Olivia De Havilland

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Olivia de Havilland

The Anglo-American actress Olivia de Havilland was born July 1, 1916 in Tokyo. Where her father worked, British lawyer Walter Augustus de Havilland. The girl’s mother, Lillian August Ruse, was an actress of theater (alias Lillian Fontaine). A year later, after the birth of Olivia she had a sister, Joan. The two girls from childhood dream to follow my mother’s footsteps and successfully realize his dream. However, later it led to a complete breakdown in the relationship between the sisters – They were jealous of each other and each success became bitter rivals.

In 1919, de Havilland wife divorced, and the mother of the girls moved to California in the city of Saratoga. Here Olivia received secondary education, and then continued his studies at the Catholic convent. Her acting career began on the stage, in a theater Hollywood Bowl. Here, in 1930 she performed the role debut, playing in the play Hermias “A Midsummer Night”.

In 1935, the actress has moved from the theater to the cinema. At first, she was shot mainly in adventure strips paired with Errol Flynn. Among the early works worth mentioning “Odyssey of Captain Blood”(1935) and”The Adventures of Robin Hood”(1938). The turning point in the career of the actress began in 1939 when she landed the role of Melanie Wilkes in the legendary movie film”Gone with the Wind & raquo ;. This work earned her”Oscar” for Best Supporting Actress.

It is necessary to emphasize the judicial process that de Havilland start and won the studio “Warner Brothers” in the early 1940s. Olivia was dissatisfied with the dictates of the producers, the typical roles that impose her studio, and wanted more independence in choosing a job. The success of the actress in the court led to the fact that all the actors in Hollywood got more creative freedom. During that de Havilland was very respected in their environment.

Two “Oscar”Best Actress actress brought paintings”To each his own”(1946) and”Heiress”(1949). Olivia was shot before the end of 1970, adorned his game, many well-known movies of those years. She then appeared in several television projects, including series”Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna”(1987, Empress Maria Feodorovna), for which she won the award”Emmy”and”Golden Globe & raquo ;. In 2004, de Havilland starred in a documentary film dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the film”Gone with the Wind”.

This was the last appearance of the actress on the screen. In 2008, US President George. W. Bush presented the National Medal of Arts to Olivia, and in 2010 she became a Knight of the Legion of Honor of France.

Olivia De HavillandOlivia De Havilland
Olivia De HavillandOlivia De Havilland
Olivia De HavillandOlivia De Havilland

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