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Lindsay Lohan

Born: 2 July 1986, New York, USA

Lindsay Lohan Height: 165

Lindsay Lohan Weight: 50

The American actress, singer and fashion designer. Lindsay Lohan became famous at age 11 when she played two major roles in the comedy ” Parent Trap & raquo ;. A participant of a large number of scandals, primarily related to its drug and alcohol dependencies.

Lindsay Dee Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) was born on July 2, 1986 in New York in a family of a former singer and dancer Dina Lohan (nee Sullivan) and Michael Lohan businessman. Lindsey Lohan – the eldest of four children: she has two younger sisters and a brother. At the age of three, she began her modeling career at the agency Ford. acting in television advertising – She has participated in more than sixty commercials. Lindsay Lohan advertised brands Calvin Klein Kids and Abercrombie Kids, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and many others.

creative way Lindsay Lohan / Lindsay Lohan

acting debut Lindsay Lohan was the role of Eli Fowler in the series “Another World & raquo ;, which she received at ten years – 1996. On the big screen, the actress made her debut two years later – in 1998-m, having executed at once two starring roles in the comedy” Traps for of parents & raquo ;, where she played of twins Halle and Emmy Parker.

For this work, Lindsey was awarded the Young Star Awards as the best young actress.

In 2000, Lohan starred in the pilot episode of the sitcom “Betty & raquo ;, where she played the daughter of the heroine Bette Midler. but when the production of paintings was transferred from New York to Los Angeles, he turned down the role. However, the proposals lack of it at this point have not experienced. In the same year, Lindsay Lohan starred in the Disney film”Ideal Toy & raquo ;, and in 2002 – in the television movie”Find the key“.

In 2003, Lindsay starred in “Freaky Friday”. where she played Jamie Lee Curtis.

The work of the young actress was highly praised by critics: For his role in the movie she won the award MTV Movie Awards in the category of ” Outstanding Game & raquo ;. This pattern still remains the most commercially successful project in her career – she has collected 166 million dollars in worldwide box office. In addition, she sang the final Lindsey theme Ultimate.

The famous film critic Roger Ebert said of the game Lindsay Lohan in the film “Freaky Friday & raquo ;:”Under teen personality Lindsay Lohan is the very seriousness and focus inherent in Jodie Foster”.

A year later, in 2004, Lindsay has acted in two films: “Star Scene” and “Mean Girls”. If the first went quite unnoticed, the second grossed $ 129 million, has received good press reviews and many youth awards. About Lindsey Lohan have started talking as the about the new idol of teenagers, and critics prophesied the her fame “youth of Queen of films”.

In addition to the film, Lindsay Lohan began studying music. Her debut album Speak has reached fourth place in the Billboard 200, and in 2005 was certified platinum. Her second album – “A Little More Personal (Raw)” – was released in late 2005 and has received very mixed reviews of critics.

In 2005, Lindsay Lohan starred in the Disney movie “Wacky Races”. The film grossed 129 million in worldwide box office, but critics have awarded the game Lindsay Lohan is very mixed reviews.

Along with filming and musical performances by Lindsey becomes hunted by paparazzi: continuously published her photo in an ambiguous form, she gets into various unpleasant situations.

As a picture “Wacky Races” is a family film, the producers insisted on reducing the size of the bust of Lindsay Lohan by computer graphics. They felt that the luxurious shapes of the actress can damage family viewing.

Since 2006 Lindsay Lohan began to work more independent films: she took part in the film “Companions” Robert Altman and “Bobby” Emilio Estebasa. where she had to play along with such gurus of cinema as Meryl Streep and Sharon Stone. Films were warmly welcomed by the audience and received good press reviews.

For his role in the drama “Bobby”Lindsay Lohan was nominated for”Actors Guild Award & raquo ;. In addition, her work has been featured at the Hollywood Film Festival, where the actress became the winner in the categories of”musical role” and Breakout Award.

The next film Lindsay Lohan became the “Chapter 27”. where she was a fan of John Lennon. Make friends with his killer Mark David Chapman. By the way, last played Jared Leto. Because of the difficulties with the distributor of this picture, taken in 2006, was released only in 2008.

In 2007, Lindsay Lohan starred in the successful comedy ” Georgia Rule & raquo ;. The film was well received by the public, and female partners Lindsay on the set of steel Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman.

Lindsay Lohan has created a lot of problems on the set of the comedy: the chief of the studio, James D. Robinson called the actress “irresponsible and unprofessional & raquo ;. At the same time, Jane Fonda noted that the”when Lindsey appeared on the set, she was always gorgeous”.

Also in 2007, the screens out the criminal detective “I Know Who Killed Me & raquo ;, where Lindsay Lohan starred. The picture is not this half belonged special success at spectators and has received seven awards”Golden Raspberry & raquo ;, including the nomination”Worst the film”and” Worst female role & raquo ;. During the shooting of this film Lindsay Lohan has been hospitalized twice: first, she underwent surgery to remove the appendix, and then got into the drug rehabilitation center Wonderland Center. 30-day course did not stop, and in the following years the actress has repeatedly appealed for help.

It has become much less appear on the screen. New film starring Lindsay Lohan – Comedy “Temporarily pregnant“– He was released only in 2009. In 2010, she starred in the trash-action movie” Machete & raquo ;, which also appeared Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba. Daryl Sabara. Steven Seagal. Robert De Niro and others.

Besides, Lindsay Lohan began to appear periodically in the various programs.

In 2008, the actress launched her own clothing line called “6126 & raquo ;. In collaboration with Sephora, she released a series of spray-tanning, and also became the artistic consultant on the French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. Over the past few years, Lindsay Lohan participated in several photo shoots for various men’s magazines, and has appeared on the 10th row in the list of”100 Sexiest Women” by the readers of FHM.

In 2007, the police arrested two Lindsay Lohan for drunk driving, she had to take courses compulsory treatment, and her photographs of the newly blossomed all tabloid. For this reason, it was difficult to find the next project, so I had to act as a special guest star in various TV series and music videos. Attempts to treat failed. In late 2007, after another arrest, she was sentenced to one-day imprisonment, which, however, lasted only 84 minutes. The representative of the sheriff’s proposed abolition of the sentence because the crime is non-violent, and the prison at that time was full. So Lindsay Lohan received three years probation and was sentenced to ten days of community service, a fine and visiting teaching program. Later they added a suspended term for another year because the actress was not present at the meetings of anonymous alcoholics and drug addicts that were current in her sentence.

Later, the name of Lindsay Lohan has repeatedly appeared in the scandalous chronicle.

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Ali LohanAli Lohan
Ali LohanAli Lohan
Ali LohanAli Lohan

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