Reo Speedwagon

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REO Speedwagon


The group was founded back in 1968 by two students of the University of Illinois, Neal Doughty (keyboards) and Alan Gratzerom (drums). After uni guys got acquainted with then still unknown to anybody manager Irving Azoff (later famous for his work with the “Eagles”and”Steely Dan”). Irwin and organized the first tour group at the Midwest. In the early 70’s in the “ REO Speedwagon “on a regular basis also includes guitarist Gary Richrat bassist Gregg Philbin and singer Terry Latrell. This composition in 1971, released on the”Epic Records” his debut album. The first vinyl pancake was lumpy and rasstoenny Rob left the team. He was replaced by folk singer and guitarist Kevin Cronin, who had virtually no experience in rock and roll.

The second plate proved slightly better than the first, and Kevin was shown the door. Another front man “ REO Speedwagon “began Mike Murphy, which debuted on the album”Ridin ‘the Storm Out”. This CD is the first release of the band, who are in billbordovskie charts.

Murphy participated in a record two more albums, but was not able to bring the team to a new level. Rather than take someone’s new, the team once again invited a Cronin. In 1976, the group also has a new bass player Bruce Hall. Success began to emerge when the “ REO Speedwagon “found a niche, began performing melodic rock and ballads like girls. The resulting album in 1976 already enjoyed good demand, and the next two albums certified platinum. Although”Nine Lives”also sold well and the group slowly progressed, there were no signs of such a blockbuster release what turned out to be a disc in 1980″Hi Infidelity”.

The album contained hits like “Keep on Loving You”, “Do not Let Him Go”and”Take it on the Run”, during 1981 permanently sounded in the air. As a result, it has been sold more than 9000000 copies of the records, and “ REO Speedwagon ” acquired the status of the headliners.

The next two albums team continued success with the hits “Good Trouble”, “Wheels are Turnin ”,”Keep the Fire Burnin”and”Can not Fight this Feeling”, but by 1987, there has been a decline in the work of the team and drive “Life As We Know It”contained no worthy songs. The team started disassembling, which resulted in the team left Richrat and Gratzer. The new participants were guitarist Dave Amato, who previously worked with Ted Nugent, and drummer Bryan Hitt (ex-“Wang Chung”) . “ REO Speedwagon “continued releasing records, but the interest in this kind of music on the decline. Only in the late 90’s old group began again popular and the only team pulled to its fullest, giving concerts with bands such as the”STYX”, “Fleetwood Mac”, “Foreigner”, “Journey”, “Lynyrd Skynyrd”, “Bad Company”.

In the ’90s it was issued several compilations of various “ REO Speedwagon “. At the beginning of the new millennium came as two live.

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Reo SpeedwagonReo Speedwagon
Reo SpeedwagonReo Speedwagon
Reo SpeedwagonReo Speedwagon

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