Olympia Dukakis

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Olympia Dukakis.

Olympia Dukakis (Eng. Olympia Dukakis ; b. June 20, 1931) – American actress, winner of the “Oscar”and”Golden Globe”for his role in the film” Moonstruck ».


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Olympia Dukakis was born June 20, 1931 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the son of Greek immigrants by Alexandra and Constantine Dukakis. In addition to her family even had a son, Apollo. Her cousin, Michael Dukakis, was the first governor of Massachusetts, and in 1988 was a candidate for the US presidency of the Democratic Party. Education Olympia got in Arlington High School and Boston University.

In the film Olympia began to appear from the mid-1960s She had small roles in films like “Lilith”, “John and Mary”, “Sisters”and several others. Popularity came to her in 1987 after the release of the movie”Moonstruck”where she played Rose Kastron. This role brought her both in the”Best Actress”award two”Oscar”, “Golden Globe”. Olympia starred as Rosie in the movie “Look who says”(1989) and its two sequels. She has also had roles in”Steel Magnolias”(1989),”Strong in Spirit”(1990),”Shrew” (1993) and many others.

In 1998, Olympia Dukakis starred as Charlotte ulcer in the television movie “Life for Life”, dedicated to the true story of Stephen’s gut, who spent more than 16 years of unjust charges of murdering a child (Leslie Molsid).

Olympia is also involved in theater productions. She played in the Broadway plays “Who in the hell?”, “Social Security”and”Rose”and its theatrical role was awarded the prize «Obie» and”Drama Desk Award.”In addition, many Olympia appeared on television. The most famous was her mother Babette role in the TV movie”Joan of Arc” (1999).

In 2003 was published her autobiography, «Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress» .

In 1962, Olympia was married to actor Louis Zo, which gave birth to three children, and marriage which lasts to this day.

Selected filmography

  • In the Land of Women (2007)
  • away from her (2006) – Mary
  • All of my relatives (2005) – Muriel
  • Joan of Arc (1999) – Mother Babette (TV)
  • Picture Perfect (1997) – Rita Mosley
  • Mother (1996) – Mrs J
  • Jeffrey (1995) – Mrs Markanzhelo
  • Mighty Aphrodite (1995) – Jocasta
  • I Love Trouble (1994) – Ginny
  • The Naked Gun 33 ⅓ (1994) – cameo (uncredited)
  • Shrew (1993) – B
  • Look Who’s Talking 3 (1993) – Rosie
  • Cemetery Club (1993) – Doris Silverman
  • Above Hill (1992) – Alma Harris
  • Look Who’s Talking 2 (1990) – Rosie
  • Strong in Spirit (1990) – Sue
  • Steel Magnolias (1989) – Clary
  • The Father (1989) – Betty
  • Look Who’s Talking (1989) – Rosie
  • Working Girl (1988) – Director
  • Power moons (1987) – Rose Castorina
  • Golden Globe Awards 1988 – “Best Supporting Actress” (“Moonstruck»)
  • Oscars 1988 – “Best Supporting Actress” (“Moonstruck»)

Olympia DukakisOlympia Dukakis
Olympia DukakisOlympia Dukakis
Olympia DukakisOlympia Dukakis

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