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biography of Anton LaVey Sandor.

One winter night in 1967 I went through the entire San Francisco to hear a lecture by Anton LaVey Sandor at an open meeting of the League of sexual freedom. I was intrigued by newspaper articles called him only as “the Black Pope”Satanic church in which baptism, wedding and funeral dedicated to the Devil. I was a freelance journalist and felt LaVey and Gentiles could be a good topic for the article; in the words of the editors, the Devil”gave copies”.

I decided that the main theme of the article should be not the practice of the black arts, as the world has long been nothing new. Sects and voodoo cults of devil-worshipers existed long before Christianity. In England XVIII – ro century Hellfire Club, by Benjamin Franklin who had a connection even in the American colonies, he gained fleeting fame. In the early twentieth-century press covered acts Alistair Crowley, “of an unclean person in the world”, and in the 20’s and 30’s hints of a “black Order” traced in Germany.

This relatively old story LaVey and his organization of contemporary faustiantsev finished writing two completely new chapters. Firstly, in contrast to the traditional gatherings of Satanic witchcraft folklore, they blasphemously represented themselves as a Church, a term applicable only to the earlier branches of Christianity. Second, they come out of hiding, having been engaged in the practice of black magic in the open.

Instead, to agree in advance with LaVey for discussion of his heretical innovations, it was usually the first step in my ongoing research, I decided to watch and listen to him as a person not represented in the audience. In some newspapers, he was served as a former circus and carnival lion tamer and a magician, where on earth the devil incarnate himself, and so to begin with I would like to determine whether it is a true Satanist, maskers or a charlatan. I have met people in the limelight of the occult business; Incidentally, at one time I rented an apartment near Jeane Dixon and seize an opportunity to write about her before Ruth Montgomery did. But, mindful of all the occult rogues, hypocrites and charlatans, I would not spend five minutes in the description of the different forms of their tricks.

All occultists with whom I until now have met or about whom I had heard were belosvetnikami: alleged seers, soothsayers and witches, with their supposedly mystic powers, rooted in the God-oriented spiritualism. LaVey, who, it seemed, mocked them, to say the spat with disdain, stood out between the lines of newspaper stories this black magician that founded his art on the dark side of nature and the carnal side of human life. It seemed that in its “Church” There was nothing spiritual.

As soon as I heard it LaVey, I realized that between him and the occult business do not have anything in common. It could not even be called a metaphysician. Brutal frankness in his mouth was pragmatic, relativistic, and, moreover, rational. It is safe to add – they were unorthodox; They were a blow to the recognized spiritual parcels to suppress carnal nature of man, of pritvornomublagochestiyu being based on the principles of material like “man is – Wolf”. His speech was full of sardonic grins on human folly, but the most important thing – it was logical. LaVey offered his audience not quack magic. It was the philosophy of common sense, based on the realities of life. Once I was convinced of the sincerity of LaVey, I left to convince him of my intention to conduct a serious investigation, and not to add their contribution to the pile of papers describing the Church of Satan as a new freak show. I studied Satanism, discussed its history and rationale with LaVey, attended the midnight rituals in the famous Victorian mansion, which was then the headquarters of the Church of Satan. Then I wrote a serious article, but found that it was not what wanted to see on their pages “respectable”magazines. Finally, there was one publication from the category”strawberries”or”male”- Knight (Knight), which in September ’68 has published the first complete article about the Church of Satan, LaVee and synthesis of ancient legends about the Devil and folklore of black magic in the modern philosophy and practice of Satanism that all followers and imitators now use as a model , management and even the Bible. My article was only the beginning, not the end (as is often the case with other objects of my attention) long and close relationship with lava. Their fruit became LaVey biography I wrote”The Devil’s Avenger published”, Publishing “pyramid” 1974. Following the publication of this book, I first became an official member, and then a priest of the Church of Satan; this title I proudly wear along with many well-known personalities. Zapolunochnye philosophical discussions I began with LaVey lead in the 67th year, continues today, a decade later, in a bizarre cabaret populated by surreal humanoids, created LaVey; Our meetings are accompanied by the clever witch, the music in your own design: LaVey – the organ, I – drums.

