Patrick Stewart

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Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

He was born July 13, 1940 in England, in Mirfilde (West Yorkshire).

Actor, producer, director.

Patrick was born in a family of weavers and professional soldier.

In 1957, Stewart furniture salesman earning money to study, he entered the prestigious Bristol drama school “Old Vic”, after which he made his debut on the big stage at Lincoln.

Patrick Stewart worked for many years in repertory theater before he became a star of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Stewart’s stage career began in repertory theaters in Liverpool and Sheffield.

In the years 1961-62, along with Vivien Leigh and the London troupe “Old Vic”He toured Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, leaving the famous actress in the”Lady of the Camellias”and”Twelfth Night”.

In the mid-60s career Stewart went up the hill: in 1966 he made his debut in London in 1967, admitted to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, where he played roles in the plays of Shakespeare and other productions (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”).

On Broadway actor made his debut in 1971 as Snauta directed by Peter Brook “A Midsummer Night”.

But the widely became known as Jean-Luc Picard – serious, intellectual and dry, but the grand starship captain “Enterprise”from the series”Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987-94).

At first, critics and the audience reacted with skepticism to the term D. Roddenberry resume its cult TV series, but Stewart dispelled doubts and won the sympathy of the audience.

Soon followed in television: Stuart remembered especially in the roles of villains, such as the role of Sejanus in the miniseries BBC “I, Claudius” (1976).

A few years the role of Stewart in the film were less significant than his stage work, except Eilert Lovborga in “Hedda” (1975), in which Stewart played with Glenda Jackson.

began acting in American films in the early ’80s, Stewart played the role of a professional, which can be called the forerunners of his later fame.

He played a small role in the movie “Excalibur”(1981) and appeared as Gurney Heleka in the film adaptation by David Lynch”Dune” (1984).

Thank Stewart after “Star Trek”much has changed. He laughed at his imperious manner of the hero in the prominent role of King Richard in the”Robin Hood: Men in Tights”(1993), again played brilliantly for the movie”Star Trek Generations”(1994), and offered an entertaining way in the”Jeffrey” (1995).

Stewart continued to work actively in other areas of show business. Thanks to the rich, well-organized and instantly recognizable voice and diction was often invited for voiceover dubbing films, TV commercials and documentaries.

Stewart worked on an episode of PBS “New”, the star of the TV series Science “Space Age”(1992), on an entertaining story about the movie”MGM: When the lions roar”(1992) and non-fiction film”500 Peoples” (1995).

Occasionally filming on TV, Stewart gladly played the title role in the movie “The Canterville Ghost” (1995), where he was co-producer also.

During the execution of the author’s text in the “Pete and the Wolf”Prokofiev Stewart won the”Grammy”.

As a screenwriter Stuart adapted several literary works for radio and the stage.

Not to mention, and directing the work of Stuart – brilliantly put episodes “heroic act”and”In theory,”in the fifth season,”New Generation”.

In 1996, Patrick Stewart starred in the “Star Trek: First Contact”(1996) and in other roles, including”Conspiracy Theories”(in the Russian hire -“conspiracy”) (1997) and “the ruler of the mind” (1997).

The voice can be heard Stewart in excellent ensemble assembled “Dreamworks”to”The Prince of Egypt”.

In addition, Stewart starred in the role of Captain Ahab in teleekranizatsii “Moby Dick”.

In October and November 2006, Stewart played in the famous British theater, where he played the characters of the great classical works. The following year, the actor was invited to the theater Novello in London.

Actor still plays in the theater and at the same time engaged in dubbing movies and animated projects.

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Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart

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