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The return of Russian white

Rodzianko Alexis (Alexis Rodzianko), the head of a small investment bank ” & raquo ;, Metropol looks at the ups and downs of the Russian financial market with surprising optimism. However, his point of view suggests a much broader perspective than most of his colleagues.

The fact is that it is not only the holder of a US passport, but also the grandson of Mikhail Rodzianko, founder “Union of October 17 & raquo ;, Party, founded in October 1905, during Russia’s first democratic experiment. Unlike other leading Russian political parties,”Octo” firmly believed in a constitutional monarchy, but wanted to make Parliament a more active role in running the country. Michael was the chairman of the 4th State Duma up until February 1917, shortly before the Bolshevik Revolution, it has not been dissolved. Even after Lenin came to power, Mikhail tried to reach a compromise – led the interim government of Communists and negotiated the abdication of the king of the throne (sic – approx. Perevi.).

In 1920 he escaped from Russia with her family and four years later he died in Serbia in abject poverty. His children, including the father of Alexis, fought with Stalin in the White movement and the end of the Second World War were in Munich in the American occupation zone. From there, the parents of Alexis eventually emigrated to the United States, where he was born.

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Let us turn to the present. Who is “Metropol”- One of a number of banks operating in shade larger. After absorbing Savings”Troika Dialog”and take-off”VTB Capital”in the Russian sector of investment banking established the dominance of banks owned by the state. There was only one major private investment bank -” Renaissance Capital & raquo ;, but the owner Steven Jennings (Stephen Jennings) is now redirect it to other emerging markets, primarily in the African. Thus, the Russian market there is a gap, which gives a chance to small banks to service small and medium-sized Russian businesses.

Although no one can say that Russia is booming, the economy is recovering at a good pace, and now that was gone election-related political uncertainty, Rodzianko expects business growth. How fast it will largely depend on the extent to which Putin will hold the promised reforms that have a serious impact on small and medium businesses. “We are working on several transactions that – if we are to implement them – can bring us good returns, – says Rodzyanko.- long as they have not been concluded, but the difference compared to last year’s situation is now in discussions involving the two sides & ndash ; buyers and sellers”.

Alexis FordAlexis Ford
Alexis FordAlexis Ford
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