All of LaVey’s previous life seemed to prepare him for the current role. Among his ancestors were Georgians, Romanians and alzastsy, including gypsy blood grandmother, who told him the legend of vampires and wizards from his native Transylvania. With five young LaVey was reading magazines such as Weird Tales (Mysterious stories), and books such as “Frankenstein”Mary Shelley and”Dracula” Bram Stoker. Despite the fact that Anton was different from other children, they always chose its leader in marches and maneuvers, playing war. In 1942, when LaVey was 12 years old, his passion grew into a tin soldiers interest in World War II. He plunged into military manuals and found that army equipment and ammunition can be bought as easily as the products in the supermarket, and then used for the enslavement of nations. Even then, his mind began to form the idea that, contrary to the assertions of the Christian Bible, the earth will be inherited is not weak, but strong.

By the time the school LaVey became strange prodigy. He devoted his spare time from school serious study of music, metaphysics and the occult secrets. At age 15, he was the second oboist Greater San Francisco Symphony. Because he got bored curriculum LaVey dropped out in the graduating class, left home and joined the Clyde Beatty Circus as a work of the cells. His job was to drink and feed the lions and tigers. Trainer Beatty noticed that LaVey does not feel fear, working with big cats and made him his assistant.

From childhood embraced a passion for art and culture, LaVey was not satisfied with the excitation of the taming of the jungle dwellers and working with them on stage at the age of 10 years, he learned to play by ear on the piano. This ability is useful to him as a staff musician circus before performance was drunk as a lord, LaVey volunteered to replace him, confident that he could master the unfamiliar organ keyboard well enough to perform the background music. However, it turned out that he knows more tunes and plays better than the main organist, so Beatty, calculated drunk, sat at the piano LaVey. He accompanied many famous circus artists of the time: Hugo Zakkini in the performance of his numbers man-core wire acrobats on Wallendas When LaVey was 18, he left the circus and joined a carnival. There he became an assistant to a magician, learned hypnosis and began to devote more time to the study of the occult. Evolved a curious combination. On the one hand, he worked under the most that neither is a carnal life, sensual music, the smell of sawdust and wild animals, the rooms in which the slightest delay could lead to death, speeches, demanding youth and force throws grown old as last year’s clothes; the world of physical excitement and magic appeal, on the other hand, working with the magic of the dark side of the human brain.

Perhaps it is this strange mix, and awakened in him a different view of human nature. “On Saturday night”, – recalled LaVey in one of our long conversations, – “I have seen men, devouring glances of half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning, when I played the organ at the tent evangelists at the other end of the carnival, I saw on the benches of the same men with their wives and children, and these men were asked God to forgive them and cleanse from fleshly desires. And the next Saturday night they were back at the carnival go elsewhere, indulging their desires. Even then I knew that the Christian church flourished on hypocrisy, and human nature found a way despite all the tricks by which religion belosvetnye it burned and scrubbed”.

Even then, even himself without realizing it, LaVey was on his way crystallization of religion, which served as the antithesis of Christian and Judaic heritage. It was the ancient religion, ancient Christianity and Judaism. But she has never hitherto has not been determined, and clothed in a ritual form. This task was to be the role of lava civilization of the twentieth century.

Once in 1951, the year LaVey married at the age of 21 years, he left the magical world of the carnival, to devote themselves to engage in a more appropriate arrangement for the homeless. He joined the faculty of criminology City College of San Francisco. Then he got his first conformist job – place the photographer at the Department of Police of San Francisco. As it turned out, this work gave him as much as others, in the development of the ideas of Satanism as a way of life.

“I saw the bloodiest and the dark side of human nature”, – recalled LaVey in one NC conversations, – “people shot loonies, slaughtered his friends, children, smeared on gutters drivers who escaped from the scene. It was disgusting and oppressive, I asked myself:”Where is God? & Quot; I started to hate the hypocritical attitude to violence by men, I repeat: it is the will of God”. LaVey left the job with a sense of disgust and three years later was again to play the organ, to make a living at this time in nightclubs and theaters in parallel continuing to study the subject of the passion of his life – the black arts. Once a week, he lectured on the mystical themes: ghosts, ESP, dreams, vampires, werewolves, divination, ceremonial magic, etc., etc.. These lectures attracted many people who were or subsequently became known among art, science and business. Gradually, this group formed “Magic Circle”.

