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Paul Newman

Paul Leonard Newman

American film actor, director, producer, who is known as one of the pillars of Hollywood and the owner of the most famous blue eyes in movie history.

He was born January 26, 1925 in Cleveland (Ohio, USA).

Father Arthur Samuel Newman – Jewish Mother Teresa Fetskova – Slovak village of Bird’s (now District Humenne, Slovakia).

He served in the Navy after the war, inherited his father’s sporting goods store. Having sold the property in 1947 enrolled at the Yale School of acting. He played his first role in a TV series (c 1952 to 1958), and on Broadway.

The first major film role Newman – in the historical film “The Silver Chalice”(1954) – was met with a hostile reception by critics, and the actor later called this film the worst of all, taken in the fifties. Recognition came in 1956, when he played the role of boxer Rocky Graziano in”Somebody in Heaven loves me.” Many compared the young actor who died from an untimely James Dean.

The shooting next picture with Newman – “Long Hot Summer”- accompanied by a romance with actress Joanne Woodward, had recently won the”Oscar”for best actress. They married and has since filmed a lot together. Meanwhile, Newman’s game in the”long hot summer” was awarded the prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 1958, the screens out of America “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,”the film adaptation of the play by Tennessee Williams. For this film the actor and his partner – a compelling Elizabeth Taylor – were nominated for”Oscar”. Although he did not win the award, Newman was able to consolidate its success with the public, played in the movie “The terrace”and”Exodus.”Many critics have noted how well he picked up his role. Enjoyed great success and the following works of Newman – in the crime drama”Rascal”and western”Hud,”for which he was again nominated for the”Oscar».

In the 1960s, Newman used his star status to campaign for the program of the Democratic Party, to mitigate racial conflict in America, and as a result fell into the infamous list of twenty personal enemies of President Nixon. At that time, he appeared less frequently, devoting his spare time passion for motor racing. In 1962 he once again starred in the film adaptation of the play by Tennessee Williams (“Sweet Bird of Youth”), and in 1966 successfully played Alfred Hitchcock in “Breaking the curtain.”Then his wife set for the film”Rachel Rachel,”which brought in his piggy bank awards”Golden Globe” for Best Director.

Having played in the action film “Cool Hand Luke”(1967), Newman earned the fourth nomination for”Oscar”. Two years later he co-starred with Robert Redford in the western box office in the history of cinema – “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”Four years later, he joined forces Redford again, this time on the set of the film”The Sting”, which on return of “Oscars” considered the best film of the year. Then the actor founded with Barbra Streisand special studio, which was intended to protect the interests of actors, not the fat cats.

Over the next two decades, Newman continued to work tirelessly. The mid-1970s marked for his collaboration with director John Huston. Once the drugs took away his son’s life, Newman became actively involved in charity work, spending for this purpose, more than 200 million dollars. In 1986, with the sixth attempt to win the “Oscar”for Best Actor (in Martin Scorsese’s”The Color of Money”). The year before, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts has awarded him an honorary award for outstanding kinodostizheniya.

In June 2008, Paul Newman was diagnosed with lung cancer, and on September 26, 2008, he died at his home in Westport (Connecticut, USA) in the 84th year of life.

prizes and awards

Award “Golden Globe”:

1957 – for the most promising debut

1968 – Best Director (“Rachel, Rachel”)

2005 – Best Supporting Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Empire Falls”)

Nomination “Golden Globe”:

1961 – Best actor, drama (“Rascal”)

1962 – Best actor, drama (“Sweet Bird of Youth”)

1962 – Best Supporting Actor (“The Adventure of a young man”)

1963 – Best actor, drama (“Hud”)

1967 – Best actor, drama (“Cool Hand Luke”)

1982 – Best actor, drama (“Verdict”)

1986 – Best actor, drama (“The Color of Money”)

1994 – Best actor, drama (“shoot a sparrow”)

2002 – Best Supporting Actor (“Road to Perdition”)

1958 – Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor

Award “BAFTA” (1961):

Best Foreign Actor (“Rascal”)

Nomination “BAFTA”:

1958 – Best Foreign Actor (“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”)

1963 – Best Foreign Actor (“Hud”)

1970 – Best Actor (“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”)

2002 – Best Supporting Actor (“Road to Perdition”)

1962 – The award CEC (Spain)

1962 – 1st Prize “Lavra»

1962 – Prize of the Film Festival in Mar del Plata for Best Actor

1964 – Award “Henrietta”(as part of the prize”Golden Globe»)

1964 – 1st Prize “Lavra»

1966 – Award “Henrietta”(as part of the prize”Golden Globe»)

1967 – 2nd prize “Lavra»

1967 – Award of the magazine “Fotopley»

1968 – Man of the Year according to the theatrical society «Hasty Pudding Theatricals» (USA)

1968 – Award New York Film Critics (NYFCCA)

1968 – 1st Prize “Lavra»

1970 – 1st Prize “Lavra»

1982 – Award “David” for best actor in a foreign film industry (Italy)

1984 – Prize Cecil B. DeMille (as part of the prize “Golden Globe»)

1986 – Award “Golden Apple»

1986 – Award of the magazine “National Review Bord s” (USA)

1994 – Award New York Film Critics (NYFCCA)

1995 – Silver Award at Berlin Film Festival

1995 – The National Society of Film Critics Award (USA)

2003 – Award Society of Film Critics’ Phoenix »

Award “Emmy” (2005):

Best Supporting Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Empire Falls”)

Nomination “Emmy” (2003):

Best Actor, miniseries / TV movie (“Our Town”)

Nomination “Academy Award”:

1958 – Best Actor (“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”)

1961 – Best Actor (“Rascal”)

1963 – Best Actor (“Hud”)

1967 – Best Actor (“Cool Hand Luke”)

1981 – Best Actor (“no malice”)

1982 – Best Actor (“Verdict”)

1994 – Best Actor (“shoot a sparrow”)

2002 – Best Supporting Actor (“Road to Perdition”)

Award “Academy Award”:

1985 – Honoree

1986 – Best Actor (“The Color of Money”)

Paul NewmanPaul Newman
Paul NewmanPaul Newman
Paul NewmanPaul Newman

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