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Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzy Osbourne – Biography

The first step to a solo career Ozzy Osbourne (John Michael Ozzy Osbourne, b. Dec. 3, 1948, the year) made at the end of 1977, having left BLACK SABBATH for a few months. For his first composition Ozzie just took a group of musicians NECROMANDUS, whose debut album was produced by Tony Iommi sabbatovets (Tony Iommi): guitarist Barry Danner (Barry Dunnery), bassist Dennis McCarthy (Dennis McCarten) and drummer Frank Hall (Frank Hall). Together, they recorded a demo, and then changed the composition of Ozzy, this time inviting musicians from the group DIRTY TRICKS: guitarist John Frazer-Binnie (John Fraser-Binnie), bassist Terry Horbyuri (Terry Horbury) and drummer Andy Byrne (Andy Bierne). But soon Osborne invited back to BLACK SABBATH and solo project stalled. This free floating began two years later when Ozzie finally parted with BLACK SABBATH. At the beginning of 1980 Ozzy went to work in earnest. The first recruit was the bassist Dana Strum (Dana Strum, ex-BADAXE, MODERN DESIGN). That it led to Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhodes (Randy Rhoads, ex-QUIET RIOT). When Ozzy and Rhodes went to England, Dana decided to stay in the United States. New bassist Bob Daisley (Bob Daisley, ex-WIDOWMAKER, RAINBOW). Find drummer was more difficult. During installation alternately visited Dave Potts (Dave Potts, ex-TEN YEARS AFTER, LOVE AFFAIR, PRAYING MANTIS), Dixie Lee (Dixie Lee, ex-LONE STAR. WILD HORSES), Barry Skrenneydzh (Barry Scrannage, ex-FLYING HAT BAND, BULLION), did not take place until Lee Kerslake (Lee Kerslake, ex-URIAH HEEP). In summer the band played several shows Ozzy called LAW. The debut album of Blizzard Of Ozz took the 7th position of the British in March, and the following spring, and settled permanently in the US charts, while Ozzy went on his first solo tour of the United States. Shortly before the group was already called OZZY OSBOURNE BAND, changed the rhythm section – Kerslake and Daisley went to the new URIAH HEEP. and were replaced, respectively, Tommy Aldridge (Tommy Aldridge, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS. PAT TRAVERS, GARY MOORE) and Rudy Sarzo (Rudy Sarzo, QUIET RIOT. ANGEL). It was after this tour, Ozzy is firmly stuck to the reputation of loony knacker – known case where he brought with him a dove at a closed meeting of the Board CBS Records and bit his head off in front of astonished spectators. Whatever it was, the popularity of Ozzie in the United States has grown steadily – the next album, Diary Of A Madman, was the second platinum disc vocalist. At the end of the year to the composition joined also an accomplished keyboardist Don Airey (Don Airey, ex-COLOSSEUM II, RAINBOW), but Ozzy continued triumphal march across America, where there was another animal incident – one of the concerts unnamed fan threw on stage live bat and Ozzy, without thinking twice, bit off her head. His reward was the intensive course of vaccination against rabies. In March 1982, the team suffered a tragedy – 25-year-old Randy Rhoads was killed in the crash of a small sports plane in Florida. Inconsolable Ozzy decided, nevertheless, to continue the tour with guitarist Bernie Torm (Bernie Torme, ex-GILLAN), a short time later gave place to Brad Gillis (Brad Gillis, NIGHT RANGER). In this part of OZZY OSBOURNE band performed a concert of songs from the old BLACK SABBATH. released under the name Talk Of The Devil – Ozzy response to the same live album from BLACK SABBATH with Dio (Dio). Gillis, however, was only a temporary alternative – the same summer the new permanent guitarist OZZY OSBOURNE became Jake Lee (Jake E. Lee, ROUGH CUTT, SEXIST). Sarzeau bygone replaced Pete Way (Pete Way, ex-UFO. FASTWAY), and Airy – Bridgewater Lindsey (Lindsey Bridgewater). Way was soon dismissed, he was replaced by Don Costa (Don Costa, ex-DANTE FOX, WASP). Most of 1983, Ozzy dedicated work on the next studio album Bark At The Moon, released in December. The album recorded with Osborne Daisley, Aldridge and airy. As part of the subsequent tour Aldridge Eppays substituted for Carmine (Carmine Appice, VANILLA FUDGE, CACTUS). Yet the tour in support of Bark At The Moon returned with Aldridge lasted about six months, while Ozzy’s wife convinced him to apply to the Betty Ford clinic for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. When OZZY OSBOURNE has opened its next tour performance at Brazil Rock In Rio festival in 1985, the year the band almost completely changed: Airy and Aldridge went and Daisley announced that it will only work in the studio. Place keyboardist took John Sinclair (John Sinclair, ex-HEAVY METAL KIDS. URIAH HEEP), the drummer sat Randy Castillo (Randy Castillo, ex-LITA FORD), and the bass guitar at concerts played Phil Soussan (Phil Soussan, ex -WILDLIFE). By year end, Ozzy began recording a new studio material, but the album was repeatedly postponed, and the disc The Ultimate Sin came in the summer of 1986.

