Olivier Martinez

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Olivier Martinez

Born: January 12, 1966, Paris, France

French actor, famous for his role in the melodrama “infidels”, but more known for his affairs with Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue), Mira Sorvino (Mira Sorvino), Halle Berry (Halle Berry) .

Olivier Martinez (Olivier Martinez) was born on January 12, 1966 in the suburbs of Paris in a family of the working class. His father Robert Martinez (Robert Martinez), a Spaniard born in Morocco, more than ten years has been a professional boxer, and then became a mechanic. Mother, French Rosemary (Rosemarie), worked as a secretary. Olivier is very proud that his father was a champion of North Africa and once won the European champion. Olivier also spent several years in boxing, but stopped lessons, hitting a serious car accident.

Olivier has successfully passed an audition at the prestigious National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. During his studies, it drew the attention of producers at the end of the first year he got an episode in the film. In 1992 he made his debut in the film «Island mastodons», which was the last work of the legend of French cinema Yves Montand (Yves Montand). In 1993, Olivier starred in a movie with another world star and his idol – Marcello Mastroianni (Marcello Mastroianni).

In 2000, Olivier first appeared in the English-language film – caressed by critics of the drama «Before Night». In 2002, they have had a successful career in France, Martinez came to the United States and won the role of the bookseller-seducer in the erotic melodrama “inappropriate».

Olivier about the shooting at the “infidels”: “According to the script, my character was a regular guy from New York. But the director Adrian Lane decided that it is quite possible to make a Frenchman. Adrian has a house in the south of France, French culture so familiar to him ».

Martinez brought up in the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. In recognition of the actor, filming scenes of him were given much heavier than his partner Diane Lane (Diane Lane).

Olivier of sex scenes: “I was raised in a very traditional family, according to strict rules, and I’m not very comfortable in this kind of scenes. In fact, I do not like to act in them ».

After the success of “infidels”Martinez moved to Los Angeles and began working on his English, trying to smooth the strong accent. He has appeared on television in the «The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone», as well as the blockbuster «SWAT SWAT »(2003), the thriller” Taking Lives”(2004) and in the film about vampires« Blood and Chocolate »(2007).

Personal life Olivier Martinez

In 1995-1998, Martinez met with the star of European cinema Juliette Binoche (Juliette Binoche). From 1999 to 2002, he tied a romantic relationship with the Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino (Mira Sorvino).

His loudest romance began in 2003 – along with pop star Kylie Minogue, he lived for four years. Olivier supported Kylie when she was diagnosed with cancer, and helped her to cope with the terrible disease. But after a while, in 2007, when she went on the mend, they still have left.

Once the gap Martinez had a short affair with Israeli model and actress Sarai Givati ​​ (Sarai Givati) and British model Rosie Huntington (Rosie Huntington), which is twice his age. Now he is romantically involved with another Oscar-winning actress – Halle Berry.

We have a brother Olivier Vincent (Vincent Martinez).

In 1993, the actor was nominated for the “César”for his role in”Island mastodons”and in 1994 received the award for”One, two, three … Freeze!”. Also in 1993 he won the Jean Gabin.

Filmography Olivier Martinez
  • Dark Tide / Dark Tide (2011), the role of Jeff
  • Dyuvill / Deauville (2011), the role of Ryan
  • Blood and Chocolate / Blood and Chocolate (2007), the role of Gabriel
  • Taking Lives / Taking Lives (2004) Role: Puckett
  • S.W.A.T. SWAT / SWAT (2003), the role of Alex
  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone / The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003), the role of Paolo Di Lio
  • Incorrect / Unfaithful (2002) Role: Paul
  • Holy Week / Semana Santa (2002)
  • Toreador / Bullfighter (2000), the role of Jack
  • We / Nosotras (2000), the role of David
  • Before Night Falls / Before Night Falls (2000), the role of Lazarus
  • Toreros (2000), the role of Manuel
  • Tyuryazhka / La taule (2000)
  • The city of miracles / La ciudad de los prodigios (1999) Role: Onofre
  • The maid with “Titanic» / La femme de chambre du Titanic (1997) Role: Gort
  • The Commissioner Navarro / Navarro (TV series) (1989-2008), the role: Rollo
  • My man / Mon homme (1995), the role of Jean-Francois
  • The Horseman on the Roof / Le hussard sur le toit (1995) Role: Angelo
  • One, two, three … Freeze! / Un, deux, trois, soleil (1993) Role: Paul Jr.
  • Invisible passwords / Les paroles invisibles (1992)
  • The island mastodons / IP5: L’île aux pachydermes (1992), the role of Tony
  • Odyssée bidon (1992), the role of Phil
  • Plein fer (1990), part: Pascal

Olivier MartinezOlivier Martinez
Olivier MartinezOlivier Martinez
Olivier MartinezOlivier Martinez

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