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Arkan Alan / Alan Wolf Arkin / – biography

The famous American actor Alan Wolf Arkin, born on March 26, 1934. He was born in Brooklyn in a family of orthodox Jews. Alan has not dreamed of becoming an actor, but he had a huge creative potential that in his youth he was trying to uncover through music. He aspired to the art of music and wanted to reveal himself in this sphere of activity. At first, he was a soloist in a fairly well-known local folk group called the ” The Tarriers & raquo ;. But, of course, like most creative people, Alan dreamed of a more promising job and a larger field of creative activity. Anyway, fate pushed him to the acting profession, even denser than the music. In 1960 he made his debut on Broadway, and took quite successful.

In one of the first performances of Broadway, Alan was awarded the Prize of the famous “Tony & raquo ;, it was his ticket into the world of acting, even the first of his work so highly appreciated. This success was waiting for the few, the fate of a favored Alan. Many remember the actor for the role of the psychopathic torturer actress Audrey Hepburn in the film”Wait Until Dark & ​​raquo ;. Also, the actor played in the famous painting”go Russian, Russian go”(1966), for which he won the” Golden Globe & raquo ;. In the film, he played the role of the beloved Lt. Rozanov, and he played the role brilliantly than that provided not only the viewers love and glory, but also the recognition of shouts, that, undoubtedly, is also very important.

Actor for his entire life played a variety of roles, and is not going to leave the profession and to the present. In 1972 he was the head of Alan Arkin plays “Comedians & raquo ;, which later became a Broadway classic. Broadway owe this formulation to Alan. Alan has worked in several directions but his acting career, he has also written several works of the popular fantasy genre. His film roles have been diverse and different character. He starred in the cult”Catch-22″(1970), and a fairy tale”Edward – Scissorhands”(1990). In 2008, he played one of his last works, entitled” Get Smart & raquo ;. Perhaps Alan will act even in many of these works. Alan has three sons, and three different marriages. Currently, the actor continues, revealing their creative potential, he is full of strength, despite the fact that Alan is already 76 years old.

Place of Birth: United States, Brooklyn

Alan ArkinAlan Arkin
Alan ArkinAlan Arkin
Alan ArkinAlan Arkin

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