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Gone to the Dogs (Ray Narvaez Jr x Reader) 1

Warning(s): None.

Title: Gone to the Dogs

Number in Series: One

Pairing: Ray Narvaez Jr x Reader

Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter

Word Count: 1,240

(A/N: This entire fanfiction is based on the Animal Hybrid AU for Rooster Teeth. If you don’t know what that is, please look it up. It is amazing and some of the drawings I have seen for it is so cute

! So, once again, this fanfiction is in the Animal Hybrid AU. The title might make a bit more sense then. )

Today was a normal day at the office, everything being the same as it was the day before. Ryan was being the crazy sociopath that he always was while Geoff commentated for an new episode of Go!. Gavin was acting like the silly Brit that he was and did something to annoy Michael because soon Michael was yelling at him,using most of the curse words that he knew. Most people would think that the day was probably some crazy day that never happened but with Rooster Teeth, it was a normal, average day.

You were editing some of the videos most of the day, though you did film a video or two with the others. You played P.T. for a Let’s Watch and played a bit of Minecraft with most of the group. It was a fun day and it made you really appreciate having a job with all of these amazing people. You realized that you might have been working at some bar if you hadn’t gotten a job here.

Before you worked for Rooster Teeth, you had your own youtube channel. You did funny gaming videos and it got quite popular. You were invited to go to a convention in Texas and you couldn’t decline. You were so excited, it was going to be one of the biggest things that you had ever gone to.

While attending this convention, you were lucky enough to meet some amazing youtubers, including the Rooster Teeth gang. You hit it off with them right away and it turned out that they were trying to find someone new. They asked if you would like to have an interview to see if you could work for them. Everything went well and soon you were working for them.

It had only been a few months since you had started to work for Rooster Teeth, but everyone acted like you had been with them for years. At first the fans were a little weary of you, leaving a ton of hate comments on how you were just a wanna-be gamer girl. Most of those comments went away when you beat Ray in Call Of Duty because everyone knows that was Ray’s game. After that, most of your hate comments went away, replaced with comments about how you were actually a good gamer.

You rested your cheek against your palm, staring at your computer screen as you edited a video. It was a boring task but you knew that it had to be done. It was worth it though, since it gave other people enjoyment and it was just a simple task that you had to do. Editing wasn’t a hard thing to do, just a boring one. Luckily you weren’t one of the people that had to edit a ton of videos. Normally you would edit some Minecraft episodes or some easy game that didn’t require a ton of editing.

“Hey, I got some new drink that I think we should all try.” Geoff walked into the office, holding an oddly colored bottle that was filled with an odd smelling liquid. Everyone turned to look at him, seeming to be interested in the bottle that he was holding.

“I thought that you said no drinking on the job.” Michael said, spinning around in his chair to face the older male.

“It isn’t alcohol, so Ray can have come. It is this weird soda that was sent to us by a fan. I think we should all try some. ” Geoff said, putting down the bottle and putting out some plastic cups that he must have had in the bag he was carrying. He opened the bottle and started to pour some in enough cups for everyone.

“How do you know this is safe?”You asked, getting up and stealing the bottle from Geoff once he finished pouring enough for everyone.”This is written in like lines and that’s all. They could have sent us rat poison and you are just going to go along with all of it.” You realized that you must have sounded like a mother but you really didn’t want to get poisoned today.

“It is like Japanese or Chinese or some shit like that. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Geoff said, picking up a cup and handing it to you. The rest followed, picking up their own cups. Some were more weary then others. Lindsay and Ryan were two of the more cautious one while Gavin didn’t seem to question it at all.

“To Rooster Teeth.” Geoff said, raising his glass up in a cheer.

“To Rooster Teeth.” Everyone repeated and drank their drink. It tasted odd, something of a sort of fruiting/tangy type of taste. You wrinkled up your nose, not sure if you liked the taste or not. It was interesting but you couldn’t tell if it was a good interesting or a bad interesting. All you knew was that you were confused.

“T-That was gross.” Gavin said, setting his glass back down on the table that it was poured on. Everyone else followed, setting their own glasses down at they finished the soda inside.

“Yeah, it was weird.” You said, puffing your cheeks out as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Well, back to work. Let’s see if we are poisoned or not.” Geoff said and everyone did as they were told. Everyone went back toward their computers, doing whatever they had been doing before Geoff came in. You went back to editing the video that you were working on before Geoff walked in. You felt like you should be more worried about what you just drank then you were. Geoff wasn’t even sure what it was but you were fine with it. You felt like working at this office had started to change you a bit.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, nothing that eventful happening. Everyone had started to head back to their houses/apartment. You stayed for a bit longer than most but soon decided to head out and end the day. Some people said goodbye to you, smiling while others just waved as they tried to finish what they were working on. As you headed toward the door, you noticed that Ray was also getting ready to leave.

“See you tomorrow.” You said, smiling as you put your jacket on. He looked over at you and smiled as well. The two of you had been close ever since you had started to work for Rooster Teeth. Ray was actually the one that told Geoff about you.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.” He said. He held the door open for you, being the polite guy that he was. You said a thank you and he responded accordingly.

You went to your car and got in, heading toward your apartment to end a day that was the same as yesterday. As you went to bed that night, you had no idea that chaos that would happen tomorrow as everyone from the office awoke.

Ray Narvaez JrRay Narvaez Jr
Ray Narvaez JrRay Narvaez Jr
Ray Narvaez JrRay Narvaez Jr

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