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Gemelli Diversi


Gemelli DIVersi – Italian hip hop band formed in Milan in 1998. The Group mainly performs music in the style of rap and r & # 8217; n & # 8217; b. They appeared on the Italian scene in 1998 with a rap version of the song Dammi solo un minute group Pooh.

The band quite diverse: • Dj Alessandro Merli (stage name THG) – was born on October 4th, 1973 • Vocalist Francesco Stranges (stage name Strano) – was born on September 21, 1971 • Rapper Emanuele Busnaghi (stage name Thema) – was born on February 13, 1972 • Rapper Luca Aleotti (stage name Grido) – was born on March 30, 1979, is the brother of J Ax (Alessandro Aleotti)

The group was formed by the merger of two other – la Cricca (consisting of Thema and THG) and I Rima nel Cuore (Grida and Strano). Creative growth of the musicians in the group have received Spaghetti Funk (one of the three most active hip hop bands on the Italian stage). Gemelli Diversi characterized by mixing american funk and classic Italian melodies. However, most critics and fans of hip hop compare their work with the American model rap / r & # 8217; n & # 8217; b.

3 September 1998 release of their first album Gemelli Diversi . which was preceded by the single Un attimo ancora. That same year, the Milanese artist reveals all Articolo 31 concert tour “Nessuno”.

Then, in the period from 1999 to 2000 they write a song for advertising Coca Cola. November 3, 2000 they released the album 4X4. The second single extracted from the album Musica took first place in the charts all summer. Also in 2000, it published their book “E mò lo sai”. It was collected photos and thoughts musicians. In 2001 exits Come piace a me, that was not an album, and contain the same song as a bonus, and recording live performances.

In 2002, Gemelli Diversi opened the concert Eros Ramazzotti. October 4 of that year released the album Fuego. The first single from the album was the song Tu No. The second single from the album Mary told the story of a girl who had been sexually abused by her father. The single was a huge success on radio and television. He took first place about 8 months and brought the group a victory in the nomination “Best Italian artist” on MTV European Music Awards.

In 2003, he published Fuego Special Edition, which contains remixes of songs represented in the album of the same name.

Finally, 22 October 204, the album goes Reality Show. This album marked a transition to from rap to a melodic compositions. In 2005 he published a double album of the same name. On the first disc featured all the same composition, and the second disc contains three video clips and three singles, a live concert recorded on April 28, 2005 in Alcatraz di Milano.

In July 2005, the group took part in the Live8. In 2005 and partly in 2006 at the invitation of MTV they led the program Pimp My Wheels – the Italian version of the American program Pimp my Ride (“Pimp My Ride”).

In response to an unflattering review by Fabri Fibra in one of the songs (Idee Stupide) in August 2006. The product comes Standing ovation. On this song it was filmed as music video, which parodies the song Grido Fabri Fibra Applausi Per Fibra (“Appodismenty Fibra”). This action was criticized by the rapper senigallia. He accused the group of using drugs and to use fashion to rap for their own purposes.

2 December 2006, they were named the best Italian group in the first Italian version of the award Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Also in 2006, they were awarded on the TRL Awards as a group, which brought together most of the audience like a television screen, and on concert stages.

May 18, 2007 released a new single Istruzioni Per l & rsquo; (Ill) uso (“Instructions for Use / (to illusions)”), which preceded the new album Gemeli DIVersi Boom. He went out on 8 June. In this album they have returned to a style similar to that which they held prior to the album Reality Show: Grido and Thema, in contrast to the Reality Show, only to rap and vocals performed Strano. The album included the composition Che Mondo Meraviglioso, dedicated to Nicole, the daughter of THG and his bride Monica; in the performance of this composition was Eros Ramazzotti. who played the guitar solo. Boom! the group returned to the sound that was typical during the release of the album 4X4.

September 29, 2007 began a wave after the premiere of the video for the song Icaro – the second single from the album Boom.

July 14, 2008 the fifth album, Boom! He was awarded the “Disco d’oro”. Album sales have exceeded 45 thousand. Copies. Gemelli Diversi in 2009 performed at the Festival of Sanremo with hard rap song against poverty, child prostitution and domestic violence. In an interview with the question – “What do you mean to live in expectation of a miracle?” – They said that for them it is as a secular prayer (in the words of Paolo Bonolis, when they represented the first time at the festival). On that day, when they departed from the competition program of the festival – they were in the ranking of 12th place.

February 20, 2009 released the album Greatest Hits Senza Fine. It included 3 new unreleased compositions, including a new composition Spaghetti Funk Senza fine with Space One, J-Ax and DJ Zak, Sanremo Festival with the song Vivi Per Un Miracolo and single, released in the summer, Nessuno & egrave; perfetto.


Albums: • Gemelli Diversi (1998) • 4X4 (2000) • Come piace a me (2001) • Fuego (2002) • Fuego Special Edition (Dual Disc) (2003) • Reality Show (Dual Disc) (2005) • Boom! (2007) • Senza Fine (2009) (Greatest Hits)

Singles: • Un attimo ancora (1998) • Sarà cemento (1999) • Ci & ograve; che poteva essere (1999) • Musica (2000) • Chi sei adesso (2000) • Anima Gemella (2000) • Come piace a me (2001) • Tu No (2002) • Mary (2003) • Tu Corri (2003) • Un Altro Ballo (2004) • Prima O Poi (2005) • Foto Ricordo (2005) • A Chiara Piace Vivere (2005) • Istruzioni Per L & # 8217; (Ill) Uso (2007) • Icaro (2007) • Vivi Per Un Miracolo (2009) • Nessuno & egrave; perfetto (2009)

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