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Part 1: Player:

Joan Lauler coached Killer Kowalski, just as her ex-boyfriend Perry Saturn, and current at the time a player (Paul Levesski). During training, Joana also participated in the Miss Fitness, but did not win the grand prize. She appeared in the WWF in early 1997, coming to the ring with players on RAW. On the day she attacked Goldust companion Marlene. This small event did change the role of women in wrestling, it was after they have ceased to be at ringside for the blind, and began to actively intervene in the match. Joan presented under the name of China, and it continued to intervene in the game, and was not afraid of any wrestler. That China has helped the player win his biggest victory in 1997 when he became the King of the Ring. Then, together with the players and Shawn Michaels China became part of group D-Generation X. Later that year, on RAW Sean presented all the tea chest as the two new members of the group DX. In 1998, the year China has continued to play the role of silent and rough companion player and she played a significant role in every title match, which was attended by DX. One day she went too far, and sat down to deal with Steve Austin, for which he received his Stunner. Her first match was in the WWF team match 8 people, where her rivals were the Legion of Darkness 2000 and Disciples of the Apocalypse. Later, Mark Henry from the Nation of Domination in love with tea and tried to pull her out on a date. After weeks of hesitation, she still agreed. Rendezvous went well, on it Tea and Henry were able to beat even the local drunks. Then China thanked Henry, reducing it to a transvestite, which Henry accepted the tea. In November 1998 China held plastic surgery on his face and changed his jaw and cheekbones. 10th January 1999 on RAW DX fought with the Corporation to determine the person who enters the Royal Rumble 30th number. Vince McMahon won the battle, but here there was tea and threw him out of the ring. In the Battle of the China easily threw out Mark Henry out of the ring, and then she was eliminated.

Part 2: Corporation:

The next day on RAW Player fought with Rock in the match, “I’m out.” The player dominated the match, he spent Rock Pedigree and wanted to spend one more commentary on the table. There were representatives of the Corporation and told the players that if he did not come out of the match now, they will spend it Chokslem on the concrete floor. While the player was otvёrnut China held him a blow in the groin, thereby joining the corporation. Player and China began to quarrel among themselves, which led to a match of the 14th February 1999 at the festival of St. Valentine’s Massacre, when China and Kane winning player and X-Pac. February 28th Heat on China caused players on the ring, the player appeared and began to deal with the tea until Kane came and knocked Player. The same thing happened on RAW on March 8th, only Kane launched Fairboll Player, but was in the tea. On holiday WrestleMania XV China teamed up with the player after turned on Kane, but it is not she returned to the DX, and the players joined the Corporation. On RAW on May 10, China had to fight with Ken Shamrock, but he did not want to fight her, saying he does not beat women. Player and China continued their game with Ken, and he eventually became angry and held the tea Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Heat On June 6th China will perform together players in the King of the Ring tournament, and a first-round meeting with Ox Veins. While he was going to go with the forces in full contact against the woman, and he received Pedigree was withheld.

Part 3: DX vs. DX:

