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known for its exceptional entertainment videos Bjork decided to take a bold step. The singer refused to engage with recognized clipmakers instead giving carte blanche to his fans. Bjork Fans are invited to participate in the contest for best video for the song «Innocence». This composition will be the second single from the new album, the singer’s «Volta», tentatively due on May 8. Pilot single «Earth Intruders», recall, there was a virtual release in April. The official website of Icelander created a special page on which wishes to try their hand at klipmeykerstve be able to find the necessary materials for inspiration – the song and colorful slides. To enter the competition you need to register on the site, after which the organizers of the contest will be sent detailed instructions. Reception of works will continue until the beginning of July. The winner is determined.

Biography of Dr. Andre Young Dre (Andre Young and Dr. Dre) was born on 18 February 1965 and grew up in Compton, which some consider an independent administrative unit, but in general it is like another area of ​​Los Angeles. Grown and nurtured by his mother and grandmother, Andre loved basketball and earned the nickname (under which all know him) because of his basketball idol has always been renowned centerline Dr. J. Musical preferences of his mother (James Brown, Marvin Gaye and FUNKADELIC PARLAMENT) clearly influenced Dre and the teenager decided to devote all his spare time, music, earning a DJ at school and club parties. In 16 years, Dre di dzheit in adult clubs, which under other circumstances would have been the entrance to it is forbidden, and mixes classic soul compositions pa.

Biography Atomic Kitten Atomic Kitten broke into the music world, in November 1999, releasing a fast dance track “Right Now”. Since that time in the life of the girls had much success, so many failures. In late 1998, the former head of OMD MakKluski Andy (Andy McCluskey) began the search for the “new millennium Spice Girls” (that they served as inspiration for the creation of Atomic Kitten). Kerry Katona was the first member of the group, and soon Leal learned that Andy and Kerry are looking for a girl for girl-group, and she went to the audition. As soon as they saw her, she immediately liked it. The third party was a girl by the name of Heidi Range, a new soloist competitors Atomic Kitten band Sugababes. At first, the girls were known as Honeyheads (Sladkogolovye). A month later, Heidi decided that the group is not for her and left her. It Hoth.

http: // my3. ru / mp3. htm? idsong = 5564.

No OneNo One
No OneNo One
No OneNo One

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