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Feeling broody, Kate and Wills? Duke and Duchess of Cambridge play doting parents as they coo over baby at event for South Pole trek soldiers

Published: 13:46 GMT, 26 April 2012 | Updated: 17:32 GMT, 26 April 2012

The ‘is she, isn’t she?’ rumours concerning the Duchess of Cambridge and her pregnancy status begun to swirl even before the ink had dried on her marriage certificate.

And Kate’s quirk of holding her bag in front of her tummy; outfit choices like yesterday’s peplum jacket that appeared to conceal the stomach – or that occasion when she refused to eat peanut paste on a UNICEF visit – only add fuel to the flames.

But whether or not there is a royal baby coming in the near future, today Kate and Wills proved that when they do provide a royal heir to the throne, the royal pair will make natural parents.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were charmed by three-week-old Hugo Vicary, the son of a soldier the two met at an event they attended today.

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She’s a natural! The Duchess of Cambridge is charmed by three-week-old Hugo Vicary, held by his father Vic

Royal charm: The Duke of Cambridge looked every inch the doting father as he cradled baby Hugo at the event

Treat: The Duke of Cambridge delighted the family of baby Hugo when he took the infant for a cuddle today

William held the infant – the son of one of the adventurers – in the crook of his right arm and looked down with loving eyes.

He was joined by Kate, who, when she chatted to the baby’s proud parents, Vic and Hanna Vicary, described their son as ‘very cute’.

Hugo Eric Scott, dressed in a Superman romper suit, was born three weeks ago today and his name features tributes to both Mr Vicary’s father who died in March and the famous British polar explorer.

Mr Vicary, 41, from Cornwall, a Warrant Officer Second Class with the Rifles, trekked to the South Pole in the footsteps of Captain Scott, with a team led by Warrant Officer Mark Langridge.


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Another group of soldiers took on the role of the Amundsen team and, just like the original race staged 100 years ago, the men following the route taken by the famous Norwegian adventurer reached the South Pole first.

When William was first introduced to the couple the baby was being held by his father and the Duke said: ‘He looks very sweet,’ going on to describe the youngster’s name as ‘fantastic’.

Mr Vicary said: ‘Two months after I came back from the South Pole we had a healthy baby boy.

‘For the name, we came up with Hugo, Eric – for my father, who passed away – and Scott, after Captain Scott, because we were in his footsteps.

‘The Duke liked the name he thought it was very apt. My wife asked if he would like to hold him and he took hold of him.’

Mr Vicary described William as a ‘natural’ with children, adding: ‘Kate said the baby was ‘very cute’ and had doting eyes on him.’

Comfortable: Wills looked entirely at ease with the newborn as he chatted with the boy’s parents

The two were attending a reception at Lo ndon’s Goldsmiths’ Hall to celebrate the achievements of members of the South Pole Scott Expedition group.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received praise for their involvement in today’s event, which saw them champion a group of soldiers who recreated the famous Scott-Amundsen race to the South Pole during a visit to the City of London.

William and Kate were greeted by sunshine that had followed heavy showers when they arrived at Goldsmiths’ Hall to meet the adventurers after their epic challenge.

Kate wore a £15 enamelled poppy brooch, sold to raise funds for the poppy appeal, which she pinned to a dark blue tweed skirt, £250, and jacket, £350 by Australian-born, New York-based designer Rebecca Taylor.

The Duke is patron of the expedition and sent the men a message of congratulations when they reached their goal in January.

The teams were completely unsupported during the trek, carrying their food and fuel across the ice for 70 days in sledges weighing 140kg each.

Even Duchesses get the blues: Kate wore an indigo tweed Rebecca Taylor suit for her visit to Goldsmiths’ Hall today

Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor
Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor
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