Paolo Villaggio

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Paolo Villaggio

Paolo Villaggio

Italian comedian, writer, director and writer.

He was born December 30, 1932 in Genoa, Liguria, Italy in a family of engineers. His mother was a teacher of German nationality.

At Paolo Villaggio has a twin brother, Pietro, now a well-known expert in the field of construction, professor at the University of Pisa.

Military childhood Paolo Villaggio was heavy. He graduated from high school Andrea Daria. After graduating from school he worked as a waiter, clerk, traveling theaters actor, entertainer. He has performed on stage theater with stage partner Fabrizio de Andre. In 1967 he made a successful debut on TV in the program “Sunday during”.

On the big screen Paolo Villaggio first appeared in the movie “Eat it”(1968). Since 1967 Villaggio publishes its satirical stories in metropolitan weeklies”L ‘ espresso”and”L ‘ Europeo”.

In 1971, the printing of his novel “Fantozzi”.

On the silver screen character mask accountant Ugo Fantozzi appeared in the 1975 comedy Luciano Salche “Fantozzi”. Total starred Paolo Villaggio ten comedies about the misadventures nedotёpy loser Ugo Fantozzi, directed by Luciano Salche, Neri Parenti, Saverne Domenico and Paolo Villaggio himself. The actor has created a satirical and comic image. Villaggio demonstrated in his comedies ingenuity, boundless imagination, bright elements of comedy and social satire. That way dupes actor Ugo Fantozzi brought worldwide popularity.

Paolo Villaggio created another comic character – Zhandomeniko Fran, who appears in a series of comedy films.

domestic audience Paolo Villaggio loved comedy Sergio Corbucci “Signor Robinson” (1976).

Village appeared in dramatic roles in films of outstanding Italian directors – Dzhonello in the film of Federico Fellini “The Voice of the Moon”(1990, David of Donatello Award, 1990), Colonel Prokkolo in the adaptation of Dino Buzzati”Secret of the Old Forest”(1993, dir. Enaldo Olmi, premium”Silver Ribbon”, 1994), the teacher Marco Sperelli comedy Lina Wertmüller “Chao, Professor & # 33;”(1992), Doctor in Ghana tape Gabriel Salvatore”teeth” (2000).

Over the dramatic role of Giuseppe de meter in the film directed by Denise Rabaglia “blue”(2000) awarded the”camera” .

Paolo Villaggio played with great success in the theater, he worked with outstanding contemporary theater director George Strehler (Harpagon in the play “The Miser” Moliere).

He has performed as a writer of films with his participation. Paolo Village author of a dozen novels, translated into many languages.

In 2002, released a candid memoir “life, death and miracles for nothing”.

prizes and awards

Award “David Donatello”, 1990

Award “Silver Ribbon”, 1994

Award “camera”, 2000

Award “Leopard” at the Locarno International Film Festival, 2000 – Creativity as a whole

Award “Golden Lion” at the Venice IFF, 2000 – Creativity as a whole

Paolo VillaggioPaolo Villaggio
Paolo VillaggioPaolo Villaggio
Paolo VillaggioPaolo Villaggio

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