The main purpose of meeting the Circle began to perform magical rituals LaVey invented or unearthed. He amassed a whole library on the subject of the Black Mass and other ceremonies celebrated perpetrated by groups such as the Knights Templar in France XIV th century, the Hellfire Club and the Golden Dawn in England XVIII-th and X I X centuries respectively. The purpose of these secret orders was blasphemy, mockery of the Christian Church, and an appeal to the Devil as an anthropomorphic deity, the antithesis of God. In terms of LaVey The Devil it was not so. He is, in his view, represented a dark, hidden force of nature, responsible for the fulfillment of earthly affairs, which neither science nor religion has not given any explanation. Satan LaVey is “the spirit of progress, the mastermind of all the great movements involved in the development of civilization and progress of mankind. He – the spirit of rebellion, leading to freedom, the embodiment of all heresies exempting”

On the last night in April 1966, the year – Walpurgis Night, the most important festival of magic and witchcraft, LaVey in accordance with the tradition of magical ritual shaved his head and announced the creation of the Church of Satan. To all recognized in him a priest, he began wearing a clerical collar. But the manner of Genghis Khan’s shaved head, goatee and mefistofelevskuyu narrow eyes gave him a demonic appearance, needed for the dignity of high priest of the Church of the Devil on earth.

“On the one hand”, – explained his intentions LaVey, – “calling this venture church, I was able to follow the magic formula for success, consisting of one part of the abuse and nine parts social respectability. But the main purpose was to gather like-minded people for the total energy in the appeal of the natural forces of the dark, calling Satan”.

As noted by LaVey, other churches have based his teaching on the worship of the spirit and the flesh, and the denial of intelligence. He realized the need for a church that would be erected over the mind of man and his carnal desires to the rank of objects of worship. Rational self interest should be encouraged and a healthy ego must win. He realized that the old concept of the Black Mass, concludes in a satire on Christian worship has become obsolete, and has become, according to LaVey, “flogging a dead horse”. Instead, self-deprecating Christian services LaVey began practicing funny psychodrama, driving restrictions and the oppression of white light religions.

In most of the Christian church at the time there was a revolution against the Orthodox rituals and traditions. It has become a popular statement “God is dead”. Likewise, alternative rituals designed LaVey, although retained some tricks of ancient rituals, turned from negative nasmehatelstva in positive forms of celebration and purification: Satanic weddings consecrating pleasures of the flesh, funerals devoid of sanctimonious platitudes, rituals desire to help people realizavat their sexual dreams rituals of destruction, allows members of the Church of Satan to defeat their enemies.

In special cases, such as initiations, weddings and funerals in the name of the Devil, press coverage was phenomenal. In 1967, the newspapers that were sending reporters to the Church of Satan, had to guide them not only in San Francisco, but also across the Pacific in Tokyo and across the Atlantic to Paris. Photo of a naked woman, barely covered leopard skin, which served as an altar in the works of Satan LaVey wedding ceremony, was sent to news agencies in all of the daily newspapers were printed in such bastions of the media as a Los Angeles-based “Times”. As a result, grottos (instead of the traditional coven), inspired by the Church of Satan, spread throughout the world, thus proving one of the main LaVeevskih statements: “The devil is alive and very popular with a large number of people”.

Of course, LaVey constantly reminded those who were able to listen that the Devil to him and his followers was not the stereotyped small discharged in red tights, with horns, tail and trident, and is a dark force of nature that human There is only started trying to use. But how it links this with his appearance: a black cassock and horns? He explained it this way: “People need ritual symbols, similar to those that adorn baseball teams, church services and war, symbols, officials conductors for the outpouring of emotions that they can not release or even realize alone”. But be that as it may, LaVey himself soon tired of the games.

There were problems. First, some of LaVey’s neighbors complained of an adult lion, which he kept as a “home”, the animal and eventually the animal was presented to the local zoo. Jayne Mansfield died after curse LaVey (more the case described by me in “The Devil’s Avenger”) fell on her fan, lawyer Sam Brody. LaVey constantly discouraged from associating with Jane Brody and after her death, fell into a deep depression. In the sixties it was the second death on account of Hollywood sex symbol, which somehow was involved LaVey. The first was the death of Marilyn Monroe, a former mistress of LaVey’s a short but important period in 1948, when he had just left the carnival and played striptease in Los Angeles.

LaVey was tired organize entertainment and cleansing for the members of his church. He came into contact with the last of the surviving followers of the prewar occult fraternities of Europe and got a hold of their philosophies and secret rituals dogitlerovskoy era. He, more than ever, needed time to study, describe and develop new principles. He experimented for a long time and the accompanying principles of spatial geometric constructions he discovered the Law Line. (quot;quot;), quot;quot;. quot;.


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Anton LaveyAnton Lavey
Anton LaveyAnton Lavey
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