Ornella Vanoni

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Ornella Vanoni

Pop-style for sophisticated

Features of execution of one of the most recognized Italian pop singers fit into the concept of ‘sophisticated pop style’. Why Vanoni called ‘Singer of the underworld? ” In what movies you can see the actor playing Vanoni? And what the American blockbuster helped to renew interest in the work of Vanoni?

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Ornella Vanoni was born September 22, 1934 the first in Milan (Milan, Italy). Her career in the art world began in 1960, with experience in theater actress in the works of the German playwright Bertolt Brecht (Bertolt Brecht). She played in productions of Giorgio Strehler (Giorgio Strehler) in his Milan theater Piccolo Teatro.

At the same time Vanoni began to perform songs that were recorded for the public prefers light music and lyrics with meaning. During this period she reworked folk and popular songs of his era, and especially compositions such sensitive topic, as organized crime. This choice has meant that Ornella was nicknamed ‘The singer underworld’ (ital. ‘Cantante della mala’).

Thanks to the songs’ Senza fine ‘and’ Che cosa c ‘& # 232;’, written especially for her by Gino Paoli (Gino Paoli), Vanoni popularity has increased markedly in 1963. The following year, she won the Festival of Neapolitan songs with the song ‘Tu si na cosa grande’. In subsequent years, Vanoni took part in a series of Italian Song Festival in San Remo.

It has achieved great success with the song ‘Abbracciami forte’ 1965, ‘Io ti dar & # 242; di pi & # 249; ‘ 1966, ‘La musica & # 232; finite ‘1967,’ Casa Bianca ‘1968 and’ Eternit & # 224; ‘ 1970. One of these songs, ‘Casa Bianca’, runner-up in the framework of the competition program of the festival, has been the subject of copyright dispute between the composer Don Baki (Don Backy) and the label ‘Clan Celentano’.

The hits Vanoni also became the song ‘Una ragione di pi & # 249;’, ‘Un’ora sola ti vorrei’ and ‘L’appuntamento’. British band ‘The Swinging Blue Jeans’ quail musical material Vanoni, the song ‘Non Dirmi Niente’, which appeared under the title ‘Do not Make Me Over’. It is noteworthy that in the English version of the song hit in the UK charts. Ornella Another song, ‘L’appuntamento’, composed in 1970, was a cover version of the Brazilian song ‘Sentado & # 224; Beira do Caminho ‘Erasmo Carlos (Erasmo Carlos) and Roberto Carlos (Roberto Carlos).

In 1976, Vanoni, in collaboration with Vinicius de Morais (Vinicius de Moraes) and the Brazilian singer and guitarist nicknamed Toquinho, overwrite the hit ‘La voglia, la pazzia, l’incoscienza e l’allegria’.

In the 1980s, she released ‘Ricetta di donna’, ‘Uomini’ and a duet with Gino Paoli – song ‘Ti lascio una canzone’.

Ornella again performed at the Festival of San Remo in 1989, with the song ‘Io come far & # 242;’.

In 1999, she recorded a duet with Granyaniello Enzo (Enzo Gragnaniello), the song ‘Alberi’

At a later stage career Vanoni generally performed at concerts and in the recording studio working on a guest vocalist. In 2004, she released a duet album with Gino Paoli. Release the plate was timed to the 70th anniversary of the singer.

Vanoni – winner of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Outside the world of singing, she has actively participated in theatrical productions, acted on television and in the movies. It can be seen in the film ‘Dangerous Love’ (‘Amori pericolosi’), ‘Evening travelers’ (‘I viaggiatori della sera’) and ‘Europe sings’ (‘Europa canta’). She posed nude for the Italian issue of ‘Playboy’. She was the wife Ardentsi Lucio (Lucio Ardenzi), by whom she had one child.

The universal interest in the work of Vanoni came back after her old hit ‘L’Appuntamento’ became the soundtrack to the film ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ (‘Ocean’s Twelve’).

Ornella VanoniOrnella Vanoni
Ornella VanoniOrnella Vanoni
Ornella VanoniOrnella Vanoni

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