations with the now ex-wife? You connect with it because kids.

– The wife has always been and will be the closest person to me. For all males wife closer than any other woman. Tie together the intervening years. And most importantly – the children. Children – the most important thing in a man’s life. This is continuation of the species, is pride. No love affair can not match the power of emotion to his father’s feelings.

– And how is your mother reacted to the news that she had a granddaughter Anya?

– She did not see any Ermakova, nor her daughter. My mother – a wonderful man, a very wise and sincere. I know that she will understand correctly.

Do you want money? It will not work!

– What do you think Anna Kournikova? At one time it was rumored that the novel has arisen between you.

– The next batter sexy? Anna Kournikova I really like. Beautiful, graceful. On Kournikova go, like Kournikova. When Natalie de Tauzia in his controversial book “The Hidden Side of women’s tennis,” named Russian tennis star Kournikova Lolita harems, I resisted. Enemies Anna

try to knock it out of the rut. I know this. Only it is unlikely they will be able to do it. As for the game Kournikova, it is – entertainment, femininity. I’m tired of seeing the tennis courts masculine men instead of women.

– Boris, the press whispering that your compatriot, singer Sabrina Seetlur, too, was in an interesting position after talking with you.

– whom I also ascribe Russian press? Knowing of my multi-million dollar state, women will long to bring such claims to me. Only when I am very poor, fake – “the mother of my children” – leave me alone. But I want to make the following statement after the incident with Ermakova I became much more cautious. My money I need to.

– strongly suggest you to play in pornographic magazines.

– If you want to see me naked? It is not a sight for the faint hearted, as practice shows. (Laughs.)

Boris BeckerBoris Becker
Boris BeckerBoris Becker
Boris BeckerBoris Becker

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