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Biography Remy Ma:

Yes, forgive me, a man will talk today about women. What is their place in the music? Oh, obviously not in the kitchen stove. Yes, half of the men would not listen to music at all, if the stage were no women

Yes, forgive me, a man will talk today about women. What is their place in the music? Oh, obviously not in the kitchen stove. Yes, half of the men would not listen to music at all, if the scene were not women. Some of them sing and do not necessarily. As mentioned in the joke, “you just moves back and the court”.

Yes, forgive me, feminists, but 90 percent of women at random from the scene beauty replaces all other talents – songwriting, performing, and others. No, I certainly do not insist on the figure of 90 – perhaps in fact 89.5 per cent of these artists or equal to 88. But sotnoshenie roughly indicated.

An exception among other genres of popular music is hip-hop. No, the actress of the clips to external data everything is normal. But how many of you have seen the beauties among performers of rap? I agree that black Americans have their own aesthetic scale. And it is possible that do not fit into the European canons of beauty Lil Kim and Jackie-O in America – the ladies of marriageable age. Still, the woman in rap – almost never tender vulnerable creature. Remember Trina, Khia, Shawnna, Missy Elliott. Greenhouse plants among them – entirely repi yes thorns. Woman in American rap similar to the one that the Russian chanson – a strong, tough, able to stand up for themselves.

I started slums CITY

Here’s a look at Remy Ma, Remy nee Smith. He will tell anyone that we face ideal of feminine beauty, or in need of protection and care baby? Yes, she is someone you want to protect and opechet.

Originally from the Bronx Remy, which is logical – where else can be podopechanya Pun’a Big and Fat Joe, but from his native district. Biographers Remy catching fear, said that the joy of life such as drug addiction, child prostitution and AIDS, she managed to see a lot as a child. Remy was the eldest daughter in the family, so the daily chores and caring for four other brothers / sisters are not turned to her with something unknown.

In general, her life was not sweet. In such situations, creative nature faced with the desire to express their emotions and feelings – in painting, music, literature. Remy for this there verses that imperceptibly turned rap. A rap sounded at the school cafeteria, on a makeshift Freestyle Battle, and then on the street. Soon the news of the girl, which “cleans” one opponent after another on Buttle began to depart the Bronx.

And came to know someone – to Big Pun. Impressed with her skills MS, Punisher took her under his wing. Later, Fat Joe Remy Ma made the first and only girl in the composition of its compounds Terror Squad.

free bread

Big Pun’s death in 2000 was a tragedy not only for one Remy. It is not known what sort of plans for her career have been the leader of the detachment Terror Squad … But after his departure to the other world affairs stopped moving.

The most spectacular moment of the career Remy has long been a part in the remix to “Ante Up”MOP. Although, do not be among the participants of Busta Rhymes, is unknown, as it has all turned out. Not-so-great contribution Remy Ma in another, even more monstrous hit with her participation.”Lean Back”, produced by Scott Storch and entered the album, Terror Squad “True Story” column and tore blowing dancefloors, so its a bit of attention Remy grabbed. It was time to show what it can do itself.

For the album “There’s Something About Remy: Based On True Story” was not involved in the cheapest beatmaker like Cool & amp; Dre, Scott Storch, Alchemist, Swizz Beatz, Scram Jones, and David Banner. But all this, as well as a duet with gaining momentum Ne-Yo, as well as Keyshia Cole, as well as archival plenochki Big Pun’a; All this did not help Remy know a real success. The album was released. What? But few know it, for a week of release platezhespsobnoe desire to get acquainted with him made known 75,000 people. And then he did and fell somewhere in the cellars of the charts.

Apparently, the joint work is not inspired by any representatives of the SRC / Universal (spike responsible for releases Akon’a and Wu-Tang Clan), nor very Remy. The contract was terminated, and rap diva from Boogie Down went to the free bread. However, the adjective “free” now it is possible to question.


Rap, well, or most of it, starting with the blessing of times Ice-T and NWA equates to gangsta rap. But it gangsta gangsta, but still these rappers who personally someone there bustles with lead, so that they then condemned, but punished – you know a lot of rappers? Yes, 2pac and Snoop pylili his youth, but his current tribe such feats no different. Shyne, C-Murder … Who else is known?

What do we do? Yes, all in addition to took place in mid-July 2007, the stories in which Remy Ma clearly showed who’s gangsta, and generally is there any among the rappers (or is it a fake, to sell more records?). Late at night or early in the morning, as you wish, merry company of friends Remy Ma fell out of places Pizza Bar in Manhattan. On the street Remy realized that her cash someone thinned. Not enough, according to various testimonies from two to three thousand dollars.

It is not known whether Remy reasonable grounds to accuse his old, from childhood friend Maqueda Barnes-Jones. Said girlfriend was dishonest before pierces at Remy bad underlying values. And to get away for some reason she tried. Anyway, suspicion fell on her. Remy handbag thief demanded for inspection.

Next was hysterical with throwing bags, invocation to witness the love of God and the final in two shots, which completed Remy dispute. Macheda later recalled that heartless girlfriend rummaged in her purse over the bleeding body. Then, together with the accompanying rap diva jumped into the Cadillac, which crashed just a block away from the crime scene. So what to do, not at the Institute for Noble Maidens lady received training.

So what’s Remy?

The prospects have criminal proceedings Remy Ma is unlikely anyone will evaluate. In this regard, it is unclear whether we are losing sight of her for an indefinite period, or the court makes a verdict of acquittal, and the incident only helps her future career. Recently lady worked hard on their second album “PUNISHer”, and with two mixtapes – “Shesus Khryst”and”BX Files”. And logic suggests: whatever the result of the court has not ended, is now working on all these accounts should speed up.

There’s Something About Remy / SRC / Universal / 2006

Remy MaRemy Ma
Remy MaRemy Ma
Remy MaRemy Ma

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