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Ol ‘Dirty Bastard Biography

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If you’ve heard Ol` Dirty Bastard, but are not familiar with the details of his biography, you’re likely to say: “It is not normal, it is crazy, he Clown”. If you are knowledgeable about all of his antics, I do not expect you to a reaction other than ” He just fucked! & Quot ;. Crazy for O.D.B. – It is too soft. It is a unique and inimitable, unbridled and ill-mannered big kid (not for nothing that his second nickname – Big Baby Jesus). Throughout his life, he shocked people. The final shock was his sudden death – November 13 at the studio 36 Records.

Old dirty bastard

Russell Jones, a native of Brooklyn lucky with relatives. No, he was not from a family of oligarchs – just had two cousins, both highly creative and enthusiastic hip-hop. We will not go into too much detail – everything is understood that the question of Bobby Diggs and Gary Grice. Along with Russell, they laid the groundwork for the formation of the legendary mc, entered into history as the Wu-Tang Clan, and they were called only as RZA (Prince Rakeem, Bobby Digital), GZA (Genius) and the protagonist of our story – Ol` Dirty Bastard .

The Wu-Tang, he was always in sight. Let never played the leading role and was not at the forefront of the group, but his gaga Style and crazy antics quickly caught the fancy of fans of Wu. Therefore, after the revolutionary debut Clan “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”, when the time is right for a solo career, ODB became one of the first candidates for the solo. Went to a single voyage method of Maine, the leader of Wu-tengerov RZA album come to grips with ODB. RZA mid-90s sounded brilliant with a few exceptions. Deliberately limiting itself the minimum necessary set of tools, he created a tough, emasculated and hypnotically attractive sound. This RZA usually avoided symphonic, some complex instrumental passages, and often succeed, so that little if not the only one melodic line (such as a plain piano superhit & ldquo; Shimmy Shimmy Ya & rdquo;) makes the song recognizable from the first notes. Mean sound also emphasized the serious meaning, characteristic for the majority of the works of Wu-Tang.

Later, in the late 90s, this style came into circulation. There was countless teams Wu-Fam, producers copied proprietary techniques “Shaolin hardcore”. And at the time described the Robe products carefully measured: in 93 – Wu-Tang “Enter the Wu.”, 94 – Method Man ‘ Tical ‘, and 95 – Ol` Dirty Bastard “Return to the 36 Chambers”. Album O.D.B.ne dropped the brand. Two hundred percent hit the target – greatest hits “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”and”Brooklyn Zoo”

I think these lines remembers everyone who listens to hip-hop at least the last five years:

” & hellip; Ooh, baby, I like it raw.

Yeah baby, I like it raw.

Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay,

Gimme the mic so I can take it away & hellip; ”

It was still a lot of the tracks are not so clear hit, but fully corresponding to the tastes of the fans and representing the “Shiz rap”in all its glory. No one Ol` Dirty did not perform such a painful recital, rolling in Jamaican ragga toasting in a drawn-singing howl. Despising all sorts of rules (or maybe just not aware of them?), ODB has not shied away from rhyme-style”shoes – shoes”, the words hurled by bit shocked by the unprecedented number of nepotrebschiny and inappropriate behavior on stage and beyond. In general, it was good and people love it. Thank eccentric mc rumblings on the planet, and even in the distant from the State Rostov-na-Donu young Shym once read his companions on the “caste”: “Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Shimmy – that I”.

ODB smoking-drinking-partying, muddied fashion line “My Dirty Wear”, has successfully participated in the track of Mariah Carey. And there appeared in time, and double “Wu-Tang Forever”, with a benefit of ODB – & Quot; Dog shit “. During the first week sales of the disc bought 600,000 people, probably not in vain title track called “Triumph”. Needless to say, these were golden days Wu-Tang!

The second album ODB published in 1999 and received the name “Nigga please”. The disc turned out no worse than their debut, although sustained in a slightly different manner, by bringing to the work on the album producers not belonging to a clan, such as Irv Gotti, head of Murder Inc. and gaining momentum The Neptunes. Farrell played on a variety of instruments and Chad wrote a major hit “Got Your Money”, characterized stressed “antivutengovskim”groove. RZA was also present, continuing the line”Return to the 36 Chambers”. One ODB has not changed, he continued to light in its wake. Angrily inquired & ldquo; Why you don`t want fuck with me & rdquo ;, wailed & ldquo; I want pussy & rdquo;.


I think somewhere here the reader should arise questions such as: “So what is the abnormal behavior Dirty, which is so often mentioned here?”. Well, well, spoke briefly about the creative Exercise ODB, you can move on to more entertaining of his biographies.

To zatravochka – you know, he had 13 (.) children. As in the joke: “I may be very fond of smoking, but still sometimes take out a cigar from his mouth”. Because these children are from very different women, Ol` Dirty earned fame malicious alimony. Moreover, the alimony he paid extremely irregularly, so that the cause of Justice had to intervene. However, lawyers, prosecutors and other policemen Ol` Dirty does not scare. This toughie collected scrapes. Judge for yourself.