In the Heat on June 13, China has teamed up with Billy Gunn to Ken Shamrock fight and Road Dog. China and Gunn lost, but then with players beat the Dog, the latter rushed to the aid of X-Pac, but it did not help. As a result, Kane appeared in the ring and held the tea Chokslem. On RAW on June 14th China mistakenly destroyed the alliance of the Corporation, and the Ministry when mistakenly attacked the Undertaker his match against trilateral Player and Roca. Rock won the match, and after a fight broke out between the players and the Undertaker. Heat On June 20th the leadership WWF King of the Ring tournament fueled arranging two Planer match among the participants of the tournament. The winners of each of the matches were to meet each other face to face. China meets with X-Pac, Road-Dog and ill Holly. In a match player he interfered and helped win the tea. In the final match China met with Billy Gunn, and again using the player to win the match. After the match, the player attacked the Undertaker due to the fact that the player wanted to become a champion of the WWF Heavyweight Champion. At the festival King Of The Ring China met with the Road Dog, they had a great match, but lost to China after a blow to the groin Dog, who then put a metal protection. By that time, there were two groups DX: Bad: Chyna, Billy Gunn and player; And good: Road Dog and X-Pac ;. On RAW on July 5, China has accused the Dog and X-Pac in vandalizing her car, and those arrested. July 19th, China was supposed to meet with the Road Dog in the match, “Booth Dog”, but the match has not started due to the intervention of Billy Gunn and X-Pac. Later that night, Billy Gunn helped China win Rock after a powerful strike chair. At the festival Fully Loaded Chyna and Billy Gunn fought with X-Pac and Road Dog for the title of X degeneration. China was confident of victory, but Billy Gunn was withheld and frail lost the match. Later that evening, China intervened in the game, and Rock for pretendentstvo #1 on the title of WWF Heavyweight Champion. Judge distracted by Chyna and Billy Gunn approached, giving the player basely to defeat Doom.

Part 4: WWF Championship in the heavyweight division:

On RAW China has caused the ring Rock, that he said his opinion about it, it all turned out a trap when Rock attacked Billy Gunn. Rock was not in debt and caused Gunn and Chyna to a match two to one. They agreed to the match, which was really good, but did not come to an end before the end of the show ether. 9th August RAW China to get to know the essence of the Player after Shawn Michaels announced a three-way match between the players, tea and Undertaker for pretendentstvo #1 on the title of WWF Heavyweight Champion, but the players objected, saying that China woman. China came out of himself and agreed to the match. The match had a lot of bumps in the groin, and in the end came out and attacked Stone Cold Player chair and then put on him the tea, which won the match. The following RAW player wanted match with Chyna for pretendentstvo, and soon she agreed. The match was held the same evening, but it broke Menkaynd and attack players, after which he was put on hold. Then he asked Menkaynd match at the tea match, but she gave him a kick in the groin and went backstage, Shawn Michaels came here and ordered the tea to take the call. Menkaynd defeated Chyna, but then it was beaten and the player. August 23 in the RAW Jeff Jarrett threw an open challenge to any wrestler in the federation. Billy Gunn said the tea, he wanted to deal with it, and asked to look after the tea contract until he is looking for a pen. While Gunn discovers, China itself has signed a contract. When Gunn found out about this, he called out the tea into the ring, but while she was at it, it attacked Jeff Jarrett guitar. Later in the evening China intervened in the game, and Menkaynda and helps players become the champion of the WWF Heavyweight Champion. August 26th on SmackDown! China came to the ring during the match, Gunn and Jarrett, Debra tried to distract the judge but got a guitar from tea. After the match, Billy Gunn tried to unite with tea, but got hit in the groin. After that, China intervened in the match Shane McMahon and Menkaynda and distracted the referee, but this time the player is attacked Menkaynda chair. Later that night Shawn Michaels joined player, Shane and tea helped protect the player when his title on the Rock. On RAW on August 30, it was announced that China will meet with Jeff Jarrett in a trilateral match on holiday Unforgiven. During the match, Chyna tried to attack Jarrett’s guitar, but hit on Billy Gunn, who has been put on hold. On SmackDown! September 2nd China parlayed his pretendentstvo #1 on the Intercontinental Championship in a match against Billy Gunn. During the match immediately after Gunn spent on tea corona Famouser, the judge lost consciousness, then rushed to the ring and the player spent at Hanna Pedigree, then China easily won the match. The next week on SmackDown! China met in a match with fierce Holly, but the match did not last long due to the intervention of Jeff Jarrett with a guitar. The ring ran Billy Gunn and Chyna helped win the match, but then held her Famouser. Later that evening, China attacked Kane with a sledgehammer, helping the player to defend his title the WWF Heavyweight Champion.

