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Now, a musician from the “Oasis” hit fellow rock shop.

In an interview with the German magazine «Der Spiegel» Noel said that when musicians banging 30, they begin to write all sorts of rubbish. “The Rolling Stones now – full of garbage, John Lennon and George Harrison after 30 released a nonsense».

VIA Cream. First of all, & amp; quot; Cream & amp; quot; – A VIA ie vocal-instrumental ensemble, which consists of three soloist: Karina, Dasha and Ira, and three musicians: Alec, Lesha and Appa (Sergei). It all started with partying in nightclubs, where they played fashionable DJs. Karine wanted to participate in the project with the music in the style of R’n’B, Hip-Hop, Jazz. Classes at the law school on the backburner. And along with her friends – a professional dancer Ira and Dasha, who also sang well and effectively. Read more >>

Noel 35, and he admits that he is not without sin – “There are only a few things that are worth writing – love, anger, sex and drugs. Often, when I write a new song, I think I’ve said it before and much better ».

Like it or not, will the new album “Heathen Chemistry» (Heathen Chemistry), which comes out on Tuesday. This is the first studio work of musicians in two years and they hope that the new album will revive its former glory.

At the peak of popularity in the mid-90s, “Oasis” has sold more than 18 million albums. On a two-day concert in 1996, the musicians have gathered more than 250 000 people.

However, times have changed. Two previous album found few fans and the newspapers are much more interested in the personal lives of musicians than their work.

Ash. In the late 80’s twelve-year boys Tim Wheeler (b. January 4, 1977) and Mark Hamilton (b. March 21, 1977) still prefer to drive football suddenly discovered the world of music. Overseeding at work “Iron Maiden”they are divided between the guitar and the bass, and organized tribyutnuyu command”Vietnam”. In the early ’90s when grunge star rose, the band broke up, but Tim and Mark, are under the impression songs “Nirvana”and local punks”Lazer-Gun Nun”, organized a new project, “Ash” .Leto 1992 dawned. Read more >>

After going through a divorce and new novels, windy brothers assure all that changed. Noel said that over the past two years they have gained a lot of experience of life, but they did not move their disappointment in the album – something which, sad music and it is not.

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