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Spain – Tarragona (72 Photo)

31 th: Blanca Suarez / Blanca Suárez (b. October 21, 1988, Madrid) – Spanish actress. Spanish – one of the largest nation in Europe, the general population of Spain. Name & # 171; & # 187 Spain; – Phoenician origin.

24th Paula Prendes / Paula Prendes (b. January 21 1983, Gijon, Autonomous Community of Asturias) – Spanish actress and television presenter.

Spain – Tarragona (72 photos)

Spaniard by his father and an English mother. 6th place: Claudia Bassols / Claudia Bassols (b. October 3, 1979, Barcelona, ​​Autonomous Community of Catalonia) – Spanish actress.

The most beautiful Spanish woman – Penelope Cruz / Penélope Cruz (b. April 28, 1974, Alcobendas, Autonomous Community of Madrid) – Spanish actress.

All of this we have the right project and on the beautiful Spanish girls who are the same ardent, passionate and emotional as bullfighting.

Spain on RuTraveller

As we said above, the passion – that’s what distinguishes the Spaniards from other European beauties. Let’s make a list of the most attractive Spanish girls, having familiarized with which you can have an idea of ​​the beauty of Spanish women.

I do not dispute the Spanish flu is very beautiful girl, passionate and temperamental, but the most beautiful and lovely all – the same Russian woman, I think many will agree with me, and not only out of a sense of patriotism.

Even more powerful in the Jewish trace of the Spanish people. The Jews began to move to Spain during the Roman domination, this process continued during the Arab conquest.

13th place: Dafne Fernandez / Dafne Fernández (b. March 31, 1985, Madrid) – Spanish actress, dancer and singer. 8th place: Eugenia Silva / Eugenia Silva (b. January 13, 1976, Madrid) – Spanish fashion model.

7th place: Elena Anaya / Elena Anaya (b. July 17, 1975, Palencia, Castile and Leon) – Spanish actress.

Spain – one of the largest European countries, which is proud, or rather, almost completely occupies the Iberian Peninsula and is officially called the Kingdom of Spain. If you already have planned to obtain a Spanish visa yourself, you might be interested in before you go to read this article.

Spaniards have a firm, resolute character, speaking of them, often comes to mind is the thought of their inaccessibility and the desire of independence.

The Spanish women spend much time on the beach resort towns, such as – Lloret de Mar and Valencia.

Clothing and Accessories for Spanish girls may be very different, it depends more on the age, than from anything else. From elegant finery, you might remember the famous movie “Zorro».

Spanish beauty on the beach (17 photos)

The last time, when it comes to everyday wear, the fashion shorts are included. They can be themselves different, but they all flaunt beautiful legs Spaniards. Indeed, the Spaniard has a special personality and with nothing comparable to this amazing obayanie..Obitateli warm and sunny country and is characterized by particularly true emotion.

Spaniards in national dress.

The stereotype of the hot and ardent temperament of the Spaniards and Spaniards is under a fairly strong osnovaniya.Dlya them all the actions and deeds are based on the stormy manifestation of emotions. Elegant clothes, stylish jewelry, makeup spectacular “… have you ever been in Spain?

The most beautiful Spanish women (31 photos)

The Spanish is a beautiful, tanned, happy and cheerful people with a hot temper. For many women, the two concepts are inextricably linked Spain men and that for this they go on a vacation to a country of sangria and flamenco.

A suit Spaniard? But we must not forget that the Spaniards are not only in Spain.

Choosing a Location

The image of the Spanish flu, we can meet many famous paintings of the classics, and this is something so mean, because the art of trying to capture only the best. So if you want you can get acquainted with them and invite first-class glass of Spanish wine. But when meeting do not forget the importance of proper handling to the Spaniard.

How to Dress Spaniard

On average, the Spanish daily born 1366 children. That is an average of one child is born every 63 seconds. Every 77 seconds. in Spain, one person dies.

More than 71% of believers – Catholics, 25% – atheist, 2% Muslim, 1% Jews. Despite this, 67% of the Spanish population supported the idea of ​​official registration of same-sex marriage.

A woman is primarily a Spanish woman Spanish woman, beautiful, well-groomed, slim, smiling and cute. Taking a walk through the streets of Spain, which we admire the beautiful Spanish flu also.

Paula PrendesPaula Prendes
Paula PrendesPaula Prendes
Paula PrendesPaula Prendes

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