Obie Trice

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Eminem – Go to Sleep (ft. DMX & amp; Obie Trice) (Go to sleep!)

I do not eat and not sleep,

I will not breathe until I see what I want.

What I want to see? So that’s how you fall asleep in the dirt.

You’re constantly in suffering, but it does not work

For me, it’s not what you want, this is not enough,

Because we – enemies.

As long as we breathe, I do not see us

attributable to the contract, the terms of which we both would agree to.

It can not be, not for this cause. Speaking with me,

You cry out to my essence, then I say: “to speak so that I understood!”

And we swear, it’s impossible to stop.

Do you agree to meet with me in person

And settle this tete-a-tete? And you will see,

At me such a demon, and about which you had no idea,

And you will see that he wanted to * at you.

I see you D-12 *, thank you, but I do not need help

I do it myself alone,

I do not need 15 friends.

When I see you, I’m watching you. Just you and me.

We’ve never met, but I’m sure you know me.

When I finish, you stand windbag.

Come on, bitch, show me, try to collide with me, ask me the heat,

I have cut down, hold me like something I was explaining.

You did it? So I thought, you jerk.

I’ll get rid of you, all of you! Donkey **, you too will get to!

[Obie Trice:]

We have captured or * ers. Be nervous?

Especially to bring down your focus: you are not MC, you schmuck!

You’re not no gangster, circus, and kindly do not mind!

You end, you play with words, unfeeling heart, you omitted in 2003.

You’re a dog, you are not a threat to us, who controls you?

We will bury you nicely in the mud,

Your dignity – the floor.

*** Shady son of a bitch, O. Trice’s birthday

And when I reach condition, I start cursing.

Well, we can write tekstach, write to him Mouzon.

Rooster – girlfriend, riding in a hearse today,

This is described in his stishatah.

I breathe, and you’re dead!

The world trusts you, and you pour,

You’re not from the streets, you’re nothing!

Do not count on his chest, and put a bulletproof vest!

The two decided to leave you alone, and you chose death,

At a depth of 6 feet under the ground – that’s NIG * er, your duty.

Hey, dog, I walk like a beast, say in the jargon,

I’m in the heat in a hot New York.

He walks to the beat, going up with me,

empathize with me that a good rain,

Glazeesh how and where I go.

A * rmo does not leak, and that sleep in the dark,

But I cultivate, deal with the difficulties of life,

Calm, but is able to start a fight.

He knows how to pick up before the bite,

I’m trying to show him how messy, x fuckin ‘with her life.

The Grand Champion, Blood Line **** is closed,

After all is well, all right.

Nigeria called but did not respond to the cry,

And now they are gone for, everything is under control.

And we can mottle track by track, Blood Line.

Why do you cater to these niggas?

Obie TriceObie Trice
Obie TriceObie Trice
Obie TriceObie Trice

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