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Amber Heard (Amber Heard)

She was born April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas. Father – David worked as a contractor. Mother – Paige was the public Internet explorer.

The aspiring actress attended the Catholic Academy of St. Michael in Austin, and actively participated in all school theatrical productions, take part in political and advertising campaigns and starred in commercials.

In 16 years, best friend, Amber was killed in a car accident. Hard experiencing loss, future star declared herself an atheist, abandoned the Catholic Academy of St. Michael and went to work as a model in New York. Career model Hurd did not suit, and soon she moved to the city of his dreams – Los Angeles, eager to become an actress.

The city of dreams Amber Heard starred in the tapes: “In the glory” (2004),

«Jack & Bobby”(2004),”The Mountain”(2004),”The drug Ghoul”(2004),”The OC”(2005),”Killing Sexuality”(2005),”Here and Now” (2006 ), playing in their small supporting roles.

In the film “North Country”(2005) and”Alpha Dog”(2006), the actress plays a more significant role, through which becomes widely known throughout the world. For the role in the series”Hidden Palms” Hurd 4 months she lost 11 kg. Slide show without explanation broke the ninth series.

In 2006, Amber Heard starred in the horror film “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane,” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006. In rolling the picture came out only a year.

In 2007, followed by roles in the film “Day 73 with Sarah,””Sap.” In 2008, the actress came out comedy”Pineapple Express”and the sports drama”Never give up.” Popularity Star and fees increased significantly.

The actress remained active in films. Since 2008, she has played in the tape: “The Informers”(2008),”The River-issue”(2008),”The Joneses”(2009),”Zombieland”(2009),”The Stepfather” (2009) .

In 2010, Heard starred in the thriller Marcos Efron’s “And Soon the Darkness”, as well as in a horror movie John Carpenter’s “The Chamber.”In 2011, co-starred with Johnny Depp in the film”The Rum Diary».

The actors began dating a few months after the shooting. At the premiere of “The Rum Diary” worldwide Depp and Heard increasingly seen holding her hand. Initially Depp fans did not believe that their idol can throw Vanessa Paradis and two children after 14 years of relations. Soon, however, the information about the separation Depp and Paradis confirmed.

bisexual Amber Heard at the beginning of his love affair with Hollywood star he was also not free. She met with the girl-photographer Tasya Van Ree, which soon because Depp she had to leave.

«Hurd peacefully split from Tasya, at about the same time that Depp has moved down from Vanessa. This couple is very well managed to keep their romance a secret, journalists were convinced that Amber just a good friend of Depp. But when the secret was revealed and Amber hail fell accusations that it has destroyed relationships Depp and Paradis that she stole from the family of the father of two children – Hurd was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. “- A source told the magazine Us Weekly.

Freed from past relationships, Depp and Heard began to appear publicly together. However, in January 2013 the world had spread the news that Hurd leave your lover and left him to his old girlfriend, French model Marie de Villepin. At the time, Depp experienced the story of his failed love, Amber had a good time in Paris with his new passion: go shopping, to the movies, walking, and skating with his beloved scooter.

But Johnny Depp was not going to just lose their new love. He decided to return to Amber and came up with a very romantic way. “Johnny has built on his island in the Bahamas Bar, a copy of the bar from the film”The Rum Diary”, which spun on the set of their love affair with Hurd. Depp invited Amber to his island and showed it to her, “a nostalgic bar.”She was smitten. In addition, he called the name of Amber its own private beach”- described the ideas love American magazine Us Weekly. It worked. Hurd was impressed gesture Depp and returned to him.

At Christmas in 2013, Depp gave his mistress is incredibly expensive gift – platinum earrings and pendant with diamonds, worth about 50 thousand dollars. This gift means a serious intention of the actor.

A wedding ring is not long in coming. In January 2014 the paparazzi managed to photograph Hurd with luxurious decoration on the ring finger of his left hand. Then Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has officially announced their engagement, and in April, the Hollywood actor has appeared in public with extravagant ring with a big diamond on the ring finger, which is rumored to have got it from Amber. It is reported that the lovers are getting married on a private island in the Bahamas.

In 2014, Amber continued shooting the film “Machete Kills”, “Paranoia”and”Three Days to Kill.”In January 2015 appointed as the prime minister of the new film”London Fields”, in which she played a major role.

& # 9642; Prize «Young Hollywood Awards» in the nomination “an impressive performance” (2008)

& # 9642; Award International Film Festival in Dallas in the “Star of Dallas” (2010)

& # 9642; Hollywood Film Festival Award in the category “most striking”for the film”The Rum Diary” (2011)

Amber HeardAmber Heard
Amber HeardAmber Heard
Amber HeardAmber Heard

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