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Mary Spuckler

Mary WrestleMania Spuckler is one of Cletus ‘ many children. She is forced to marry Bart in order to save Lou. Bart and Mary end up not getting married, but develop a genuine attraction which leads to an on-and-off romance. Their relationship has been explored in three episodes, making her the most prominent of Bart’s love interests and Bart’s first serious relationship.

She seems to be the most intelligent of Cletus’ children, speaking in correct English (in contrast to the rest of her family) and showing a strong talent for music and performing.

History 3D%3D” /%Edit

Mary is first seen at the 4-H. sorting out chickens, when she sees Bart having difficulty in feeding and taking care of Lou. After she introduces herself, she tells Bart that “Lulubelle” (the original name Bart called Lou) is a boy and suggests that he calls him Lou. After freeing Lou from the slaughterhouse, Bart brings him to Mary’s home, where he discovers that she is one of Cletus’ many children. After Mary agrees to take Lou, Cletus informs Bart he just agreed to marry her, much to both their dismay. Mary explains that she has dreams, as she scored 1580 on her DQAT (Dairy Queen Aptitude Test), consisting of 800 ice cream and 780 Brazier. After some convincing from Lisa. Bart agrees to go along with the wedding in order to prevent Lou from being sent back to the slaughterhouse. However, before Bart and Mary can be wed, Marge stops the wedding and Cletus informs her that if the wedding is off, Lou would be taken back and Mary would have to taste the bitter agony of being an old maid of 11. On Marge’s influence, Bart calls off the wedding and Mary isn’t seen for the rest of the episode, though Bart does manage to save Lou.

She reappeared in the Season 24 episode Moonshine River as a major character. In the episode, she is deemed as Bart’s last hope in his quest to find true love (in the form of one of his many former dates). When Bart arrives at the Spuckler house, Cletus informs him that she ran away after he scheduled her for marriage again. Dubya Spuckler tells Bart that Mary ran away to New York City and gives him her address. Bart and the rest of his family arrive at New York, and he eventually finds her at her address, finding that she has changed, becoming slightly taller and slimmer. Bart and Mary realize that they truly like each other and are about to kiss when Cletus arrives, having somehow discovered Mary’s new location, and orders her to return to Springfield with him. While Cletus is occupied, she and Bart sneak away to another train and share their first kiss before Mary departs on the train. When Cletus finds out, he demands Bart to tell her where Mary is going, but Bart, not wanting to ruin this chance of love, refuses. Cletus then accepts the fact that he must let his daughter go.

Mary reappears for the second time in the season, in the episode Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing. again as a major character. In it, Bart, not knowing it is her, puts a bug down her dress, but recognizes her when she angrily calls out for the person who pranked her. She reveals that she was allowed back into the Spuckler household after her career as a model took a downturn, only allowing her thumb to appear in advertisements. Mary then allows him to push her into a pool of mud in order to satisfy Jimbo. Kearney. and Dolph. The two start dating, but Bart spends all of it by playing video games. Despite Lisa’s warnings, Bart continues to ignore Mary when she sings a song she wrote for him, and the two break up, much to Bart’s dismay. He attempts to win her back, but she turns him down again, saying that she has already started dating a Brazilian boy. By the end of the episode, it is revealed in an assumed future that she has married someone, apparently the same Brazilian, but when Bart sees that her relationship status has become ‘Single’ seconds later, he sends her a message reading, “I miss you.” She responds to Bart’s message (in the process revealing that she was widowed) but the exact nature of her reply is unknown. It is not revealed what became of the two afterwards.

Appearance 3D%3D” /%Edit

Unique among Simpsons characters, Mary’s appearance changes in each episode she appears in. Over time she seems to get a bit older, which is a rather odd for the typical non-aging Simpsons.

In her debut in “Apocalypse Cow,”Mary is depicted with freckles, blue overalls, and pale brown pigtails. However, in her return for”Moonshine River”four years later, Mary’s physical depiction has noticeably matured; she has grown slightly taller and acquired a more mature figure, and her eyes have taken on a more attractive ovular shape as opposed to the larger, rounder shape in which they had been set in Mary’s debut. Her eyebrows also have thickened, and her pale brown hair has darkened to pale orange. She has kept her freckles; however, she now has pink lips. During this episode, she changes clothing to a black sleeveless dress with a tall black hat to a grey sweater, blue jeans, and red handkerchief in her hair. In”Love is a Many-Splintered Thing”, Her appearance is a mixture of her other appearances as she has the same face and body appearance from “Moonshine River”, but she loses her pink lips and retains her pigtails from “Apocalypse Cow”. She is depicted as wearing a frilly blue dress that has a flower on it with red and white sneakers and knee high socks.

Personality 3D%3D” /%Edit

Unlike most of the Spuckler children, Mary appears to have at least an average education, as she’s a prominent member of the 4-H club and is able to use proper English.

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