OZZY OSBOURNE at the time, managed to visit the UK, the US and Japan. After the release of The Ultimate Sin Ozzy planned to release an album in memory of Randy Rhoads, link it from a variety of live recordings dating from 1981 year. The double live album Randy Rhoads Tribute It was released in the spring of 1987, and became one of the most successful drives vocalist, finishing 6 th place of the US charts. Ozzy also played a series of concerts. prisons.

Before recording their fifth studio album Jake Lee left OZZY OSBOURNE for his own team BADLANDS. Ozzy and once again found a little-known, but the virtuoso guitarist – Zack Wylde (Zakk Wylde, real name Jeffrey Weilandt, ex-STONEHENGE, ZYRIS).

Work on the disc No Rest For The Wicked lasted until the fall of 1988, after which OZZY OSBOURNE went to another American tour in support of it, this time with the very Old Man Butler (Geezer Butler. BLACK SABBATH) bass . In the summer of 1989 Ozzie made almost a win-win approach to the charts, writing a ballad Close My Eyes Forever duet with the first lady of heavy metal, Lita Ford (Lita Ford). Although ironic, the composition of the English is not inspired in the States, it took 8 th place of the hit parade. In addition, gradually part with its image of the possessed maniac Ozzy took part in the Festival of Music and Peace in Moscow. However, on his return from Moscow, at the request of Ozzy’s wife was arrested at the airport and sent back to the treatment of alcoholism. Putting aside for the time recording a new album, Ozzy appeared on albums by Gary Moore (Gary Moore), has said Lita Ford. and even Bill Ward (Bill Ward) from BLACK SABBATH. On the shelves of music stores is still a new product from Ozzy unremarkable live mini-album Just Say Ozzy and a collection of previously published material Ten Commandments. Butler, by the time he moved into their communities, and new bassist OZZY OSBOURNE became Mike Inez (Mike Inez). Some time in the studio with Ozzy bassist Terry played Niles (Terry Nails, ex-KILLERWATT). In the fall of 1991, the band released a new album No More Tears, the material which has been partially co-written with Lemmy (Lemmy) of MOTORHEAD. Despite the obvious crisis of the genre, this CD enjoyed notable success. OZZY OSBOURNE spent about six months on tour to support the album, and rested a couple of months, once again hit the road. This time, however, the fans were disappointed – Ozzy call it No More Tours tour and announced that he was going to leave the stage after its completion. 14 and 15 November 1992. California was the last speech OZZY OSBOURNE, each of which is in the process turned into a concert BLACK SABBATH – on stage with Ozzy came Iommi, Butler and drummer then BLACK SABBATH Eppays Vinny (Vinnie Appice). At the time, Ozzy was determined to get away from the music business, as evidenced by his strong rejection of the proposal to reform the BLACK SABBATH. However, by the end of 1993, rumors spread that Ozzy wrote new material with guitarist Steve Wei (Steve Vai), Old Man Butler and drummer Dean Castronovo (Dean Castronovo).

The return of Ozzy Osbourne was held in the fall of 1995, with the release of the new album Ozzmosis. Despite the fact that most of the guitar parts written by Wei, played them on the album Wylde, Ozzy is it planning to take a tour. In the end, Wilde stayed at home, and tour part of OZZY OSBOURNE entered guitarist Joe Holmes (Joe Holmes, ex-TERRIF, LIZZY BORDEN. DAVID LEE ROTH), once who got guitar lessons from Randi Rhodes and Mike Inez, casually who managed to become famous in the ALICE IN CHAINS. In the wake of the huge success of the album and subsequent tour Ozzmosis Ozzy and his wife (and, concurrently, the manager) Sharon was organized in 1996, the mobile festival Ozzfest, has since become one of the major events in the world of heavy music. Then Ozzie finally ready for full-fledged reunion BLACK SABBATH, and only in 1999 he resumed his solo career. Some time Ozzy could not decide on a drummer. Without him playing Roy Mayorga (Roy Mayorga, ex-THORN, CRISIS, PALE DEMONS, SOULFLY) and Brian Tichy (Brian Tichy, ex-PRIDE AND GLORY, FOREIGNER). The album Down To Earth participated returned to OZZY OSBOURNE Zack Wylde and drummer Mike Bordin (Mike Bordin, ex-FAITH NO MORE) and bassist Rob Trujillo (Rob Trujullo, ex-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. INFECTIOUS GROOVES).

However, in the spring of 2003, Trujillo moved to METALLICA. and was replaced by Jason Newsted (Jason Newsted, ex-FLOTSAM & amp; JETSAM. METALLICA. VOIVOD). At the end of the year as part of a new bassist Christian Wolbers (Christian Wolbers, ex-FEAR FACTORY), which was soon replaced by Rob Nicholson (Rob Nicholson, ex-CRYPRIC SLAUGHTER. PRONG. DANZIG. DEATH RAYS).

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Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne

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