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Paul Potts young Caruso

Following a landmark march Susan Boyle in world news and accumulating the history of world miracle, decided to remind fantastic story two years ago that continues to this day.

There are no miracles, you say, but we are witnessing these facts. I could not resist and did not create the post, simply because we need such beautiful stories. I rightly admire this man!

This story took place in 2007 on the same TV show “Britain’s Got Talent”, came on the scene unsightly, stout middle-aged man. People thought “Well, here’s another Hochma came out!” .

Before it unfortunate statement, the judge expelled party, he sees it and very excited.

In the video cutting before the performance, he said that his name was Paul Potts, and he lives near Bristol.

Judge Simon: What are you?

Gender: I worked as a loader in the supermarket now sells phones.

Judge Amanda: that you sing?

Gender: Opera! (Puccini aria Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot).

Judge Morgan bewildered looks at Amanda and Simon.

Video presentation

Paul begins to sing, the judges shocked, as if they were hypnotized, room exploded with deafening applause, people in the audience cry, Judge Amanda crying and wiping tears, Simon and Morgan are in complete stupor.

The end of the performance, judge Simon Says: You say that you are working in a warehouse?

A judge Morgan exclaims: “You have an amazing voice, why you have not shown themselves?”

So it all started.

Once the praises of judges beaten in abundance. It was his finest hour, even minute, 60 seconds, he captivated the hearts of millions and opened the exclusive world of many people to the opera, to prove to everybody and first of all to yourself that you should never give up and despair. We are each in their own blacksmith of his own happiness! Video performances got on “You Tube”, viewing beat all records – more than 60,000,000 people watched it for only a couple of days. After Paul took first place in the contest “Britain’s Got Talent ‘offer fell on all sides. Prominent opera critics gladly gave interviews dedicated to him, calling him by law “Young Caruso.”After that he immediately signed a contract with Sony to 1,000,000 pounds and started recording his solo album titled opera”One Chance”. He wants to interview Larry King, Oprah Winfrey and others. His name is on a dinner the entire British political elite, including the Queen herself. Millions of people send him letters from all over the world, expressing his love and gratitude.

In the courtyard is 2009. It has been two years of epic incredible hard work and dedication. His debut album “One Chance”became three times platinum, the album sold worldwide. Work schedule Paul painted for 2 years in advance, Tokyo, Rio, Vienna-Zurich-UAE-Moscow-Lisbon-Berlin et al. He always sings solo, record videos, as well as with pleasure performs arias paired with the world’s best tenors (Example Natasha Marsh), with world orchestras, proudly speaking in concert halls, arenas, stadiums, on which were his idols, the great Maestro Caruso and Pavarotti. In 2009 he wins in Berlin”Best International Artist 2009”. Now it is ripe for a new second album, coldly aware that he should not be worse than the first, and even better. Paul also hopes to finish by the end of 2009 the new house style Art Deco, in the hometown of Wells, which they have dreamed for so many years with his wife Julz.

About the new album:

At the moment, Paul is preparing for another world tour in support of their new album, “Passione”, which will be released in Europe and the US in April and June 1 in the UK.

Here is what he says about his new album: “I’m incredibly excited and proud of this album, which has a completely different attitude compared to the previous my album. This album is an exciting, classic. I’ve worked with some amazing people and orchestras Europe to create a beautiful and rich album, full of passion, raging energy that is characteristic of the Opera. I am very happy that together with you I can share magnificent aria, full of inspiration, energy and power. Thank you for everything! “

Brief biography:

The dream Paul was born as a child growing up in Bristol with his parents and three siblings. At 6 years old, he wanted to become a priest, he thought, they have the best job in the world, they were free to sing every Sunday. In school, he joined the church choir, ignoring the ridicule of peers. At age 16, he bought the first opera record. He immediately fell in love, and to this day La Boheme – still his favorite. In 2000, he won a small amount in the quiz and spent all the money, to spend three months in Italy, studying opera and language. Then, after returning home, Paul began working as a loader in the supermarket. Then it happened something was wrong, he fell ill with appendicitis, immediately after he broke his collarbone, ehavshi on a bicycle when he was hit by a car. With his beloved wife Julz it suffered a deep depression, they were all in debt and barely making ends meet, paying the bills, as he himself says, “We were at the stage of bankruptcy.”After the illness, he returned to work a porter, after some time he was promoted to the seller of phones. As that Paul saw an ad on the Internet that is preparing a new edition of the program”Britain’s Got Talent 2007”. He could not decide to submit an application, they had an argument with his wife Julz, he throws the coin falls tails and if he fill out a questionnaire, if not, is not destiny. He snapped it in the air, it fell slightly circled and looked at him clearly “tails.” After filling out this form, and taking, he went to the audition, he passed it and had to do only one thing, to go on stage to the audience of millions and to sing, and he did it ……………….

Paul PottsPaul Potts
Paul PottsPaul Potts
Paul PottsPaul Potts

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