Part 5: The First Intercontinental champion:

16th September at the SmackDown! China again met in a match against Holly Cousins. During the match, the ring ran Billy Gunn, he gave the right to fight and win the match. Gunn and Chyna began to quarrel, but then Jeff Jarrett came out and knocked out the latter. Then he put her on the corner of the ring and gave up the pot, saying that her place in the kitchen. Jarrett wanted to deal with the Tea and RAW on September 20th, but missed it on the guitar, and the guards to disengage them. Later the match tea and player vs. Test and Shane McMahon, Jarrett came to the ring and began to fight with the tea, which left one player. On SmackDown! Both China and Jarrett successfully mocked each other. At Unforgiven on September 26, China has met with Jarrett in a match for the Intercontinental Championship. China dominated the match, but still lost to him. During the match, the referee unconscious and rushed to the ring incredible Mula, Mae Young, Moon Vakhoni, Jacqueline and Miss Kitty. Later, Debra appeared and smashed a guitar over the head of Jeff. China kept Jarrett, but Tom Pritchard said Jarrett won, for which he received from tea Pedigree. The next day the tea called RAW Jarrett and Debra in the team match against him and Tom Pritchard. China agreed with the condition that if her team wins, she fights with Jarrett at No Mercy festival for the Intercontinental Championship. During the match, Jarrett locked Tea in capturing “Four” but Debra Jarrett attacked the eyes, then a fight broke out between Debra and Miss Kitty. Pritchard while Chyna hit a guitar, and it fell right on Jarrett, who was unconscious, and won the match, hold it. On SmackDown! September 30th, China once again got into a fight with Jarrett, but emerged victorious after a blow to the groin. On RAW on October 4th British Bulldog said that women should not be in the WWF, China appeared on the scene and called the Bulldog for the match. The match took place, but quickly ended because of interference Jarrett. After this Bulldog raised Chine to the ring Running Powerslam and told the players to go out into the arena and he finishes the reception. The player came on the scene, and Bulldog said he lied to him and finished the reception. 11th October RAW China saved the player when to beat Jim Ross and Stone Cold. This led to the doubles match between the two sides. During the match, Jarrett again intervened and attacked the tea. As a result, China and Jarrett met on holiday No Mercy in a match in which all the household items were legal and Intercontinental Championship was on the line. Jarrett attacked Chyna belt, but the referee continued the match, as the belt is not the economic thing. At the end of the match, Chyna attacked Jarrett’s guitar and held him, becoming the first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Part 6: Ayatollah Rock and Roll:

