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Bass Cannon Avi Kaplan


At the heart of the “Golden State”of California, located Valley of San Joaquin is located in a national park”Sequoia”, famous for its huge trees. At the entrance to the park is Visalia town, with a population of 125 000 people, although by American standards, this is a fairly large city. The local population, in addition to the tourism business, is engaged in agriculture – growing citrus fruits and olives.

17 April 1989 in this city was born Avriel “Avi”Benjamin Kaplan (Avriel”Avi” Benjamin Kaplan). His father – a Russian and his mother – a Jew. Avi youngest in the family, his older brother named Josh and sister – Esther. He attended the local high school, the future singer with a beautiful name – Mount Whitney High School.

Student years – first performances

Once graduation Avi Kaplan decided not to go to a local college and to studying in the neighboring city of Walnut. There he enrolled in Mt. San Antonio College, the faculty of classical music, where he began to take singing lessons and choir singing. Someone made a mistake in the translation of the name of the college and is now in the majority of Russian-speaking sources, you can find information about that Avi was in Mt.San-jacinto college, but it’s not true.

Fermata Nowhere

In this institution constantly operates a capella collective «Fermata Nowhere», created back in 2001. The list of participants is constantly changing, as some students complete their studies and in their place come new, but the head always remains the same – Professor Bill McIntosh ( Bill McIntosh). The team regularly takes part in various student competitions and art competitions, but before the arrival of Avi Kaplan, he was not held in high places, with the exception of 2004, when the team reached the final of International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella ICCA (International Championship of singing a capella among colleges ).

The name of the team is difficult to translate as “Fermata Nowhere”(in the notation symbol”Fermata” is placed in the places where the author offers the executor pause in its sole discretion). In 2008, the team, together with Avi Kaplan once again taking part in the ICCA, and he Pentatoniks future participant received a prize for the best interpretation of the rhythm section in this championship.

Here is a video in which the band Fermata Nowhere, known in the United States takes the song “12 days of Christmas” in the hall of the college concentration.

But the song with which the staff college to conquer the top of the championship, its name can be translated as “Apologies».

In this composition has clearly heard the work of Kaplan, from the end of the first minute you hear the characteristic “percussion instruments” in his performance.

A little bit of jazz

In 2010, when Avi was already in his third year of college, he joined the staff of Sincopation, with whom he is in his first year won the match Monterey Jazz Festival Competition.

The group toured throughout the world, he was even lucky enough to get to such famous venues as Carnegie Hall in New York.

The incredible vocal abilities

Avi Kaplan has simply incredible vocal abilities.

Here in this video, filmed in Los Angeles, during a vocal competition, he demonstrates his incredible talent.

Here we can hear the operatic composition by bass group Pentatonix.

And in this video from the Chicago concert, replaces Avi pribolevshy singer, performing the famous “Samertaym».

And the last video, which shows the full range of vocals, Avi, in the video materials collected from different years and different concerts.

As you can see from these videos, Kaplan has excellent vocal abilities, not only is able to set the pace.

Avi and Pentatoniks

When Scott Hoing decided to take part in a serious competition «Sing-Off», his team did not have two more participants. Through his friend, with whom he sang in the university group SoCaL VoCaLs, Scott found Avi and invited him to join his team created. Avi did not mind, since they began their careers overall.

Kaplan went well for the role of the bass, he likes to work in this key. He even invented his nickname “Bass Cannon” and created the eponymous site dedicated to your personal creativity and work as part of gruppyPentatonix – http://basscannonkaplan.tumblr.com.

Outside Group

Like other members of the group, Avi Kaplan also engaged in creative work abroad. He plays the guitar and composes music for both a cappella and for musical instruments. Here is a video in which participants PTX perform their own song “Rolling Stone” and accompanies himself on the guitar.

But Kaplan is always true to his main project – a group Pentatoniks. In all of its profiles in social networks, on their own sites and elsewhere, you are sure to find a mention of PTX and a link to the last album.

Avi KaplanAvi Kaplan
Avi KaplanAvi Kaplan
Avi KaplanAvi Kaplan

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