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Broadchurch star Olivia Colman tells of her fear that fans will get sick of watching her cry

By Sara Malm for MailOnline 20:55 07 Jan 2015, updated 02:17 08 Jan 2015

  • Broadchurch’s Olivia Colman has become known for crying on screen 
  • She now reveals she suspects her fans may be getting tired of her tears
  • Colman has said she cried more than was in the script on Broadchurch

She is well known for getting emotional on the small screen, but Broadchurch star Olivia Colman has said she suspects he audience might be getting tired of seeing her cry.

The 40-year-old BAFTA winner has revealed she fears that her fans may abandon her over the constant tears.

Colman returned as Ellie Miller on Tuesday night, and it did not take long before Broadchurch fans saw her crying in court.

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Fears of tears: Broadchurch star Olivia Colman, seen crying in the premiere episode broadcast on Tuesday night, has said she suspects he audience might be getting tired of seeing her in tears

The new series of Broadchurch took off with an emotional episode in court during the trial of Ellie’s husband Joe charged with the murder of 11-year-old Danny Lattimer.

Colman was seen crying both in and outside of the courtroom, and in an upcoming interview with Vogue she reveals she fears the tears might be the end of her career.

‘I have a sneaking suspicion that audiences have seen me crying a little bit too often in the past couple of years,’ she told Vogue.

‘And if people get really fed up with me, then I won’t get more work. And if I can’t do what I love, then I will shrivel up and die.

‘If something touches me, I cry. That’s it. I’m a bit raw, a bit rubbish really. Often a director will say to me, “I don’t think this is a scene where your character cries.” And all I can say is, good luck with that!’

Welling up: Colman could not contain her emotions when she won the Leading Actress award at the TV BAFTAs for her performance on Broadchurch More tears: Colman’s character Ellie Miller cries as her on-screen husband appears in court Bathroom tears: Colman cried both in and outside the courtroom on Tuesday’s Broadchurch

Despite her great success in comedy roles such as Sophie on Peep Show, Olivia Colman is now associated with tears.

Following the last season of Broadchurch she revealed she had even added more emotion than was needed.

‘There was more crying than there was meant to be in the script as I couldn’t stop, it was real tears,’ she told RadioTimes.com

And when she was awarded the Best Actress TV BAFTA last year, no one was surprised when Colman broke into tears.

Colman couldn’t contain her emotion as she collected her award from Sam Neill, and apologised profusely for welling up on stage.

In an interview last year, Colman said a good script is needed for her to get emotional in character.

‘I don’t think you can cry if the script is rubbish,’ she told the Mail last year.

‘I have to feel it; it’s as simple as that. It’s just like if you’re watching something moving and you feel yourself welling up. It’s the same thing.

‘You’re just being carried along with the story. There’s nothing magical about it. I think I’m in touch with my emotions and I can’t help it. If it touches me I cry. I cry a lot.’

Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman
Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman
Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman

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