The next day, on RAW China celebrated its victory, but then there was Miss Kitty, dressed exactly like China, she said that she was ready to fight with any wrestler who goes against the tea. Then he appeared on the scene, Chris Jericho. who said that China is not a woman, and the nature of the error, and what he’ll kick the shit out of it. After these words, China was hit Jericho with the apron. Heat On October 24th called Jericho Chyna to a match, but she refused. Instead, Jericho fought Di Lo Brown for the European title, but in the match China intervened and helped Di Luo win. On RAW China and Luo Di battled Jericho and Stevie Richards, who was retained after the Tea Pedigree. On SmackDown! Chyna interfered in the match Jericho and Chris Richards and attacked his belt, after which he was put on hold. Richards was dressed as a tea and after a match like to thank her, but instead he attacked China. On RAW on November 1st China once with Richards, who was dressed as Jericho, and easily defeated him after a Pedigree. Richards became a fan of the tea, helping her in every way, he began to beat Jericho and even rooting for the tea during her matches. On RAW China wanted to say something to Chris, but then came Richards to sing a serenade for tea. He was attacked Jericho, who went after the deal with the tea. As a result, Jericho and China met in a match at the festival Survivor Series. Before the match, Jericho said that if he loses, it will replace the floor. At the end of the match, Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho champion, but she reached for the ropes, then she spent Pedigree Jericho to the ropes for the win. The next day, Jericho fought Gangrel, but there were tea and Miss Kitty, and Chris said, and when he is going to change sex. Jericho distracted by them, and was put on hold. Jericho took revenge by linking tea and forcing her to admit that their match Jericho was better, but she did not agree, for which he has received from Jericho a few times with a hammer on hand. On SmackDown! November 25th, China attacked Jericho with a hammer during his match with Big Show. Then, RAW China caused Jericho to a match and put his title on the line, Jericho abandoned the match, saying he never recovered from the blow with a hammer, but promised that the festival Armageddon is sure to become a champion. Then there was Miss Kitty and used a fire extinguisher against Chris. On RAW on December 6th China recorded Miss Kitty match evening dresses for the holiday Armageddon. to which she was angry, but did not do anything. Later in the evening, and Miss Kitty Chyna attacked Jericho until he about something spoke to the audience. On SmackDown! Jericho won the Road Dog, but then there was tea and told the judge that the foot was on the rope Dog while on hold. The judge continued the match, and Road Dog pinned Chris to win. On holiday Armageddon China and Jericho met in a great match. The match was all you need really good match, after Jericho escaped from the Pedigree and locked in the Walls of Jericho Chyna. China was very close to the ropes, but Jericho pulled her into the center of the ring and increase tension Reception, China finally gave in, and Chris became the new Intercontinental champion WWF. After the match, Chris was interviewed, but then came China, he said that Chris was better today, and shook his hand.

Part 7: Command of the King of Peace and the Ninth Wonder:

The next day on RAW Jericho fought X-Pac. China rushed to the ring and attacked the judge who declared the winner of X-Pac via disqualification. Then, on the SmackDown! China has helped Jericho defeat Prince Albert, hitting the latter in the groin when he wanted to hit Chris baton. After that Chris himself took the baton and attacked her Albert. On RAW on December 20th Chris has helped China win the Cross Father, after she attacked him with a blow to the groin. On SmackDown! December 23, Jericho was attacked by a cousin Holly, but he was saved by China. Later that evening, Cat (Miss Kitty) was called for a match Ivory, a match with no rules. Before the match, what the cat said to the Tea, and that during the match burst into the ring and plunged Ivory few seconds. Then the cat to keep it, thereby protecting his title of champion of the WWF women’s division. On RAW on December 27th China to fight with Crash Holly and won after a reverse DDT. Later, Chyna interfered in the match Jericho and Al Snow, and attacked the last head of the dummy, which was followed by suspension. On SmackDown! December 30th, China said it fully recovered from the injury and now she is ready to find out who is really the champion, she or Jericho. Chris appeared on the scene and took up the challenge. During the match, the referee was cut down, and so he ran second. China conducted a suplex followed by Chris and then double-deduction, and the two referees counted three hits, one in favor of the tea, the other in favor of Jericho. On RAW January 3 Chris and China were caused by the ring Stephanie McMahon. to analyze the situation with the title. As a result, Stephanie said that Chris and China is now the co-champions, and that if one loses the title, too, loses his second. After that, the tea called Brutal Holly for the match for her title during the match Jericho stormed into the ring and helped protect the tea belt. On SmackDown! Jericho and Chyna fought with his cousin Holly, during the match Jericho would not give the right to fight and fought the tea itself. When he started to beat, China has claimed the right to fight, and when thrown out of the ring, she went to check his condition. Jericho alienated the tea, for which he received Klouzslayn China and brought him back to the ring, where he was put on hold Cruel Holly. After that, China took the title and left the room. On RAW on January 10th Jericho Chyna said that together they can beat Holly Cousins. During the rematch, they worked well together, but when China was withheld, Chris smiling, left the ring with the title. On SmackDown! RAW 17-SmackDown! Royal Rumble p>



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Blac ChynaBlac Chyna
Blac ChynaBlac Chyna
Blac ChynaBlac Chyna

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