They tried to kill him, but the wound in his stomach turned serious. He was arrested for failure to pay child support – Ol` Dirty refused to attend the court session. Being invited to the ceremony of Grammy (Wu-Tang was nominated for album of the year for the “Forever”) has made a breakthrough in the scene where lit in his style, declaring that Wu better than Puff Daddy (he’s the wins award clan) because “Wu-Tang is for the children & hellip;”. He tried to beat his ex-wife and again Dynamo court session. Then he was again shot, the bullet went right through him, but considering injury not serious, he left the hospital on their own. And apparently gone quite briskly and without shoes, because a week later he urgently needed new shoes that ODB clipped in the store – and was caught. But as urgent matters again allowed him to attend the court session, it had to be arrested.

Some time later, ODB annealed at a club concert Des`ree, it was pretty tipsy and behaved provocatively. Security tried to bring a drunken brawler, but he did not let up. When he was thrown out, Ol` Dirty returned and threatened to shoot all Securit club. Less than two weeks after his release on bail, as he had in Berlin, walks naked on the balcony of the hotel. The next adventure waiting for him in New York – for a traffic violation police stopped him. Bastard solved the problem dramatically – pulled out a gun and opened fire on the annoying ” “. policeman However, the show did not – did not find any weapons or even shell casings from bullets, but the story came out loud. More – more.

Camp, stages & hellip;

With the justice of California at Ol` Dirty special account. As soon as the state to introduce a law banning the wearing bulletproof vests as ODB right there, walking around in the “Armor”. Naturally his knit – it is one of the first detainees in legal novelty. That did not stop the crazed clown. He drove a car drunk, he found marijuana and crack. Finally, when he fled from justice of California to take part in a concert of Wu, he managed to pass unnoticed across the country get through the police guard at the scene, and they came, as quietly disappear. Ol` Dirty arrested only a few days in the parking lot surrounded by a crowd of fans taking autographs. Next was a prison with a suicide attempt, and then a psychiatric clinic, forced drug treatment. Chant the slogan ” Free ODB! & Quot; It has become an essential attribute of concerts as his fellow clan and acquaintances rappers.

At the time of his release came two release Ol` Dirty. In the first case, the bosses of the record of Electra demonstrated a rare ability to twist kisonku-laponku to the last drop. They published “The Best.”artist, behind which only two of the album! And the time of release, it was clear that the label will not renew the relationship with an unpredictable psychopath, but finally not be welded! Following came the album”The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones”, published on the tiny label D3. The disc turned out to be a rare hack, from the acquisition of which I would like to strongly caution. Publishers gained old and unreleased vocals ODB, where a batch of other rappers added somewhere changed music (written by talentless musicians) & hellip;

Let`s ROC!

Compulsory treatment ODB ended May 1, 2003. Almost simultaneously with the application for release was distributed information about the transition to the ranks Ol` Dirty Roc-A-Fella Records. As expected, the Dame Dash broke a series of inspirational statements to the press, the nickname changed Ol` Dirty Bastard new Dirt McGirt, a neophyte neck adorned platinum chain with a medallion Roc. Plump and decrepit, but still full of energy, ODB back in business!

The event caused the polar reviews. If brother RZA expressed his approval, not only in word but in deed, since without the signature of the Robe of having a personal contract with Ol` Dirty, the deal could not take place, then the other members of the clan, Inspectah Deck reacted differently. “Many people call it a betrayal”, – said Rebel Ins. – & Quot; And I am of the same opinion. It’s like to fight in Iraq and suddenly say – I’m tired of fighting for America and join Saddam. I can not imagine that he could do the same “. In response, RZA said: “I know that many members of the clan upset occurred. Their breakdown is based on selfishness. This is the best chance for him. We can make history”. Immediately the public was informed that the album is not far off, and RZA said that he had already done a lot of tracks for ODB with a special “slum” sound.

The shocking finale

Indeed, Dirty either cured or obkololi to unconsciousness drugs, but the first year on the loose, he behaved very calmly. Tear off the former had disappeared as missing and his terrible crooked teeth. Instead we slipped studio hermit, shining rows of gold fix. He concentrated on studio work. Summer has been published his first song under the name Dirt McGirt, the recorded disc Neptunes “The Clones”. The album was postponed several times – originally planned for 2003, the release was postponed to March 2004. The bosses of Roc-a-Fella even announced that partners will lead single Missy and Fabolous, and promised to present on the album Mariah Carey, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Swizz and producers Beatz and the Neptunes. Finally, there is information that will drive ODB in 2005.

On Saturday, November 13, two days before his 36th birthday, Russell Jones was in a recording studio in Manhattan. Suddenly, he felt a pain in my chest, it was hard to breathe, and he lost consciousness. The rapper was hospitalized, but were powerless Product Recovery – without regaining consciousness, Ol` Dirty died.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol played a sad role in this sad tragedy comedian. Hip Hop community was shocked. Dear people uttered a word befitting the situation, but it is probably similar to the speeches we have become accustomed – We hear them every time you leave this world great talents – whether Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master J, Aaliyah and Ol Dirty Bastard. But the words of Cherry Jones, the mother Ol` Dirty, where they are sincere and touching. “tonight they called me, and I heard the most terrible words that only a mother can hear. My son, Russell Jones, died. The public knew him as a rapper Ol Dirty Bastard, but to me it was just Rusty & hellip;”


Return to the 36 Chambers / Elektra / 1995

Nigga Please / Elektra / 1999

The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones / D3 / 2002


The Dirty Story: The Best of Ol ‘ Dirty Bastard / Electra / 2001

Ol' Dirty BastardOl' Dirty Bastard
Ol' Dirty BastardOl' Dirty Bastard
Ol' Dirty BastardOl' Dirty Bastard

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